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Von Saul & John Smallman

You have proved to yourselves that the illusion doesn’t work

02/14/2010 by John Smallman

As you know, full consciousness is the state into which humanity is destined to move, because it is God’s Will and yours, and it is where you know yourselves as you truly are — enlightened, beloved sons of God. In that state of existence you are perfectly at peace with all sentient beings because you are all one with each other — there is no sense of separateness. You do possess, when you choose to avail of it, an individual identity that is uniquely yours, and that is never lost even though you merge with one another into the divine Being which is Life, Love, Supreme Bliss, God.

God loves His children and delights in the uniqueness of their brilliant individual identities. In full consciousness your identities are complete and perfect and that is how you know one another, as perfect divine beings. In the illusion you can have only the very faintest idea of who you truly are, because within the narrow confines the illusion provides, you all appear to yourselves and to others to be small and basically insignificant items in the grand order of things. That is an experience that your ego does not appreciate, and so, guided by your ego, which is itself permanently misguided, you endeavor to add qualities and skills to yourselves to make you more than you seem to be, and you use those accoutrements in order to present yourselves to others as beings of importance who deserve recognition and respect.

But God created you perfect, and you can add nothing to yourselves to improve on that divine perfection — there is nothing beyond infinite perfection because that is all that exists. The illusion really is a nightmarish place in which to experience your existence, especially when it appears to you that it is so vast and that you are so insignificantly small. You do know it is an illusion even though that knowledge is buried deep beneath the conscious level of awareness you experience as existence, life in the illusion. That deeply buried knowledge is the divine Spark that burns continuously within you, and nudges you incessantly to seek Truth, to seek God. For eons you have paid scant attention to those nudges, but now, finally, you are beginning to attend to them. Life in the illusion has become so unacceptable that you are seeking the way out. It gives us in the spiritual realms great joy to see you starting to come to your senses saying “We have had more than enough of this! There just has to be something better.” And there is!

You will see the light, the divine Light of God’s Love for you; you will turn towards it, and then you will move towards it, and it will lead you out of the dark miserable place where you have been hiding from God, and fighting with each other for far too long.

The time for the illusion is over; you have proved to yourselves that it does not work. You have tried very hard to make it work — but in vain, because it is a place of fear, anger, distrust, and betrayal, and those attitudes invariably lead to defeat and failure because they consistently oppose one another and are therefore constantly working for destruction.

As you start moving forward into that divine guiding Light it will become brighter and brighter, until you are no longer able to remain asleep, and so you will awaken into the joy of Heaven. Here you will find myriad friends and loved ones who have been calling to you to wake up, and who will greet you with an overwhelming warmth of love and affection as you awaken into the glory that is God’s eternal Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

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