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Saul & John Smallman

In the illusion time is a cruel master

03/10/2010 by John Smallman

In the illusion you spend a lot of time waiting for things to happen, or waiting and hoping that certain things do not happen.  Either way you do a lot of waiting, which is stressful, boring, and unprofitable.  In the illusion time is a major issue for you and seems to control your lives – because without it there would be no cause and effect.

In Reality there is only the eternal now.  Here, cause and effect are one, ever present, undivided.  Being so immersed in the idea of time you cannot conceive of life without it, let alone imagine what that might be like.  In Reality you have no needs, so time would be irrelevant.  In the illusion time is a cruel master whose slaves you all appear to be.  You are governed by the passing of time because what you have waited for with joyful enthusiasm will pass on with it, leaving you once more bereft and discouraged.

Living in the now moment — accepting what is, without concern for what has passed or has yet to arrive — is the way to peace.  It takes a lot of practice, but if you persevere it will become second nature.  Children do it all the time when they are left free from the constraints and pressures of the adult world — a world which adults are so keen to impose on their children!  When you live in the now you are relaxed, and your creative ideas flow much more smoothly and easily than when you set yourselves goals and dead lines to meet.

In the illusion it seems counterintuitive to attempt to live outside of time — in the now moment — and yet you do see people doing it, very happily, and you wonder what is the matter with them!  If they realized how insane it was, then they would be worried!  (How come they do not realize how impractical it is? And why are they not worried and pressured?)  This obsession with time is endemic in the industrialized areas of the planet, where you are all crowded together and seemingly getting in one another’s way.  So you build more roads and airports to enable you to move out and find more space for yourselves, but it does not work, as you then spend even more time travelling — which is also a form of waiting — to places where you work, live, or just visit.  And time rushes on, leaving you anxious and confused, so you rush about some more, worrying all the while.  Who is it that is insane?

In Reality all is sublimely content and at peace, as there is no time threatening you with wastage of it or with the deadlines it imposes on you. Reality just is.  This is a difficult concept to grasp when you are so deeply immersed in the illusion.  The illusion places stress and anxiety upon you because it can offer no certainties.  At any moment catastrophe might strike — you see it happening to others every day — and so you have to take all kinds of preventive precautions.  These are then found to be inadequate and new ones have to be devised.  Life is a constant struggle to provide safety and security, and in the illusion this is impossible.  You distract yourselves with grandiose plans and schemes that seem to work, and then yet another unforseen and unforseeable event occurs, throwing you once more into a state of perplexity and distress, in which you feel a strong need to fix on someone to judge, blame, and punish.

To awaken and let go of the illusion is the path to joy and freedom; and you are going to awaken — it is unavoidable.  To help pass the time until that moment arrives, practice living in the now moment.  As you become more accomplished at it you will start to find peace and joy, even within the illusion.  Your energy signature will change as your stress dwindles and your serenity increases, and this will be sensed by others below the level of their conscious awareness.

Wherever you are, you will extend a palpable field of calm effectiveness that will bring a most beneficial consequence to all with whom you interact, be it from a brief passing on the street, from thinking about someone or e-mailing them, or through a more extended physical encounter. When others call you to mind, the overriding impression they will have will be one of a calm and peaceful nature that is without any need to judge, condemn, or find anyone unacceptable.

If you continue to do this during the remaining time you spend in the illusion, you will be adding most helpfully and powerfully to the intensity of the divine field that envelops the planet and which is assisting in the awakening process.  And of course you, too, will reap the benefits of this satisfying way of living.  You will find that the involuntary judgments and condemnations you are accustomed to making will occur far less frequently as your acceptance of what is intensifies, bringing you an increasing sense of peace and an increasing awareness of it, as you approach the moment of your glorious awakening into full consciousness.

You are all divinely loved and cherished in every moment, and you are infinitely honored and respected for the path you have chosen to follow — a path that is leading you unerringly out of the illusion and towards your heavenly destination.

With so very much love, Saul.

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