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The battle has begun

The battle has begun, GFL Channeling
Channeler: Snapdragon Tracy


What is going on is more than you can fathom and more than you can understand the new world starts now. Now not tomorrow, not next week, now.
We are here and the lights are all green.
We are advancing and we are doing it now.
There is no more waiting no more holding back.
So this message is that the final battle begins now.
The race is run, the battle is ensuing, the new world is now.
Most will remain oblivious, but to those who know the signs and signals, who are connected in these manners, they will see the new now.
It will be decided by the new year, but the light is going to win this time.
Never has the light been more prepared, never has the light had so many forces from so many corners.



Battle update day 1. General Hatonn.

Ground forces have begun mobilizing.
The astral battle is underway, this is where the battle was begun and this is where the dark forces engaged us.
Now that we have been engaged we can take action, this is one of the points that were previously marked as a time to advance.
Many of the sensitive light workers have felt this in the past two days.
Negative emotions that were previously not an issue and trouble holding the light.
This is due to the dark forces congregating in the astral which is so close to your realm.
You must hold the light, when you feel the negative encroaching remember why this is and hold that light in your being and radiate as much as you can.
Though ground forces have begun mobilizing, it is still not certain that they will be involved.
If the battle can be won in the astral, it will, and that would be the ideal scenario.
We will continue with daily updates through this channel.
Hold the light for us, if you have received this message, it is because your light is needed, it could be enough to tip the balance further in our favour.
We are not expecting this battle to last beyond the new year, even if ground forces are required.
This battle has been long awaited, long prepared for and ahead of schedule.
This divine timing means, having won the battle before the start of 2011, the entire year will be devoted to dismantling the systems and institutions that the dark have built.
This will be traumatic to the sleeping population, will provoke new levels among the awakened and will make for sensational news stories.
This will be a year to be remembered in history based on the outcome of this battle.

December-30 2010

Battle update Day 2. General Hatonn

The darkness was forced a step or two back today, it was not defeat, but we have certainly forced a bit of a retreat.
There was more love and light in the world today, and all of you who sent it out to us, it helped greatly in the forward progress we have made.
We have certainly gained the upper hand today, and defeat is not an option.
The ground crew is in position.
If they are needed it will most likely be as the dark forces make their final retreat and the ground crew will be there, keeping them in order as they take leave of this world.
Our preparation was relentless, and our victory is certain.
Keep us in your love and your light and there will be no way to fail.
Remain in the light and do not allow the darkness in their retreat to grab hold, you must remain vigilant in your energy and emotions.
We expect to declare victory in the hours before the New Year.


Battle update day 3. General Hatonn

The battle has been waged, and the dark is in retreat.
The battle was fought entirely in the astral realm largely on account of the ground forces standing at the ready.
As the darkness retreats and leaves this world, you will feel a lightening of your soul, and of your physical body.
You will be flooded with feelings of love and joyousness, enjoy it, embrace it, for this is the feeling of the new world.
Victory will be declared within the final hours of your earthly year, as predicted, though the battle is largely finished and the celebrations begun.
As you go about your celebrations, feel the victory around you, the love and the joy, but don’t hold it within for yourselves.
Spread it out to the world, show it to every person you encounter for this is the new world and it is upon us and as you make your way to sleep in the old world, you will wake to the new world of love and light.

My last channeled message of 2010 could not be any better. Short and sweet. Happy New Year and happy New World !!!!!


There are turning points in the world and in history and this is one of them.
The battle has been fought, victory has been claimed and the new world has begun.
Our troops were flawless and our supporters in light kept us strong.
The dark has been defeated.
The new world is beginning now.
The dismantling will begin and the love and new light will shine.
The glory of the higher kingdoms shall truly be known on earth.


Link zur Übersetzung: Ein Kampf mit den Dunkelmächten

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