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Saturday, August 29, 2015 Edition #26Subscription: FREE or by Donation

Exposing the Frequency War - Part 1: Your Etheric Body Takes the Hit

by Mother God, channeled by Kathryn May, 29.08.2015


Today we're going to open a brand new topic. We will be working under the guidance of Mother God, enlisting our Arcturian Medical Team Leaders, Ashtar and the Galactic Security Teams and Archangel Michael and the Angelic Teams. Together, we will explain the cabal-generated frequencies that are affecting everyone on Earth in ways no one has yet fully understood. We will help you to protect yourselves, and we will begin an ongoing program to teach you how to repair and heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shields that have been damaged by life on Earth.

Before we begin, I ask you to build your shining Pillar of Light. Light up the diamond in your brain, your heart and your solar plexus (your will), anchor into the crystal heart of Mother Terra, and extend upward to connect with Mother and Father God. They are pouring their HoneyLove down through your Pillar to nourish, sustain and heal you in every moment. You only need to do your part by envisioning it, taking part in building and enjoying it, along with your Higher Self, your Twin Flame and anyone else of the Company of Heaven you wish to call upon for support and Love.

As we tell this story and join with you to design and implement healing strategies which will take us to higher levels of knowledge and understanding, we will be joined in turn by Team Leader, Ashtar, Michael or Mother, depending on the area of expertise we are addressing. All have been working together to present this complex information in the clearest and most helpful way possible. This is how much they love us and want to lift us up, to ride through these last days of the old Matrix with joy and grace.

Mother will begin by explaining what our etheric shields are, why they are so important to our protection, and how they have been damaged by Earthly activities.

Mother God:

Dearest Children, you are now in transition between the old Earth and the New Golden Age. You are building the Rainbow Bridge that connects you to 5th dimensional Earth day by day. Understanding the damage to your own shields will help you see where your own troubles originate, and how healing them will change your experience of life.

Please remember as I tell you these things to stay inside your Pillar where you are safe and sound. We are teaching you about these damaging techniques only so that you can defeat them and heal, not to upset or frighten you. If you succumb to anxiety, defeat or awe, you will be turning yourself over, giving power to the crumbling Matrix and its rag-tag former leaders rather than dismantling it. Stay with me in Light and Love and we will walk out of this together. Please refer to this paragraph after every section you read. It will help to remind you - this train is bound for Glory!

Here is a picture that will help you understand how your shields were created as part of your original human design. Your natural state is to be completely surrounded and protected by these etheric shields which exist around your body, insulating you within a protective barrier that preserves your integrity as a conscious being - a beloved Child of God.

The Physical Shield

Your physical shield protects you from outside interference, especially when you are sick or injured. It also provides a direct conduit to your healing teams of Light to access your body and to bring etheric medical interventions, with your permission. This precious shield can be damaged by ongoing, chronic illnesses and by many of the cabal interventions, like toxins in your food, water and air. Most pharmaceutical drugs, like vaccines, psychiatric drugs and antibiotics carry molecules that act like time-bombs to shred and destroy your physical shields. The same is true of the engineered parasites and nano particles that have rained down on you and have been relentlessly sprayed on your food.

All these toxic substances are designed to weaken your physical shields, making you more vulnerable to the frequencies that are designed to control you. You have called it "mind control" but it is much more pervasive than just taking over your mind, as you will see.

The Emotional Shield

Your emotional shield acts like a buffer, to help you heal and restore yourself after a painful emotional blow, a loss of one you love, or a difficult separation. The dark ones who invaded this planet long ago "upped the ante" by introducing betrayal, deceit and cold-blooded emotional manipulation. As the eons passed, they developed diabolical techniques like traumatic sexual abuse that would damage both physical and emotional bodies simultaneously.

Torture techniques are designed to tear apart all the etheric bodies, not just the physical body - the more the better, from the dark point of view. They have taken pride in their successes with various forms of torture. (Dick Cheney has given a number of interviews and speeches proudly detailing the effectiveness and good use of various torture tactics. This is an example of the sheer arrogance and smugness of the cabal. They no longer fear exposure, because so many humans have been so damaged as to either agree with or ignore the horrific implications of such revelations.)

Damage occurs to the emotional body when you experience a severe emotional attack from another, especially someone you have trusted and loved, or when you submit yourself to a continuing abusive relationship. Indulging in rage, conflict or argument, even when you are right and think you are defending yourself, causes damage to your emotional body. This is the reason so many soldiers have come home suffering from "battle fatigue" or the more recent description, "Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome." They are really suffering from damage to their etheric bodies.

You do damage to your own emotional body when you indulge in feelings of superiority or inferiority. Either one is a way of co-opting the position of God to judge yourself and others. It is not your province to judge or to condemn, not even yourself. This is a misunderstanding of who we are and how we see you, thus a violent attack against your own innate emotional shield.

The Mental Shield

The mental body really encompasses all the others; no one of the etheric bodies is actually separate from the others, any more than a body can exist separate from its brain, but for our purposes here, I will emphasize the elements of the mental body as it pertains to damage and distortion from Earthly experience. Let us emphasize here that your innate etheric bodies are designed to keep you in balance and to help you remain in Light and Truth. Damage to the mental body opens the self to being susceptible to lies, propaganda and robotic manipulation - a relinquishing of one's Free Will.

You are all familiar with the uses of television advertising to sell products, but this is not their primary intention. The constant barrage of images of impossibly beautiful bodies and impossibly "successful" people is designed to tear apart the protective mental body. Intact, it would combine spiritual and emotional feelings about God's acceptance and love to forma self-image based in secure self-respect and esteem. Loving encounters on the Earth plane would build an ever more impermeable barrier to any manipulation or lies. Instead, you are under constant attack on every level, to engender feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt, fear and alienation.

Organized religions, especially those that promote violence, separation and hatred in the name of God, do damage to your mental body by force-feeding ideas that place a wedge between you person and your intuition, your common sense and your innate respect and love for other beings of Light, including other species. We have never condoned such divisive behavior, nor did we send Jesus or any other prophet to promote these dark ideas.

You cause damage to your mental body when you believe a lie. It tears at your fabric, because all of you were originally designed to detect untruth and to turn away from it. Unfortunately, the introduction of what we have called the "Sleeper Cell" which humankind agreed to long ago, compromised your ability to see/feel/know Truth about us, about life, and about each other. It is one of the reasons you have found it so difficult to see the Light in those around you who are here to assist you in this Ascension process, and to distinguish them from the false prophets.

A glaring present example of damage to the collective mental shield is the hatred for President Obama, in spite of his obviously gentle kindness and steady Light. He came here to hold off chaos in a world completely controlled by the dark cabal, yet even Lightworkers blame him for not having forged ahead alone to defeat the cabal. Of course, had he followed his heart's desire and done that, he would not have lived to give a single inspiring speech or to guide the behind-the-scenes revolution he has steadfastly nurtured.

Together with other undercover Lightworkers, he has brought the U.S. to the moment of releasing the RV, NESARA and all the other revolutionary changes that will fuel the New Golden Age. Only now can we publicly give credit to the beloved Sirian Commander who risked all to hold the Light against the most vicious, ruthless and bloodthirsty opposition ever known on any planet. He has remained under our protection and guidance as he carried out the most difficult challenge of all - to remain balanced, calm and unruffled while under constant attack. He is here to show you what it looks like to be intact. This is the most valuable lesson a leading Lightworker can offer in this time of transition.

The Spiritual Shield

The spiritual body is, of course, the enveloping energy that forms a conduit to all of us in Higher Dimensions. Coming to Earth behind a Veil of Forgetfulness not only meant that you did not remember former lives or your experience with us, it also meant you did not have conscious awareness of the absolute integrity of our connection to you. The golden thread to your loving Mother and Father God that cannot be broken is inherent in your humanness, whether you realize it or not. We are with you, loving you without end, and your Higher Self and your Twin Flame remain as your conduit to us throughout your life on Earth, no matter what your experiences might be.

It matters not if you fell deeply into the dark or whether you carry our Light as your life's work, our connection to you remains inviolate. You who were born with souls made from Mother and Father God carry the three-fold flame of Life, no matter how many lifetimes you have lived or what damage you may have experienced to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. You are our beloved children, and you can heal any and all damage, no matter how severe and painful it might have been, no matter how discouraged or alone you might feel.

We invite you to join with us in this new healing adventure, exploring deeply and moving joyfully with us into the New Age. Humankind and all the other conscious beings on Earth will heal along with you as you take this journey with us - a journey that has never been attempted before. You, Beloved Ones, as you heal the traumatic wounds of lifetimes on Earth, are leading the way for all the collective to rise up, throw off the chains of slavery that have bound all of you in ways you have not yet fully understood, and to dance triumphantly across the Rainbow Bridge you have already built by connecting with us.

I am delighted to introduce and oversee this exciting series of articles that will offer advanced training to Lightworkers who will carry the Light of the New Golden Age whoever they are, wherever they go. You, Children of My Heart, are truly the hope for beloved Terra. She weeps with joy seeing your willingness and excitement to overcome all that has come before. We will show you the connections between the frequencies bombarding you this week and the previous damage you have endured. Our brilliant team and I will also teach you how to completely restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrity.

Be daring, Dear Ones. As Sananda says, "Leap!" and we will be here to catch you.

I am your Mother God, loving you without end.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In our next Edition: Ashtar will explain what the annoying frequencies you are hearing are intended to do to humankind and how they are generated. Team Leader will give pointers on how to become immune to their effects and how to heal from lifelong intrusion into your etheric bodies by dark forces.

Coming soon: Kathryn will describe her plunge into the frequencies, as Sananda shielded her, and what she learned. Christine will reveal how she has healed from physical attack and the resultant severe disease by using her spiritual strength to heal her physical body.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 29, 2015

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.

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