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The Photonic Belt

gefunden bei Facebook, 07.01.2023

❗️ One of the most IMPORTANT posts/ The photonic belt
For planet Earth and for our entire civilization, a glorious day is approaching. It is very possible that this is the end time spoken of in biblical prophecies and other religions as well as prophecies of indigenous peoples.

This end time will bring about our ascension/transformation into a fully conscious galactic human being and the creation (on Earth and in this solar system) of a true galactic human civilization with characteristics that will make it eligible to become a member of the Galactic Federation.

Before we discuss these amazing events that have been communicated to us by our brothers and sisters in space, let me share with you my personal story of how I learned of these extraordinary events that will take place on this planet. The following information is a message from the Sirians and their Council of Ascended Masters regarding what will happen in these times.

The photon belt

Washta and two other members of the Sirian Council now wish to discuss an incredible event, both physical and spiritual, that is about to happen on planet Earth. (Washta is a galactic presence training to become a new Ascended Sirian Master. When, with his decisive help, the communication project is completed, Washta will be promoted to the position of Ascended Master).

In this presentation, he is accompanied by Au-tron and Teletron Syrian experts in science and history, but throughout this communication, Washta will speak only on behalf of the Council.
We are here to share with you that your solar system is currently in close proximity to a vast region of light called the photon belt, which it should come into contact with in the near future. This photon belt, a powerful mass of light, will be the medium for the recovery of full consciousness, for the complete transformation of your DNA and chakra system.

These incredible changes will forever transform not only yourself but your planet and solar system. This will happen because the photon belt will bring your solar system into a higher dimension (between the third and fifth dimensions), thus allowing your planet in the solar system to move to a new position in space, much more close to the Sirius star system. At this point, you may be wondering: what is this photon belt? Why haven't I heard of her before? If this is so important, why aren't our scientists discussing it?

The photon belt is an enormous doughnut-shaped mass of photonic light particles and was first discovered by your scientists in 1961 near the Pleiades by instruments on satellites sent into space.

The Earth is moving towards the photon belt, and sometimes we talk about the photon belt moving towards the Earth: in reality, your solar system and the photon belt are moving towards each other.
For those who do not know what a light photon particle is, we would like to let you know that it is the result of the collision between an antielectron (positron) and an electron.

This collision, which takes place in an infinitesimal fraction of a second, produces the destruction of both particles: the mass resulting from this collision is completely transformed into energy, called "photons" or particles of light. This energy will be the most important source for all future energy needs. In fact, the era of new energy that is being prepared for this planet can be called the "Era of Photon Energy".

Your planet is now completing a cycle of approximately 26,000 years with this photon belt. Since Earth is about to enter this photon belt, it is necessary to know what this means for your civilization. Many of your astrologers and scientists and historians believe that this millennium marks the beginning of a new era for mankind. For astrologers on Earth, this new era is the Age of Aquarius, a time of great change in science, technology, and your consciousness.

For your scientists and your civilization's social and political structures torians, it is an age of great hardship, which your civilization's social and political structures may not be able to withstand. In any case, this event can appear either as a prelude to a wonderful new era or as the moment of your demise.

The question remains: what role will the approaching photon belt play in this scenario? To answer these questions, let us now look at this photon belt. The photon belt can be divided into three sections.
First, you will enter through what is called the neutral zone or ground zero. This crossing will take about five to six huge effects on your solar system have been reduced. If this interdimensional polarity shift had not occurred, the Sun would have been destroyed by the neutral zone of the photon belt and the Earth would have been vaporized.

So, as the Earth approaches the photon belt, you can console yourself with the fact that the Sun has changed significantly and can now enter the photon belt without consequence. There are two reasons why the Sun has been changed and put into a safe situation so that it can now enter the photon belt directly: The first is that a photon belt is an interdimensional event that requires the Sun to enter it in a situation completely adequate.

That is, it must have a relatively low level of activity and be able to easily adapt to the rapid changes implied by the entry into the photon belt. The second is that the Earth must be monitored. And special procedures must be put in place to align your planet's interdimensional energy bodies with the rapid succession of changes that will occur before and immediately after entering the neutral zone.

The changes that will allow this event to run smoothly have been implemented through an interdimensional hologram.

This interdimensional sheath of light has been placed around your Sun to properly align the solar system with this new event (photon belt) as well as to successfully regulate your Earth's entry into the photon belt. This hologram will later be used to bring your solar system into its new position close to our star system (Sirius). For all these reasons, it was necessary to adjust the input fields of the Sun by enlarging the hologram of your planet to include the Sun and the solar system.

This adjustment allows safe entry into both the photon belt and your new position in this galaxy. These procedures were carried out through a series of very important processes that we would like to highlight now.

First, the polarity of the sun was changed. Second, the Galactic Federation commissioned several atmospheric research spacecraft with specially trained control teams on board, which supplemented their activities by monitoring the aftermath of Earth's interdimensional hologram.

Their sole purpose is to constantly watch over the ozone hole and ensure that it does not become too unsustainable for life on your planet. In addition, these spacecraft and their crews are able to monitor and correct the major seismic and tectonic activities that occur as your planet and solar system approach the neutral zone of the photon belt.

However, you Earthlings are the ones who will enter the photon belt and lose your electromagnetic fields when they are reduced to zero, and as I explained, this means that when you enter the photon belt you will no longer be able to use any kind of electrical equipment. Therefore, you must begin to prepare for this very important change in your life, as new forms of gravitational and electrical fields will be established.

What may appear to you as a loss will instead be a benefit that will allow photonic energy fields to be altered at the subatomic level and become the basic conductors of energy in your solar system. Because all the molecules and atoms will have changed, you earthlings will be greatly altered in your nature: you will become something completely different, much better than what you are at present. Let's now look at the whole scenario of the photon belt experience to get an idea of what will happen.

Your planet will experience a deep level of darkness as it approaches the neutral zone, and your solar system will enter this zone. Suddenly, the penumbra level of your darkness will be replaced by total darkness. It will be like the entire planet is thrown into a huge closet and the door closes behind you.

The sun will disappear and you won't even be able to see the stars in the completely black sky. The Day will suddenly turn to night as the compression of the neutral zone on the sun and starlight will completely darken first the sun and then the stars.

When you experience total darkness, you will know that you have entered the neutral zone and that the transformation process has begun. As you begin to accept the shock of this total darkness, you'll discover that something else has happened: not only are you in the dark, but none of the electrical tools work. As the feed pumps shut down and the water tanks empty, the water will stop flowing and the toilets will be unusable.

Lights will not be able to be turned on and cars will not be able to start.

As a result, you will find yourself in a completely new world. But despite these great difficulties, you will realize that something has happened to your bodies, and it will be something wonderful. When the electromagnetic fields of the planet collapse, the conditions will be created for all the atoms on Earth to be changed.

The atoms in your body will be changed to form a new body, a body that will be semi-ethereal, and the veil of consciousness around you will be removed. You will no longer live in the limiting reality of the third dimension, for then you will be human beings living in the reality of galactic light, and consequently, you will regain those physical and psychic gifts which have always been your heritage in the past, yet since you, humans left the Lym constellation to spread your knowledge and function as loving caretakers in this galaxy.

You will have begun the process of "coming home" to the fifth dimension. When the atmosphere, starting the next day, begins to compress. You will have the sensation of being compacted by the pressures that, coming from the neutral zone, exert on the Earth's gravitational field, and you will feel as if you are bloated: however, I want to assure you that this bloated sensation will only last for about two days, At the moment your atmosphere is compressed and all materials become denser, the great danger will come from nuclear materials, for there is the possibility of both nuclear chain reactions and huge, deadly radioactive explosions of fissile materials.

This compression of nuclear material could cause massive firestorms of planet-wide explosions as well as nuclear chain reactions. For these reasons, to avoid all these dangers, the Galactic Federation will allow the landing of spaceships specially equipped for such situations, with highly specialized crews on board, to nullify the potential nuclear dangers. Another consequence of the neutral zone impact that you will have to experience will be the sudden drop in temperature at polar levels caused by the complete absence of the Sun.

This will happen because the Sun will undergo a change in its interdimensional polarity, as a result of which the Sun's heat will not be able to reach the surface of your planet. However, around the third day, you will begin to see a pale sunrise-like light that will surround your entire planet. This will mark the beginning of the 'photonic effect' which will prove extremely important to you as it will allow you to have a new source of energy.

This new energy source will allow your planet's dependence on fossil fuels to be eliminated and provide space travel, as photon force technology is the energy system used by Galactic Federation starships. So, around the third or fourth day, you will have reached the time of your first entry into the photon energy, however weak it may still be. At dawn on the fifth day, the weather will begin to warm again and full light will return.

The photon effect, which began towards the end of the third day, will be fully manifested at this time, putting you in a position to use everything that can be acted upon by the photon beam. Everything living at this point will be invigorated by photons coming from the main part of the photon belt. You will have entered a new era, with a new body, ready now for the next phase, where your physical abilities will be enhanced by the effect of photons.

These photonic energies will not only give your body maximum efficiency in using its own energy but will also be used to power your homes and industries: you will have fully entered the photonic age! Space travel will become very simple and will be the preferred mode of transportation. When you start living in the photon belt, you will be in a perfectly realized space age.

Thanks to the energy of the photon beam, stars, and other planets will soon appear as close to you as if you were traveling through the city. With this new energy, it will be as easy to travel to Sirius or any other star near it as it is now to travel from California to New York.

In addition, there will be among you those whom you have long called aliens and who are your older brothers and sisters, as well as your counselors and guides during this time of transition.
The return of your space family thus marks an important shift in Earth's spatial relationship with the universe. The Time Lords who control this particular entry into the photon belt will cause your planet to leap forward both in terms of its level of consciousness and its placement in a higher dimension.

This shift from a largely three-dimensional world to a five-dimensional world is a tremendous gift, for in this shift you will be removed from the control of the Pleiades and placed under the influence of Sirius.

This fifth-dimensional reality actually means that you will be closer to Sirius, thus being able to adopt the Lyrano-Sirian culture and be under the protection of Sirius, as you were in the days of Lemuria, 25,000 years ago. As you reflect on the true history of Earth, you will be taught by the Galactic Federation to use this new spatial correlation that the fifth dimension gives you access to.

Therefore, we can say that your society is approaching an almost indescribable golden age, predicted by various religious prophecies of the last 2000 years.

This coming Golden Age will be an age in which every human being on Earth will have the opportunity to fully realize themselves, an age in which your mind will finally be able to understand the true history of your planet and recover those faculties of the full consciousness you have too long forgotten to possess.
The photon belt will mark the end of your current civilization as you now understand it, as its arrival will end over ten thousand years of limited consciousness and negative contact with hierarchical governments (following the end of Atlantis).

You are finally living in the last period of the Piscean Age, which will lead you to truly wonderful times. Pleiadian influence 25,000 years ago. The joint influence of Sirius and the Pleiades began in the colonies of Hyperborea and Lemuria. It ended when Atlantis destroyed Lemuria and used the Pleiadian model for terrestrial human civilization. It began as a result of the Pleiadian Confederation's decision to switch to Lyra and Sirius culture.

The wonderful new times you are about to enter will give you the opportunity to consciously reclaim your full potential. This fact is foreseen in the biblical revelations: it is an age in which you will be in close contact with everyone who has ever lived on your planet. In such an age you will be one with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

It will also be a time when you will return to work with the cetaceans of your planet to be co-guardians with them of the Earth and ultimately your entire rehabilitated solar system.

You are also on the verge of reconnecting with your True Self, and the True Self is capable of using many psychic faculties such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc., qualities that every human being once possessed. You are also heirs to new understandings of how to empathetically relate to one another and how these correct personal relationships will determine constructive ways to ultimately govern your society in a peaceful and benevolent way.

Along with these personal and societal changes will come new technologies and new sciences that can be known and applied safely.

Thus, an entirely new planet, an entirely new galactic civilization, and an entirely new human being are about to see the light of day. The people of Earth are now ready for an incredible new era, even better than the one you created in Lemuria. By assisting the Spiritual Hierarchy of this solar system, you will reconnect with your soul's purpose, acting as true guardians of all who live on planet Earth as well as the other planets in your solar system.

But there is another matter of equal importance to you: you are on the threshold of these great changes and all the new things that will come as a result of our future landings on Earth. This first contact led by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Sirians will allow your entire solar system to assume its rightful role within the Galactic Federation so that you will become all that I have just described, a Galactic Civilization.

Through the wisdom and love realized here on Earth, you can be sure that you will soon be able to share your knowledge with other star systems, helping to extend God's power and presence ever further. You are indeed at the beginning of an amazing and wonderful time. At this point, we are sure you will have many questions regarding what we have just presented.🙏♥️

Source: 'Ashtar Sheran [?] – Our choice, light or fear. [Ashtar Sheran als Quelle??? vermutlich nicht der echte Ashtar Sheran ]

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