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Transkript: BlogTalk-Radioprogramm mit Sananda, AA Michael

Dr. Kathryn May channelt Sananda, AA Michael, 10.12.14

The following is the transcription of the channeling portion of our blogtalkradio program from last Wednesday. Share with friends who cannot access the show, are hard of hearing, or as a new introduction to the family of Light!

Kathryn, Meg, Ele, the kids, Sananda & AAMichael, News & Ascension Report

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Host: Dr. Kathryn May; Co-Host: Meg Davis; Guests: Sananda, Archangel Michael, Eleanora & Family;

Opening Prayer from Ellie

Notes: Guided by The Company of Heaven, our 5th Dimensional family brings us more insightful and straightforward steps in the form of free materials and heartwarming stories. They show us how to Ascend as a family. Sananda continues the "blockbuster show" with the next step in our glorious Ascension, which is the joy and importance of connecting with our twin flames (it's time!) and our family both in the higher dimensions and here on the ground. The closing segment is from our beloved Archangel Michael, who gives us an intimate and moving plea to reach out to our Ascended counterparts with all the love we can give and join with the Company of Heaven in raising Earth into the Light.

SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2014/12/11/kathryn-meg-ele-the-kids-sananda-aamichael-news-ascension-report

Opening Song LINK (USA for Africa - We Are the World, Michael Jackson & Stars): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9BNoNFKCBI


(1:08:39 - 1:39:32)

Meg: Sananda we are so glad you are here for your "blockbuster show." Welcome.

Sananda: (warm laughter) Hello Meg.

Meg: Hi Sananda. How are you tonight?

Sananda: I did say that, didn't I? (more laughter) Well, I hope we're breaking the block here. Whatever that saying means.

Meg: Thank you.

Sananda: What a lovely show you've offered today. This is not like any other that I've heard or known of. You just come right out there and offer the tools and the help and the demonstration about how to do it. There is no better teaching method but not one that most people have the heart to attempt, so thank you dear sister. Thank you.

Meg: Yes.

Sananda: So, Kathryn gave you a little preview of... the truth. Yes, we are working day and night. And there are many of us - many of us - focusing our energies now, joining with our beloved family on the ground. And the more you join with us, the more you call to us, the more you talk with us, the more you join your hearts with us, the more powerful we are.

You see, creating that bridge from one on the ground to one in higher dimensions creates a spark like no other. It's the combination of one here in a human body reaching out to make contact with love to one in the higher dimensions. It's a powerful, powerful effect.

Many of you saw the film that we recommended, "Interstellar." Do you remember when Brand, the scientist, gave her description of how her connection and her love for the other astronaut, who was on a faraway planet? It was possibly the most meaningful and profound way of understanding something there can be.

She said very eloquently, "We didn't create love. We don't know what it is. We can't explain it, but that doesn't mean it isn't real." And she said, "I don't understand why, but I love someone who's in another Galaxy and may even not be alive, and still we feel love for others, for those who have passed."

So you see, that connection across the dimensions, across time and space is what will change this planet. It's what will change what you experience there on the ground. When you reach out to us with your hearts filled with love and welcoming and hope and acknowledgement that we are here. We are like you. We are your Galactic brothers and sisters. We are the expression of life that is just like you in another form. When you do that, it creates a channel of Light that is so bright and so powerful that it can literally change the electromagnetic field around you.

Many of you have heard about the experiments with water where the water that has been looked upon with love creates beautiful crystals. The water that had anger or angry feelings directed toward it turned to a terribly distorted, ugly, frozen creation that was nothing like a crystal. So you see, those experiments were very prophetic. They gave you an amazing example of how each of you are developing your crystalline DNA in the Light of love.

The more love and Light you have poured down upon you from us, from those around you and from yourself - primarily from yourself - the more you become that beautiful crystalline being who will rise to a higher dimension. The more you practice that the more you are like us. The more you are us, and the more you are the being you were before you came here.

Well you have experienced these higher dimensions. You have lived in love and Light. It was what you knew before you came here. Many have made this journey... to experience. Initially, that was our plan: to be able to experience everything there is, to feel everything there is to think about even if it is darkness, even if it is strange, even if it was a dichotomy between Light and dark. We chose to come and experience this.

Well, things became very difficult, and in recent years, and especially in the last year and a half or so, it has become very distorted and dark. It was not what we expected after the Reptilians left. We thought your hearts would be free. You would leap into happiness and pleasure. But of course, hundreds thousands of years of training, of course, put you in the position where you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. We didn't realize that would happen. "Yes, the Reptilians are gone, but what can we expect next that will be destructive and punishing?" Because it was what you knew for so long.

You see, in higher dimensions these shifts and changes are very easy because we can see so much, because we know so much about the timelines and the possibilities, but you can't see that. This is why we wish to speak with you and to help you to see what we see. It's very important now for us to help you see and to help you lift yourselves out of that, the feeling that you cannot possibly overcome all that darkness. Now I won't say that again because it's a powerful thing to say something that dark, but it's what you were talking about today.

The feelings of inadequacy... it was the element we didn't realize was so powerful within the human consciousness. So it was not the dark ones; it's not the dark ones now who are bringing forth this warping of the electromagnetic field. It is the self-doubt, the frustration, the dread that you feel because you have been conditioned to feel dread.

You've been conditioned to expect the worst. We feel great compassion for that. We understand it now, and as you speak about these things, we are all listening. We hear the sadness. We hear the profound pain, and we understand why it's so difficult. And so we thank you, everyone who's working on this call from Meg, and Ely, and the children, and Kathryn, and Gabriela, and all the workers, the Lightworkers who have made this possible.

We thank you for bringing this forward. It is no longer a secret that humankind has been made to feel so defeated, and we must help you overcome this. We must help you, as so many of you have prayed. We hear your prayers, and we knew we needed to help you, but we also know that we must not break our contract with you. That you have Free Will, and we must not interfere with the way you conduct your lives. And so it's always been understood that if should you decide to feel discouraged and hopeless in spite of what we teach you, in spite of the messages we give you, we cannot interfere with that. That is your choice.

But we now understand it's really important for us to work with you day-by-day, hour-by-hour to help you, so that when you make a step forward, you're not pulled back. This is the agreement we have made: that when you make progress, we will do what you call, "having your back." When you make a step forward into the Light, we will support you. We will hold you there. We will let you catch your breath and not allow you to be inundated by darkness before you even have a chance to catch your balance. We saw that happening.

We saw that Lightworkers were becoming exhausted because they were working so hard, and every time they made a step forward, they were buffeted by the dark thoughtforms. Now you're beginning to appreciate, all of you, how everyone's dark thoughts effect everyone else. And as we've been working hard all week, well we're not counting how long it's been, but you've been feeling it. As we've been working hard - yes, it is an effort for us. There is no doubt; we have to concentrate and focus every minute of every day to catch the dark thoughtforms as they're being produced. (chuckle) I'm not complaining, you understand. I'm delighted to be able to help you do this.

I'm delighted that Mother/Father God and The Company of Heaven and Prime Creator came to this decision: that we must have your back, and that you can still maintain your Free Will. We're not forcing you to do anything. We're not changing anything. We're simply making your progress easier for you to maintain, but it is you who makes the steps. It is you who make the changes. It is you who are doing the clearings. We are now permitted to simply keep the floor under you, so that you won't fall back. We are so happy that this is permitted now, and you will be feeling us all around you.

You'll feel us even more than you ever have before because we are so focused on you. It is a glorious thing. It's interesting and exciting for us as well because my dear friends here in the higher dimensions and I have had to really "buckle down" as you say. We take hands. We remind each other. We help each other. We talk about how we're doing this. We talk about where we'll aim the most intense Light at any given moment. How we'll approach it. Where we go next. It's like solving a puzzle but like one of those puzzles, you know, that some of you like to do that seem to be as big as a room and have thousands and millions of pieces. That's what we're doing.

It is a pleasure to see that it's helping. We can tell it's helping, and as we watch you go through your days, we see that the Lightworkers we love and are so close to are feeling it. They're laughing together. They're cheerful. They're hopeful. They see what's coming. Some of them can see it. Some feel it, but we want you to know that we see it coming. We see the Light dawning. We see you now moving forward together - together in a way that you haven't done before.

There were so many Lightworkers who were solitary, who would work in their meditations, who would connect with us, who helped us with the grid, who helped us with the energy fields, who helped with the activating of crystals, connections to the stars, so many without any accolades or recognition. There are many who have worked their whole lives toward this time, and here we are now together.

And what a pleasure it is to be so close to you now, to feel you reaching out to us taking our hands, feeling our love, feeling it flow over you like a warm shawl around your shoulders, a blanket to warm you. Yes, we tuck you in at night. We beam love as we see you sleeping like a proud parent or a brother or sister. We look on you with admiration. We're thankful for our connection with you. We are enjoying it tremendously.

And my dear brother Archangel Michael, as you know him, is here beside me. He's very happy to come to talk with you today. You know, we discussed this. If we are to take time off from our concentration of beaming Light towards you, would this change anything? And he said, "Well of course not! We're going to continue beaming Light. We'll be there the whole time. It will make things even better because we can beam Light on even more people." Of course he's right.

We invite everyone here, everyone who's listening, everyone who hears my voice now or later listening to these recordings. We invite all of you to join with us. It is joyful work. It's a pleasure to help one another. It's a thrilling, thrilling experiment that we're taking part in: to lift each other, to forge ahead through these difficulties that at times seemed overwhelming to many and still, we persevered.

We are here until this accomplished. We will be here to help you. We will be here to cheer you on, and we have your back! I am very proud and very delighted to tell you that. You'll feel the difference. And very soon we're going to see the difference unfolding.

Of course, everything has to be rolled out in its due time, but things are moving. You'll see them. Some of it... some of it I want to warn you about. It's not what you think because some of the things you'll see in the news will be discouraging or repugnant or ridiculous to you, but that's a good thing. When you hear about the people who've been leaders and who are now leaders, who are saying stupid things publicly, and it then gets passed around through the news. It's all over the Internet, and it's everywhere being discussed. This either horrible racist comment or something that showed the person's tremendous ignorance and arrogance... this is a good thing.

It's being revealed all around you. The fakers and the buffoons are being revealed. This is a breath of fresh air because there was a time when it would all be brushed under the rug, and you would never have heard about it. So rejoice every time you see one of these ridiculous incidents where someone who's supposed to be an intelligent leader says something that is just so laughable and out of touch... well this is a good thing.

They will be reminded. They are going to be reminded that they need to wake up and be more sensitive. This is a very good thing. All over the world this is happening. People are being held accountable for their insensitivity, for their greed, for their arrogance, their unkind attitudes toward the people they are supposed to be serving. Even if it's only a shopkeeper serving their customers, even if it's a bank manager understanding that people's lives are at stake here.

There is a new awareness. It's been growing for a long time, but it has just blossomed to the point where everywhere you look there are athletes or actors and movie stars and celebrities of all kinds being held accountable for their behavior. They're being asked to behave in a moral way, or they don't deserve to be the models that they're held up to be by children, by young people. Football players are being asked to treat their wives and their partners with dignity. Well of course, why not? But this is new, and it is a breath of fresh air for us to see.

It also helps us because, you know, the twin flames of many of us are there among you, and it has been a difficult time for women. They are here to carry the torch and show that women are strong, are equal, are good leaders, and mathematicians, and scientists, and financial experts, economists and leaders, political leaders who will carry the torch into the New Golden Age. They speak for us. This time around we are here in the higher dimensions cheering them on; they are playing the difficult roles now.

Of course we still have the feminine aspects of Archangels and Masters here, but so many of our feminine counterparts have incarnated now at this most difficult time. So you're seeing who the courageous ones are. Well of course we don't lack courage, but we aren't having to demonstrate it the way they are right now. We're very proud and pleased to see these brilliant and Light-filled women coming forward. Look around you; they're everywhere. They're your friends and neighbors. They're the ones who are carrying the Light.

Now I don't want to give short shrift to the men as well, but it is the time of the Feminine. It is the time for them to have their place in the sun, and it gives us great pleasure to see it happening. This is also a wonderful time for the men who have incarnated now. You are surrounded with beautiful, intelligent Lightworkers, as you are beautiful Lightworkers.

And we are here, and especially those of us who want to make contact with our family and our twin flames, our beloved ones. It is time. Open your hearts. Reach out. Let us connect with you, and we will create a portal of Light energy that is so powerful it will be seen across the multiverses, and everyone will know that planet Earth is Ascending, that humankind is rising, rising again. It is our time. It is our time. Let us go together. Let us walk together into this New Golden Age that we are creating moment-by-moment.

And yes, here is our beloved Michael. He wants to talk a little bit about the nuts and bolts of what everyone has been doing there on the ground and how we see it. Well I won't take over his time. Let's here from Michael, and I will pass the talking stick.

Meg: Thank you Sananda.


(1:39:33 - 1:58:30)

Meg: Welcome Michael. We're so glad you're here with us. Welcome.

Michael: Hello, hello dear Meg and company, all of you listening.

What a historic time it is. You know, we have never done this before. We have never been involved in such a... mmm... exciting and challenging and new project where all of us - you on the ground, us in higher dimensions, the Councils, our beloved Prime Creator - we're all figuring this out as we go along, all of us together. Now that makes it sound as if no one's in charge; that's not true. Of course we have our steady hand of Prime Creator, but we are finding new ways - new ways - to create, new ways to triumph!

I want to send my great love to my beloved who has worked tirelessly, to her friends, Lightworkers all. You are brilliant, brilliant in our eyes and in the eyes of the entire Universe. Those who feel faith in your hearts and hope for this project that we came here to accomplish so long ago, you have been steadfast. It increases our love day-by-day. We admire you so. It's hard for us to describe.

And those of you who have felt you were just, you know, humans here muddling through not being able to see anything or really know anything about what you are doing; nevertheless, you carry on. You do things that... well we know some people say, "Oh you must be crazy," but you do things that are miraculous because you have no way of knowing before you do them that they will create something wonderful. You have the feel of it. You know there's something good that you can do. You know you're creating, and you know it feels right, but you have no way of seeing the timeline as we do.

You have no way of knowing the wonderful effects that your actions are having right at the moment when you're doing them. That's what we see. It's easy for us to see that, and we must remind ourselves always that everything you do is miraculous, especially when it comes out of this sense of faith, trust and hope. You reach out to one another. You start a new adventure. You walk down a road you've never seen before. You try new things with this feeling in your heart that you know there's something good on the other side of this, and you have no idea what it might be, but you do it anyway.

This is a magnificent thing to us. For we do it because we see what the outcome will be and we enjoy knowing that our good work will bring rewards and gifts to all. We thrive on that, but we have the advantage of seeing down the timeline, of knowing precisely when we raise a finger we know what it's going to create. When we generate Light and send it, we see the impact of it. We see it immediately. Whereas you are operating as if blindfolded, and still you send the Light with love in your heart and the trust that you remember from before you came here.

You know that there was a pact that we had together. You know that there was an agreement with us. You know it in your hearts. Somewhere deep in your being, you remember. And as you have been awakening, all of you, you feel the stirrings in your heart.

You feel the memories coming back, the feelings, the colors, the sounds... and you remember. We see the memories awakening in you, and it resonates with us too. It reminds us of what we remember, of what we felt together with you in other lifetimes, in other places. We remember, but when you remember it is delicious for us because it reawakens the same feeling in us. When we remember a loving life with you in the past, we relive it with you. Sometimes you see it in your dreams. Sometimes you feel our presence, and you know: this is the one I have always loved. That feeling remains always in your heart.

For love travels through all dimensions, as Sananda was saying. Once you have lived a life with someone and have loved them, have had that experience of being in a body and sharing a lifetime together, it resonates with you ever after. You hold that feeling. You carry it with you always, and no matter how many lives you may live, no matter how many universes you may travel to, you always carry that love with you in your Soul. This is why we know God's love. This is why we believe in it... because we feel the resonance of it going back for thousands of years.

And when you begin to awaken, to realize who you are and why you're here, we feel the reawakening in ourselves as well. Like, when you have a tuning fork and you set the tuning fork to sing, every other tuning fork will sing in harmony. That's how we are with you. When your heart sings, we resonate, we vibrate to the same sense of love that you do, so you see we are one.

Those of you who have discovered the love of your twin flame know that deep, sweet, comfortable connection. It has a long, long history to it, and that's what makes it so comfortable because it is an ancient feeling. And yet this marvelous creation that we are as beings of love and Light allows us this special 'tuning fork connection,' so that every time a vibration of love is sent between us, it's new. It's always fresh. It's always new, and every time it grows.

This is what you're experiencing now, those of you who have awakened. These feelings of love and connection are growing stronger every day. The more you feel it, the more you become accustomed to being deeply connected with us, the more it simply becomes a way of life. You awaken in the mornings expecting to feel the presence of the loving ones around you. You know that we're always there.

As Sananda was saying, when he spoke with Kathryn he was apologizing because we have been so focused we tend not to talk very much, (chuckle) so those of you who channel us may have noticed that we're a little quieter in recent days, but that does not mean that we are not connected deeply. It doesn't mean we're not here with you. It just means we are focused, intensely focused, on you and your surroundings there to protect you from the dark thoughtforms, to dissolve them as they're created.

But we ask you now... we ask you: please help us, all of you.

Kathryn mentioned how many of you there are. Do you realize what we can do if you come join forces with us? Do the exercises they've shown you on the flow chart. Be aware and mindful of us and of our project every moment of the day. Think of us. Think of the Light you can spread. Think of the road ahead brightly lit leading to prosperity, to love, to abundance, to joy, to creating new things, new structures, new ways of living, new friendships, new ways of experiencing love and joy, happiness and abundance together.

As Meg was saying, once you decide to remember that every moment of the day, every breath... you'll never forget, and you will become a dedicated and powerful, powerful Master who can stand by our side and really make a difference! We need all of you now. This moment we need all of you on our team, all of you as enthusiastic and powerful participants as we raise this banner.

See the Light. See the colors: blue and golden, and silver, lavender, green... those are the joy, the happiness. Those are the happy thoughtforms. You see the difference. Joyful thoughtforms produce brilliant Light and colors. Dark thoughtforms produce only gray and darkness. There's no accident. Happiness has a color, a vibration. Joy is wondrous to behold! The sound of it, the taste of it the, the colors of it - it's all wonderful. Darkness is just the absence of all these wonderful things we have available to us.

We have help here. You can hear it. We have an angel chorus that helps us to stay focused, that helps us to feel joy in our hearts, that helps us feel our sense of being together - one in this magnificent challenge that we are taking on together, this magnificent triumph that will be the Ascension of all of humankind. You'll see once this tipping point is reached things will start to unfold so quickly. You'll be laughing all day long.

Join with us in this joyful, joyful pursuit. We welcome every Soul, every being. All are needed. All are needed now! (laughing) As Kathryn said, "We'll all break a sweat together." We will be... well, what's a good analogy? We'll be hoeing every row, and singing as we go! We'll be raising the Light. We'll be raising the roof. We'll be singing together. We'll be dancing together. It is a wondrous thing.

You heard my call. Join us. Join us now. Give us your pledge. Give us your pledge now that you, with your Free Will, will raise your Light, and you will make a difference. Together we will all make a difference.

I send you my deepest endless love... to all of you beloved ones.

Namaste. Namaste.

Transcribed by Christine Brightlight for Kathryn E. May, Dec. 14, 2014

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