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Saturday, August 29, 2015 Edition #26Subscription: FREE or by Donation

Exposing the Frequency War

Part 3: The Purpose of These Revelations Is Immediate and Lasting Healing!

by Sananda and Archangel Michael, channeled by Kathryn May, Sept. 2, 2015

ArchAngel Michael:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is fortuitous that we have been discussing the frequencies being released by the cabal, because today was a whopper, you might say. The energies being released are a brutal combination of microwave and sound frequencies. Many of you may be feeling feverish. I want you to know you are being protected by my legions of angels to keep the incoming energies at a manageable level. The low level microwave energies will not harm you; they may even help to eliminate bacteria, parasites and viruses from your system. You see, we are using their attacks to bring beneficial results wherever possible.

The sound frequencies are probably feeling annoying. The messages they carry are designed to created frustration and hopelessness in the extreme. The subliminal messages contained within them are piling on to make you want to give up whatever good efforts you might be attempting. Monitor your moods carefully. Do not permit yourself to be manipulated by the dark cabal's feeble attempts to "take over the world, one person at a time." Your refusal to be controlled is exactly the contribution we need from all of you. By resisting the invitation to indulge in fear and discouragement, by laughing at the ridiculous situation, you tip the scale toward the Light. The more you raise your Light, the more we can raise our contribution to ending these dark practices.

Now, let's move on to the lessons we promised you - how to help repair and heal all your etheric bodies, to strengthen and restore your original protective shields. This will help you to ride out the current frequency challenges with grace.

The History of Damage to Your Etheric Bodies

As the Veil is thinning, you now have greater access to your Arcturian healing teams, your Higher Self and to us. We are here to help you ease through the human sadness and pain that is the legacy of our 13 millennia of systematic control by the dark ones.

Humans began to suffer injuries to their etheric bodies when the Anunnaki designed and implemented torture methods that would tear at the fabric of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. For instance, etheric damage occurs in circumstances such as violent sexual abuse, especially when it is combined with shaming psychological torture. This is an example of a toxic combination that leaves any human so confused and in pain that it shreds the physical and emotional bodies. Repeated experience of abuse increases the lasting damage.

Healing from such devastating abuse requires that the person who has been harmed must begin by deeply acknowledging the pain and damage they have endured. This is a difficult step for most people, because when one has endured such torture, it is natural to want to move on, forget about it and bury the experience, but this does not allow for deep healing to take place. Together, we must acknowledge the truth of the ongoing suffering, bear witness for each other and hold the spirit of compassion and forgiveness of Mother and Father as we uncover the truth.

A crucial part of the healing we need to accomplish is knowing that anyone who has had repeated lifetimes on Earth (all of us who are here now) has experienced myriad forms of horrific and systematic abuse, from the personal violence mentioned above to the culturally sanctioned violence of racism, sexism and grinding debt slavery.

Once the individual and collective pain is acknowledged, we must be aware of the next challenge, which is to embrace and work with the truth without falling into feelings of victimization or fear. Knowing that we have all been victimized and injured does not immediately lead to seeing ourselves through the compassionate and forgiving eyes of Mother and Father. We must be able to step back from the anger and bitterness we would feel if we see only this lifetime, and this damage, as unexpected and unbidden. Of course we did not come here to experience abuse, but we did come with the understanding that it would be difficult, and that we would get help to heal and recover. These healing lessons were part of the original agreements too.

These are the kinds of uplifting understandings so many of you have been addressing in your individual work. Once you have freed yourself from feelings of self-pity, rage and victimhood - by seeing we have all agreed to these experiences and lifetimes - you can truly begin to heal both current and past injuries to all the elements of your body and soul. This is it. This is the triumphant phase, the glory Mother has talked about.

The triumph of achieving a state of balance, deep feeling, peace and centered objectivity is...freedom.

If you are currently in an abusive relationship of any kind, you must take stock and be willing to stop or walk away from any form of abuse or degradation in order to claim your freedom and restore yourself. You cannot rebuild and restore your shields while you are still willingly enduring abuse. Only when you have left the abusive environment, physically, emotionally and mentally, are you truly free to restore yourself to wholeness.

Now we will call on Sananda to walk us through the steps to understand more about our etheric shields and how to heal them.

How to Heal Your Etheric Bodies


Thank you, Michael. You have set the stage for us to begin our healing program.

We have used the terms "etheric bodies" and "etheric shields" interchangeably, to help everyone get the feel for what these God-given protections really are. We should also include the way many describe the energy they see around people and things - what is sometimes called an "aura." You see, your etheric body is not simply a passive radiation of energy. It is a dynamic, living thing - the expression of all you are as a being, and the source of protection for your body and soul. It is at once a single energetic body and the combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. You could think of it as something like the way the color spectrum of a rainbow contains separate colors, but all combine to make the rainbow that is your etheric body.

Now, to center yourself to better absorb our healing Light, Create your Pillar of Light. You can refer to ... for a complete description of the exercise. Here is a brief example.

Create your Pillar of Light, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Light up the diamonds in your brain, your heart and your solar plexus. Simultaneously reach through your crown to connect with Mother and Father God while you anchor into the heart of our beloved Terra. Look upward to welcome their healing, and as you do, feel your deep energetic connection to the Earth and the sustenance she provides. Feel the soothing and nourishing HoneyLove of Mother and Father pouring down on you, and absorb it into the center of your being, then allow it to emanate outward, into the rainbow that is your etheric shield.

As you do this exercise, imagine yourself actually moving deeply into your body, wrapping it around you, settling in comfortably. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Feel the sense of "pride of ownership." As long as you inhabit this 3rd dimensional body, this is where you belong, in your home away from Home, you might call it. As you feel yourself truly embodying your physical self inside your etheric shields, call upon your medical healing teams - call upon me, or Archangel Michael, or your most familiar Master, and we will help you draw in the loving energies from Mother and Father above and Terra below. Hold the Love close within you, feel it soothing your sore body, and drink in the comfort of knowing that with our help, you can restore yourself completely.

We start by focusing on the physical element of your shield, since it is the one people are most familiar with and can most easily feel. It emanates from the center of your bones outward to just beyond your skin. It is part of the "second skin" protection that normally allows you to withstand illness and injury and to recover without permanent effect to your soul. Within the protection of your sturdy physical shield, you can now heal any physical illness or injuries you may be experiencing. As you absorb the HoneyLove from Mother and Father, be aware of the synchrony between your etheric shield and the areas of your Earth body that still need healing.

Feel your immune system begin to come alive with the joy of rebuilding, creating new cells and repairing damaged ones. It is your body's natural delight to be in command of its own healing, of experiencing the innate competence the human body possesses. It is a special pleasure to do this within the protective cocoon of your physical etheric shield. Healing progresses with greater speed, inside the safety of your shield. You are protected from further damage as long as you maintain your conscious awareness that you must protect your beloved body from assault from all the things Mother described in Part 1 of this series, including toxins, emotionally compromising relationships and other environmental dangers.

Your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies provide similar protection to the other elements of your unified Self. You can direct your healing to each in turn, focusing on particular emotional, mental or spiritual issues that need healing, and then to the whole rainbow of etheric energies that surround you. We will continue in future messages with specific exercises and lessons to help heal all your etheric bodies.

Dear One, as an adult in these changing times, you have the ability to protect yourself in ways you could not even imagine in earlier days, because the world is changing and because you are no longer a vulnerable child. Do these exercises daily, rebuilding and strengthening your shields as you raise your vibration in preparation for your Ascension. You are changing by doing this work. It strengthens you; it lifts the frequency of your total experience of life and creates a force field around you that protects you from any further assaults on your etheric bodies. Your soul will rejoice as you grow in your ability to heal yourself, and you will feel a new kind of safety and peace that you have never imagined was possible.

We join with you in this great healing project to bring everyone into the New Golden Age, and with us are the Arcturian teams and Legions of Angels who yearn to help you as much as they possibly can. Our goal is complete healing for all of you, my Brothers and Sisters of the Light. It is time for you to call on all of us, and to work with us to rise up in laughter and joy, to shake off the dark eons that have been a shadow across the sun. Today is our day. Mother and Father send their enormous blasts of loving energy to awaken and heal all on Earth.

Do not wait for something to "happen" to create healing and happiness for you! Jump in with both feet, and make your mark now. Others who come after you will thank you for making the way for them as you Co-Create the new age of brilliant and glowing health, peace of mind and Love for all the beings on Earth. As you lift yourself, you lift the world.

I am your Brother, Sananda, with Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, in Love with You and with Life.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, September 2, 2015

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