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Von Richard Presser

Today is Tuesday, May 25, 2010 and Carolyn’s and my attention was brought to a fascinating spiral which occurred over Canada in the last couple of days and many have connected to the spiral over Norway. And we have been recently speaking with one of the beings responsible for bringing forth the crop circle patterns and we have been discussing bringing forth messages in relation to those patterns and it is the same being that has come forth to speak to us about this spiral over Canada. So let us see what he has to say; and he is saying;

This spiral was caused by a spacecraft, you could say in your vernacular, making a transition from one dimension to another and the nature of this transition, because of its particular position in the sky, you could say and the angle at which it was travelling caused this release of energy in that spiral format when it went through that moment of transition. And so this is how that spiral arose and if you examine the images which have become available, you will see that this spiral is consistent with what I have to say. So it is a rare sighting in your world.

There are many what you might call spaceships or UFOs that travel through your reality you could say, however it is unusual for it to make a transition in this particular way, to cause that interference as it did so. Usually it is invisible. These craft simply seem to disappear, so it is just simply the circumstances in which this occurred that caused this display. And as Richard mentioned, there are those who are connecting this with the spiral that occurred over Norway and there have been other spirals that have occurred in the sky in various places upon your planet over the last year or two.

Firstly I would say that the spiral is a, you could say powerful symbol upon your planet. It has been expressed by almost all of your native cultures at one point or another and it, you could say expresses the manner of transformation of consciousness between your dimension and the divine, and you will see that it comes forth as an expression of this connection between humanity and the divine. And so many consider that every time the spiral is seen, there is this connection to these ancient traditions or it is arising from the same source; and indeed there are many occurrences which can produce this spiralled energy, though none of them are innately, you could say of your three-dimensional world.

It always involves some kind of interdimensional interplay or interference that has this kind of pattern arise. That is the common thread, not necessarily the source and so if you take the case of the Norway spiral, as these two reported when it occurred this particular spiral was invoked by energies from the CERN reactor and as you can see, it is quite a different source from the spiral has occurred over Canada. And indeed none of the other spirals that have occurred in recent years have been caused by the activity at CERN. It is only this specific one over Norway that has had these characteristics.

And so that, my friends is how this came about, and I look forward to the opportunity to, in the future share much with you about what the crop circles that we are sending to you are about. I anticipate you will be very excited by the explanations that come forth. And so it is.

You can listen to the recording of this message at http://www.metatronminutes.net/Recordings/The%20spiral%20over%20Canada.mp3 . If the link does not open for you, copy and paste it into your browser.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

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