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Von Saul & John Smallman

While you sleep and dream your illusory reality into existence, rest assured that separation from your divine Father is beyond possibility. You are eternally and permanently one with Him. He is all there is and that is where you are, as there is no other reality, no other option. Oneness with God is permanent and unchangeable. However, within the nightmare of your dream state many, many choices seem possible, all of them leading to decay and death, a very depressing and discouraging scenario. Your desire to escape from this miserable state is very natural.

You made idols (ancient and modern), which you then worshipped as gods, and you begged them to save you. These gods changed in nature over time, but your need to believe in their ability to save you from a violent universe hasn’t. You continue to offer them horrendous sacrifices to placate them for the offenses and betrayals you think you have committed, but of course there is no response, and disasters and catastrophes continue to occur.

Truly this is all illusion. You played a game, hid from God, and believed you had separated from Him, and were ashamed and horrified at what you appeared to have done. The shock you experienced was so stunning and terrifying that instead of stopping the game and returning to your ever-loving Father, you fled in fear and anguish, judging yourself unforgivable. And since then you have continued to experience unremitting fear and anxiety.

Many of you attempt to lead good lives but remain fearful and judgmental, while others try to play the system for personal gain. Neither of these approaches can possibly succeed because both depend on remaining in the dream! You need to awaken so that the dream dissolves, leaving you in the brilliant light of God’s unending love. Holding onto the dream by remaining asleep has absolutely no value whatever.

To awaken is your one task, and there are with you many loving entities who can help you and desire only to do so. God’s love for you is intense, and deep within yourself you know this; consequently, it is only a matter of time before you awaken into the divine bliss that is your heritage. Time is but an illusion you make and remake in each instant as you experience it, and you can stretch it and expand it to suit your apparent needs and desires. However, eventually it will collapse, leaving you joyfully in the eternal now. So why continue to rebuild it, along with all the pain, fear, and confusion it encompasses, when you could be using the loving energy of God, which flows through you continuously in a life-giving stream, to hasten its dissolution and your magnificent reawakening into Reality, your eternal heavenly home?

You have to choose to awaken. Your guides are with you in every moment, waiting to assist you when you do make that choice, and it is one that is inevitable. You can delay and procrastinate for as long as you wish, effectively extending time – time in which you continue to experience the unhappy and fearful nightmare that seems so real to you.

Listen to your angels, your guides, your higher self, and recognize the loving message that they have been offering you throughout your human existence: “You are missed; you are dearly loved; come home so that we can celebrate life with you again in all its divine glory.”

With so very much love, Saul.

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