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Jeshua and Mother Mary on the July 2010 full moon

Today is Thursday, July 22, 2010 and Carolyn and I are here to bring forth messages from our friends on the other side of the veil in regard to the coming full moon, which is in this part the world (USA) on the 25th and for those closer to the dateline on the 26th; and Jeshua is going to lead off and he has asked me to take his message and he is saying;

This full moon heralds a moment of great change. We have given you many messages about change, about energies coming forth, about pieces coming together,  stair steps, so many elements and it is at this moment when truly the activation of all that has gone before is coming into being. It is from this moment that what has been unfolding in the background will come forth into the foreground. All that we have spoken about, regarding the exposure of both the light and the dark, their secrets and all that they have been doing upon the planet, particularly since The Fall in Atlantis, all of this will begin to happen in earnest.

You are standing in that moment when the rejuvenation of the physical body will begin to come forth and this event alone will be recognised around the world, because there is nothing in your science, nothing in, by and large the perception of humanity which is able to explain this phenomenon. There is no basis other than from the understanding of what is unfolding that you can understand this coming forth. You see, this is not just about winding back the age of individuals who have moved beyond their chosen age. It is about bringing forth a transformation of the physical body. Some of you are aware of that term Adam Kadmon, which has been coined to describe a new form of the physical body which will emerge over the next few years, and the rejuvenation process brings forth the foundation of that physical form. Individuals will not look greatly different on the outside. They will look younger, of course if they have, you could say “matured”; but the changes internally will be extraordinary. It's like there's a new internal structure to the physical body and this is the structure that is required to, firstly withstand the energies that come forth with that solstice of December 2012, to be able to support the reactivation of the DNA to over 2,000 strands which will occur at the end of December 2012, and then the transition through to a higher level of consciousness with the Ascension process in March of 2013; and it is at this moment when this process truly begins.

So some view this full moon as, in a sense the beginning of the New Year and in one sense it is so and in particular it is the dawning of a New Age that is coming forth with this full moon. So it is quite a marker, you could say, quite a marker; and so this is my message for you today.

Carolyn - And now Mother Mary is showing me as she stands in a doorway, and this doorway is between the Earth and the cosmos. It is as close as she can come from the world of spirit. Her interactions, of course are felt immediately around our body as she sends energies, as she works with the soul, as she brings in her blessings, but her physical essence cannot go further than that doorway and she’s showing me that for a reason; so you understand, all of you that she is here as close to you spiritually, with her spiritual essence next to your physical body that she can possibly come.

She wants you to know this, that she is your Mother, all of us and she cares so much about our peace, our love, our happiness and as the Mother she knows all the things that the child requires to be happy even if we don't know. And so she stands there between these two worlds, holding that space, because what that space represents is our happiness, and she says she would stand there forever if she had to, to see that her children were happy and comfortable and had everything that they needed and required to advance spiritually, emotionally, physically. She wants to spread her love between herself and you, that you can spread this love between all of those that you know; and this is what she stands for: love, peace and yes, rejuvenation of the physical. That is important. Ascension is important. All of this is important, but your peace is more important to you than anything else that you can imagine; and so she stands there, holding a globe and inside of that globe is her son’s peace.

It is a special brand of peace that he brings, the peace that belongs to cosmic consciousness. There’s much more than peace on Earth. There is a peace of the cosmic consciousness of life itself. It was geared around peace because peace came out of love and the Creator created out of love and what better way to bring the Creator's love down to this world of yours than through peace, and so she says;

I give you that peace, because I know if you hold that peace within your heart and you truly believe in it, you will definitely bring down the Creator's love upon your plane. It is what was intended from the very beginning, when this globe that you call Earth was created and all of those beautiful planets that are companions to the Earth that revolve around the sun, it was determined that love be brought down to your planet and to the other planets. This solar system was designed to represent love. It’s not important how it got off track. What is important is that we stand at that moment when we can bring this back on track, allowing the dark to leave, allowing the drums of war to be silenced and opening up the heart to what peace can bring. It brings love; love for every individual, love for the creation itself, the planet, all of its animals and creatures and everything that creeps and crawls and grows. That is what love brings. You know you are the caretakers of this planet, don't you? You know on some level you were brought here to care for this planet, to care for each other and to love your Creator and represent that love upon the Earth; and I stand here directing these rays of peace to each and every one of you, and I say to each and every one of you, “My children, feel that peace and then you will know your destiny. “ This is your Mother.

You can listen to the recording of this at http://www.the2012countdown.com/The_2012_Time_Line.php


Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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