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Wednesday, August 27, 2015 Edition #25Subscription: FREE or by Donation

Leap into Our Arms

by Sananda

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is I, Sananda.

I want to talk with you about the important things that are happening on Surface Earth. Today, Kathryn and Christine spoke with the Council of the Company of Heaven about the piercing frequencies you are experiencing. They had spent several days working to understand what these frequencies from the cabal technologies were, how they were affecting humankind, and what they were intended to accomplish.

It became clear to Christine that the devious intention was to bring humans to their knees. She came to realize by carefully examining the thoughts and feelings in her own body that these technologically-generated high-pitched sounds were invading her mental and emotional bodies to create feelings of worthlessness. The natural result for anyone experiencing them would be to think of themselves as worthless, and to feel they cannot overcome whatever challenges come their way. This, of course, is exactly what the cabal intended.

By closely examining the subliminal affect on them both, which was an increase in exhaustion and feelings of physical weakness, they concluded that the frequencies did indeed carry a message. All of you have struggled with these feelings within yourselves, have you not? This was the cabal's ultimate weapon, they thought. It was designed to create agitation, discontent and ultimately great irritation and despair within the human psyche. Their dark experiments had shown that it was a powerful weapon to turn humans against one another and to make you easier to control.

How could feelings of worthlessness make you easy to control? Let us examine the effects it would naturally have on a human being. As Kathryn has taught in her book, Who Needs Light?, a person's relationship with themselves is fundamental. If you do not love yourself, it is difficult to love at all. Feelings of self-worth or worthlessness determine how an individual will use their life-force, how they will respond in all their important relationships, and whether they will consider themselves to be of value even in the eyes of God.

You see, worthlessness puts a wedge between the person and themselves, and forms the foundation of how they will treat their own body, and even how they will respond to Mother and Father's incoming Love. If you feel worthless, how can you believe in Love? How can you trust that anyone will love you and be true to you? How can you experience goodness in yourself and others? It is the source of absolute misery and pain, the most immovable block to happiness a human being can experience.

This is how determined and dark the cabal truly is. They are delighted to have found what they think of as the ultimate brainwashing technique, which they have used over the eons to break the will of their victims. In earlier times, it was used directly as a weapon of torture. Now they were confident that they need only turn on their transmitters and broadcast their dark subliminal messages to achieve dominion over others. This is what they consider their "big guns," and so its full-out use was saved for this final hour of their control on Planet Earth.

Examine your feelings of the past few days, Beloved Ones. This was the third day of the intensified attack. Have you felt off balance, discouraged, lacking in 'oomph'? Those of you who have done extensive work to clear away old programming are not as vulnerable to the psychological affect of the weapon, but no one is immune to the exhaustion it causes to withstand the invasion to your psyche day after day. Kathryn was able to trace the exhaustion she feels to the frequencies, even though they did not affect her mood or her behavior.

By contrast, Christine, who has been undergoing intensive physical treatments with her Arcturian and Galactic Federation Healing team, felt the assault on all fronts - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The key for Christine was to cling to the knowing that she is a child of Mother and Father, that she is healing, and that we are with her every moment. She knows in the deepest reaches of her heart and her being that she is a child of God and that the New Golden Age is true. She clung to this knowing, even as she felt the vulnerability and doubt that the frequencies relentlessly impose.

Christine is a good example of the effects of these frequencies because she came here with almost no Veil, and with a deep and abiding connection to Mother and Father, and yet, even she felt the the attacks. The frequencies pierce your human bodies, leaving the strong exhausted and the weak feeling hopeless and alone. Any physical or emotional trauma increases the effect of the invasion, as it was designed to do.

No one can tolerate the intensity of these attacks without feeling it in some way. Fortunately, our Lightworkers on the ground have been working hard to sort through and identify the source of the affects on themselves. As a result, Kathryn went to the Council to describe the negative effects of the artificially-produced frequencies, as we were hoping she would do, and to demand an end to the use of such weapons on Earth and throughout the Multiverse, now and for all time.

Your contract with us requires that you on the ground are in charge of the shift taking place now. By appealing to us, you are expressing your conscious and well thought-out intention to cancel a part of the contract we have held together over the eons. As more and more of you awaken to understand the exact nature of what we all agreed to on Earth, it becomes possible for us to change it together. In this case, it is possible for us to "have your backs," to help with the gradual program of eliminating all the diabolical techniques and weapons that have been used by the dark ones to enslave everyone on Earth.

Any moment of despair, self-doubt or discouragement presents the most meaningful opportunity to choose from the core of your being to know that you are a child of Mother and Father and you are Love. The true trajectory of these inner intentions is freedom.

The Rainbow Bridge is created from you to us, not the other way around. You must initiate it, and every single time you invite the Company of Heaven, including the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation, the angels, your higher selves and your twin flames, you strengthen and widen the Rainbow Bridge - your connection between Earth and the Higher Dimensions. You are creating your Ascension Pillar and your New Golden Era moment by moment, every time you reach to contact us and to join with us in Light and Love.

We are moving carefully now, because there are very important actions in play that will bring you through this current "space-between worlds". You are leaving the old Matrix system and establishing the new energies of the Paradise that is the New Golden Age simultaneously. As your intention and commitment to the new increases, you are bringing in the reality of freedom, dignity and brotherhood among all beings. You might think of it as a scene like those in a chase movie where the hero has just leapt into the air to cross the distance between two rooftops. You are in flight, Beloved Ones, and your impending landing depends on steadfast Faith in your own strength and our ability to catch you safely as you land in your new world - the world of our joint Creation.

Fling yourself across the divide, Dear Ones. You are propelled by your fire, your will, your heart and your mind joined with ours.

I am your Sananda, with arms open wide, ready to catch you.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 26, 2015

Quote of the Day

"If all of the ships in your sky - filled with loving benevolant Galactic family and friends here to support humanity and Earth at this time - were to de-cloak in this moment, you would see no sky. We are with you. Call to us. Let's join hearts and turn the tide for Goodness' sake once-and-for-ALL!"

~ Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Fleet 8/27/15

Transcribed by Christine, New York, 8/27/15

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.

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