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Numerology – The Silver Key

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D.(Meta), J.D.


This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this year as long as you stay who you are. This is the year to begin forming the groups that will create and manifest the new institutions and organizations that will have a “prime directive” to serve humanity. You will have opportunities to define “friendship” in terms of unconditional love and learn to be ok making the discernments necessary to choose and work with those who can put excessive “emotion” (self-created fear) aside and be the true leader who understands cooperation and unity as tools to create the new world. It will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self first that will keep you on your path.

January ([22}[11}) You begin the year with an intense month of dual Master vibrations. Underlying all your interactions will be the vibration of the Spiritual Master Builder giving you 4 times the strength to bring God Energy into the material plane in your life so you are standing on a firm foundation of inner security easing your ability to cooperate with others and, therefore, God’s plan on Earth. This combines with the Master energies of the Spiritual Light Messenger. This is here to give you guidance and strengthen your connection to you Source, especially of information. If you intuition phones this month, make sure to answer the call because it will give you guidance on how to build your firm foundation within. Don’t lose sight of the fact that a well-worked out plan is necessary BEFORE your move forward. The goal is to stay connected to your inner information, integrate it into yourself and manifest it in all your interactions this month.

JANUARY 1 to JANUARY 2, 2010 (47/11/2) You begin this Master month with a Master day. This is the beginning of the manifestation of your dream, your vision. For these two days you have major decisions to make. You will need to have confidence and courage because you will be putting Spiritual energy into practical form, being the Master Builder of your life, the goal of the 22 Master Spiritual Builder. The qualities of peace, tolerance, abundance and , most importantly, sustainability, need to be expressed in a tangible way. You start with the energies of adventure and change so stay balanced on your foundation while allowing your mind to explore possibilities. Then you have a day of increased sensitivity so you can see what’s beneath the surface of your experiences and find the balance of the center and your inner foundation as you take the opportunities to get into the flow and respond to “unexpected” situations with confidence and growth. The goal for this period is to keep yourself balanced in the physical, emotional and mental areas and make that place sustainable for the rest of the year.

JANUARY 3 to JANUARY 9, 2010 (25/7) You have a week for reflection on where you are and how far you’ve come. During this process of experiences remain objective and visualize what you desire to create and reconstruct your mental energies to support that vision. Stay connected to your Inner Voice and you’ll be guided to choices for your future. Make sure to remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make adjustments as needed to manifest the truth in your creation. You begin the week with a day of increased intensity pushing you to be reflective, to move from human doing to human being. You then have a day of easy flowing environmental energies within which details of your life will spontaneously arise for your examination and investigation to determine what actions, if any, need to be taken to change the “fit” of these details into your vision to bring in the abundance. You shift to a day that requires you to maintain harmony as you share your accomplishments within your relationships to bring deeper understandings and reap the rewards of your past achievements. Now it’s time to reevaluate some more and crystallize your desires with the new information you’ve gathered and then use the power of your imagination to mold that into physical form as you use Wisdom and a strong sense of justice to start the next step in your progress. The underlying Master energies are brought to the surface to help you emphasize the Spiritual areas in your experience so don’t ignore your Higher Guidance and be sensitive to the revelations offered you at this time. This leads to a day of the energies of celebration and creative expression that needs to be balanced because these energies can be restless; however, they bring great peace, happiness, fulfillment and directional guidance. You end the week with an intensification of the Master Spiritual Builder energies that can be tense so don’t go to extremes even though you are being pushed to think on a large scale. The goal is to remain balanced through all the movement and changes in order to be balanced within yourself to manifest your Spirit into your physical life.

JANUARY 10 to JANUARY 16, 2010 (20/2) This week has the energies of decisions and turning points. It will present alternatives to you to choose and then act decisively. Be patient and allow your vision and revelations to guide you and don’t resist any change that will bring peace and balance to your life. You begin the week with a strong sense of adventure and change so allow your mind to explore new ideas and areas you haven’t investigated before. Then it’s time to take responsibility to bring things into harmony since you are given the ability to see beneath the surface of events and that increased knowledge will assist you to harmonize it all using the Master 11 and 22 energies that are supporting you in this process. A day to reflect and reassess is here for you to check your mental energies against your vision of what you desire. This is followed by a day of free-flowing energies to examine and investigate any details in your life that arise spontaneously so evaluate and take action using cooperation. A day to share your accomplishments follows so maintain harmony and peace and you will gain the rewards of deepened understanding. Take the energies of this new understanding and use it to further crystallize your desires and manifest them into your life. You end the week with Master Messenger energies so stay receptive and remember that Spiritual messages are coming to you to bring balance in all areas. The goal is to be totally in balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

JANUARY 17 to JANUARY 23, 2010 (24/6) This entire week is to increase your sensitivity and assist you in always being “connected” to your inner awareness of the truth, including what’s beneath the surface. Remember that as you become centered within, you will bring about order in your outer world. You start the week with the energies of celebration which can lead to restless activity so stay centered and don’t get carried away with this and strengthen your connection to your intuition and inner guidance and you will gain direction and bring happiness and fulfillment to yourself and your home. Now open your mind to the thoughts of the new order of things and choose actions that will bring better conditions for all through system and organization. A sense of adventure comes to you so explore, seek out variety and change of all kinds and you may discover things you never thought of to add to your vision. The energies of the week come to the surface and intensify now so that you can make sure you are still centered in who you are and you’ll know that if you are flowing through unexpected events. You then have a day to go within and be reflective to check that you are using your strong intuitive abilities to move your mental energies into a positive force for movement forward. This moves you to what can be an intense day within even though the energies of the environment are easy flowing and based in cooperation as both the Master Builder energies of the month come to the surface supported by the Master Healing Energies to assist you to bring yourself to wholeness and health through courage and faith in the Higher Forces within you. You end the week reaping the rewards of past achievements and, at the same time, preparing for new adventures so maintain harmony on all levels as you interrelate and share your accomplishments. The goal for the week is to stay centered in your Inner World and take responsibility to put things in harmony so that you remain balanced and able to respond to the flow.

JANUARY 24 to JANUARY 30, 2010 (28/10/1) Your last week of this month is full of the energies of both the seed and harvest to help you to clarify and crystallize what you wish to manifest this year. It is time to use this energy to assess your sense of justice and to perfect it with a total understanding of “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The week begins with this vibration to enhance your awareness of it. Then you move to a day of Master Messenger energies to provide inspiration and revelations that may require more responsibility and effort; however, promise great rewards as long as you remain receptive and remember there are spiritual messages that will bring balance into your affairs. You’re then greeted with a day to celebrate as rewards come in abundance and your domestic situations blossom and bring happiness and fulfillment; however, rely on your intuition to avoid getting carried away with these energies. This brings you to a day of new ideas about the new order of things can in abundance to enable you to be a forerunner for better conditions as challenges are presented to the “old ways”. You’ll then be given another day of restless energy that is to be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination so you will use your own unusual or unconventional approach to accomplish the task. You are then reminded to see what’s beneath the surface of your plans with the help of the intensity of the Master Messenger beneath the surface energies pushing things to the top. You end the week with a day to listen to your Inner Voice for direction and it will require flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability to make any necessary adjustments to demonstrate the truth, reality and clarity. The goal is to make sure that you bring perfected justice to everything you create this year.

JANUARY 31, 2010 (26/8) You end this month of inspired spiritual building into the physical plane with a day that bestows abundance in your life. The challenge will be to take responsibility for what you’ve created, the abundance. Much will occur spontaneously so choose your actions wisely in order to reap the rewards.

© 2010 The Awakening Center, Inc. Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713 or through the website http://www.theawakeningcenter.com.

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