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Mother's Mini-Messages - Part 2

Mini-Message #11 und folgende von Mother/Source, gechannelt von Kathryn May ab 14.06.2015

Mother's Mini-Message #11

World War III Will Never Happen

This will be short and sweet. I have a monumental announcement to make, dear children.

Today was a historic moment in the history of Planet Earth. World War III will not occur. The conditions that were laid down by the secret governments of the world cannot be put into action. I will tell you what they were, and why it will not happen.

There was a massive plan in place, which the cabal has spent years in organizing. No, it was not to be nuclear warfare, or mass warfare of any kind you are familiar with. It consisted of a concerted global effort to cover the Earth in a multitude of parasites and nano devices that would invade the bodies of everyone alive, causing pain, heart attacks, cancer, and most forms of disease.

These insidious devices are activated by the transmission of specific frequencies that stimulate their growth or initiate specific programmed actions. The cabal has blanketed the Earth over years with aerial spraying, by dumping them into water, into processed foods and of course, GMO crops. It was to be the most massive and sadistic false-flag event ever devised, and it has been averted.

Poisonous particles and electronically-activated microscopic devices were engineered to enter the human body through water, air, soil, food, clothing, plastics, furniture and numerous other ways. Some of the devices were laboratory created abominations that used parts of living creatures, others were entirely manufactured technology. All were designed to take on what you might call a life of their own, when the masters of this domain of evil pushed the button to release the frequencies that were to activate them.

I am here to assure you today that this plan has been thwarted, for good. The first phase occurred about 2 weeks ago, when we announced that an enormous event had been averted because of the work of our Lightworkers on the ground. At that time, the activation of the frequency weapons was prevented by the efforts in which you raised your vibration, and your Galactic brothers and sisters, in conjunction with the Company of Heaven, shut down that frequency across the planet.

One location remained where the most intense frequencies could be felt. That was in the Temple of Light in New York, where our beloved Kathryn and Christine had already begun their mission to act as surrogates, to experience the "hit" of the nano frequency weapons and their results so that the rest of humanity could be spared the devastation that would have occurred had it been released wholesale. It would have created sudden havoc on Earth, pushing people to a place where they could be defeated in their Lightwork at least, and at worst, driven to terror, violence and war.

This arrangement was not by chance. It was a contract they agreed to before coming here. They were chosen because of their ability to remain in balance through weeks of pain and discomfort while documenting, exploring, questioning and finding solutions for the many challenges that have arisen. In the process of working with their White Brotherhood teams, they have developed a protocol for ridding the body of these worms and parasites of all kinds which have taken up residence in their brains, hearts, intestines, eyes, ears, organs and joints. Their intensive and carefully calibrated treatment has included nutritional, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies gleaned from around the world, and will be used as a model for others' healing as well.

We planned for this carefully, knowing that the ones who took on this mission would need strong support, emotionally and financially, and they would require a deep and unshakable connection with Father and me so that we could guarantee their survival and help them recover from this dangerous undertaking without permanent damage. Every step of the way, we have been awe-struck by the creativity, resilience and undaunted humor with which our beloved daughters have negotiated their way through this difficult time.

They have been under constant attack by the cabal, who are listening to their every word and following every movement. The operatives have been astonished by our daughters' absolute assurance that they are safe and protected, in spite of the audible high-pitched frequencies they are being bombarded with. A few of the cabal leaders have begun to turn themselves in to the Temple of Light, after a session of "Kathryn talk" that convinced them they too could find safety and relief if they came to us to be healed and welcomed home. These are the incarnations, you will remember, who have spent thousands of lifetimes in conditions of torture, intense programming, surrounded by evil in every part of their lives. They are exhausted, and they know they have been defeated. It is time for all to come Home.

In a later message, I will tell you about the dispensations that have been granted, and the lessons learned that will change the way the Multiverse operates as we evolve together. Our Lightworkers have appealed to us to remove all evil from the options of how your lessons will be designed from now on, and I tell you, it will be granted. Continue to work with us, Beloved Ones, to create the new world of peace, harmony and beauty that is to be the Earth Paradise we have envisioned together.

Hear my voice, as I speak to you in your meditations and quiet moments. I am with you always, in Love.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 14, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #12

The Lost Children of the Underground are Coming Home

My Dear Ones, I was not able to send a message yesterday because our dear Kathryn has been working hard in the Temple of Light every time she has a break from the healing sessions with her Arcturian team. Both she and Christine are working to overcome the parasite and nano infestation problem, as surrogates to pave the way for complete recovery and an end to this heinous plot to subdue all mankind.

Several wonderful events have occurred in the Temple of Light. Members of the cabal have begun to contact Kathryn, Christine and young Jade, who is beginning to learn how to channel. First came a very high official in the cabal who saw that the end was near for his department, which oversees all the drug dealing organizations that have funded the cabal and their secret technology programs, including the nano weapons. Shortly afterward, a former political leader sheepishly entered the Temple. Later, children began coming, asking to speak with Kathryn and Christine, wanting their own "Kathryn talk."

One of the children, a young man named Roger who had contacted Jade initially, asked what Kathryn has meant when she said they would all be "safe" in the Temple of Light. They were unbelieving at first, but were reassured when Kathryn explained that there is no punishment, ever, for anything, and they would see wondrous things, like sunshine and beautiful gardens, and be treated with kindness and be given endless hugs, and yes, they could talk with Mother and Father anytime.

The underground workers asked questions like, "What is happiness?" and "What is a garden?" and "How do we know we can trust what you say, that we won't be hurt?" It was explained that they would be treated just like Jade is, with love and respect, and that Kathryn would carry the little ones, and Christine and Jade would hold their hands as they went up the steps to the Temple.

The children described how they had been taken to be trained as young children, and they lived underground in Wisconsin, the Southwest, and Oklahoma, and they were trained to send out the high-pitched frequencies that activate the weapons. Although there are some mechanical weapons that send out blanket frequencies, the most effective weapons are the minions who send telepathic attacks on specific individuals.

Those who came to the Temple this week acknowledged they were sending the frequencies that were causing Kathryn and Christine pain. In the process of sending these attacks, they were assigned to watch them. This is when they became curious, and one by one they decided to turn themselves in because they saw how much love and fun and laughter was shared by the family. They had never seen anything like it, and they wanted to understand it.

A very large group of children, who had been in contact with one another telepathically, decided to come today, and Roger put out the call to other groups to come too. They have learned to use their telepathic skill to communicate with each other, and are aware that there are many of them hidden underground across the country. Waves of children began to come to the Temple, asking for hugs, wanting to see God, and angels, and wanting to be free of the slavery they had experienced all their lives. Understand now, these are the incarnated souls, who come telepathically by leaving their bodies behind, coming to us in the way they have trained to do telepathically, like an out-of-body experience.

Now I will tell what provisions we are making for these beloved children, many who were the victims of kidnapping. They will be able to leave their bodies behind, like a normal death with no pain, and we will take their tired little souls into our arms and help them to heal and be restored completely. They can then return to incarnate in much happier conditions after the world itself is in a higher vibration. A few of the older ones may wish to return to their bodies to escape, and possibly to help put an end to the kidnapping and horrific abuse of babies and small children. It will be their choice, once they have recovered completely.

It is a triumphant day in the Temple of Light, as hundreds of children have already come, and thousands more are expected within the coming days. It is a victory for the children, and it leaves the cabal programs without their skillful minions. We are celebrating the beginning of an end to all slavery on Planet Earth.

With a song in our hearts, we send this message of freedom to you.

I am your Mother

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 15, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #13

Where Battles are Won With Laughter

Beloved Ones, it is a fast-moving time on Earth. Much of what is happening in recent days is outside your view, but creating great energy shifts nonetheless. I will give you a small update of the things that have happened in the Temple of Light in New York, as an example of the kind of massive changes that are flowing across the globe. Lightworkers in various walks of life have set things in motion that are then completed by other Lightworkers across the globe, and they may not even know of their joint successes.

For instance, the closing net that is bringing arrests and legal prosecution to many of the leading bankers of the cabal has started a small stampede toward the Temple of Light on the part of the incarnated dark ones. Many have worked in secret organizations where telepathy is used as a weapon, and have been trained as part of their cabal membership to use telepathic communication and remote viewing as a way of spying on Lightworkers. They have used these methods to try to destroy Kathryn and Christine.

They send high-pitched frequencies that are specifically aimed at the vulnerabilities they have discovered in each of them. For instance, they send stabbing pains to Kathryn's heart, which is supposed to initiate a heart attack (a common strategy), and burning pain to a sciatic nerve that was injured years ago. For Christine, it is stabbing head pain and fire in her kidneys, which were injured in the scalar attack she has just recently begun to heal from. Even the animals in the house are under attack.

These vicious techniques are fortunately very personal. By that I mean, it is human observers who are watching and learning about Kathryn and Christine and their loving family life. Our daughters have maintained good spirits and at times a very funny and satirical approach to the attackers. We call it "the wrench," and Kathryn is very good at throwing it. Today she announced to them that she is very flattered by all the attention they are paying, and gratified that they think she is so threatening and important to them, and so she will take their constant attempts to kill them as a great compliment.

The frequency attackers, who are trying to activate the nano devices that are supposed to drive people crazy, are baffled when they laugh uproariously, even in the midst of pain. They taunt their adversaries by dancing and singing, "Hit me with your best shot...Fire away!"

This approach has brought a response, as I told you yesterday with the children, who were supposed to be weapons themselves, but who learned much from watching our family of Light. Today has brought two Bushes, a Rothschild, a Rockefeller, two Cardinals, and a number of other top leaders, who have felt the ship sinking under them. They have all been listening to the discussions in the Temple, and have become convinced that their best option, finally, is to turn themselves over to Father and me. All respond to Kathryn's empathic acknowledgement that they have suffered terrible abuse as cabal captives and slaves - even the leaders - that they are very tired, and that they are guaranteed safety and no punishment when they come Home to us.

When the dark ones ask, "How can we trust you are telling us the truth?" they say, "Look at us. Do we look frightened or unhappy? We are protected by Mother and Father. We are joyfully volunteering for this assignment. No one forces us to do anything. We are free. That's why we laugh so much." This brings many to the Temple steps, where they are escorted by Christine and Kathryn to come to us, and we welcome them Home.

We are all enormously amused by hearing the clarion call of the cabal when they tentatively approach the Temple in New York. They get the attention of Kathryn and Christine by playing the song, "Hit me with your best shot...."

It is not a quick process, of course, but the word is out, and waves of others will soon follow. They will remain with us as souls to begin again in the Light, while their bodies' life force fades, or some may return to do the Light work we expected them to perform when their Higher Selves went to the Light. These recalcitrant souls were the long-absent ones who had grown up for thousands of lifetimes in the abusive, controlling culture imposed by the Annunaki. All is now dissolving, as the Matrix of illusion and darkness crumbles.

You see, the ripples created by Lightworkers in London or Beijing or San Francisco wash up on the shores of New York, and the Illuminati, as they have been called, find they are no longer operating in secret, nor are they respected or feared. They have learned they are being overseen by Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Mother and Father God, and the entire Company of Heaven, and they can no longer define free will as the freedom to abuse and enslave others and destroy their Earth home.

Humankind has risen out of the illusion that you are alone, that your technology surpasses all others, that life ends when your body dies, and that you are the center of the Universe with regard to your intelligence and advanced civilization. Enough of you have awakened and asked to remove the dark cell that has imprisoned your thinking, have raised your energy to match the incoming Light, have grown into your crystalline bodies, and have opened your hearts. The result of that "enough" is that we can now initiate the real help we have been so eagerly awaiting to provide, as we promised so long ago when you devised this experiment.

We could not have intervened until enough of you asked, and were aware of what you were asking. We now are thrilled that our great team of Masters, Archangels, and all the Heavenly Beings of Light can bring forth the gifts we promised to provide when the moment came that you declared your own freedom. That time is here, my cherished children. Now we move forward together, and our pace quickens with every step.

Father and I beam our Love into the center of your being, and we feel your awakening strength and Joy at being alive for this exciting time. You will never regret it.

We are your Mother and Father, in adoring service to all our Creation.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 16, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #14

Surfing Rough Seas

My dear children, I am here to assure you that we are watching over you as you go through these last throes and gasps of the desperate cabal. Our Lightworker children are under attack from every direction, even as the enslaved workers from the underground bunkers are streaming into the Temple of Light.

Some call to Kathryn or Christine, using their theme song, "Hit me with your best shot..." Just a few minutes ago, Kathryn heard the song and asked who wanted to come to the Temple. She heard, "I will tell you who I am after we are safe in the Temple of Light." So Kathryn said, "Come on! Run for it!" She then saw a family, mother and father carrying their children and holding other little ones by the hand, running for their lives down the angelic corridor, into the Temple, safe and protected. He turned and said, "I am the one who runs the nano program. I directed them to attack you." Kathryn said, "Then call off your dogs!" He agreed, and also agreed to send out the word for all to come to the Temple of Light.

He and his family are now with us, being restored and healed, along with many of the underground workers who had originally been kidnapped as babies and forced into working for the cabal. This latest defection was followed by a tremendous wave of sound frequency attacks. We have warned our beloved daughters that this afternoon would be extremely difficult, and I want to warn all of you, too. Kathryn volunteered to send out this message to help her and all of you to remain steady and resolute as we ride out these latest vicious technological manipulations.

You may be wondering why we are allowing these painful attacks to continue. I will try to explain the multi-layered meanings at play here. Dear Lightworkers, know that we are buffering the attacks to reduce their impact on you. As it is, it is difficult. Many of you may be feeling nausea, aches and pains you didn't know you had, and worst of all, feelings that are stirred up when your fight or flight buttons are pushed.

These are deliberate neurological activations, brought on by the frequencies being broadcast by the extensive cabal systems. They are now falling back on their last ditch strategies, which include automated programs that engaged when workers leave their posts, and personalized attacks by the ones who are the most damaged and vengeful and are now in charge. They have learned that their managers and slaves are "jumping ship," and they are furious.

Now, let me offer you a bit of training in how to ride out these attacks. Let us use the example of the best way to surf in rough seas. I have always loved surfing in your oceans and swimming with the dolphins, so I can tell you first hand, there is a good way to approach the waves, and a not-so-good way. First, face the oncoming wave. Do not try to run from it or avoid it - you will be swamped, tumbled, and drawn out into the surf. Instead, plant your feet, watch the approaching wave and just before it breaks, dive directly into it, and swim hard out into calmer water.

Kathryn reminds me that the same is true when you are taking off in an airplane. You must always take off into the wind, and the wind will lift you safely into the sky.

You see, you will not be hurt, because you have taken command of the elements you are moving through, and you are not allowing yourself to be buffeted about. Use that technique with these rough patches you are swimming through now. Know that you are strong and competent, and if you get hit in the face by an incoming wave, don't take it personally. You are charging headlong into the new day, and you are succeeding admirably.

Now is the time for courage, stamina, faith and perseverance. Remember - we have your backs, and we are watching you, our champions. It is like watching an Olympic competition where everyone achieves a 10 on every attempt. We in the Company of Heaven are playing a theme song as we cheer you on, and we hope you are hearing us singing it with all our might, "Did you ever know that you're my hero..."

Your courageous actions are allowing the documentation and realization of what the cabal really intended. Our daughters in the Temple of Light are experiencing and understanding in a very deep way just how their methods work and what the intended effect is. This is a necessary part of ending the reign of terror - some of you must walk through it to finish this chapter of your long-standing contract, and to then demand its end. Because of our agreements, and because this was a primary timeline for Earth, it cannot be done any other way. You will learn in depth what all this has meant when your mentors arrive to tell you the true history of Planet Earth.

Be resolute, Dearest Ones, and lock arms with your beloved comrades as you march forward together, across the rainbow bridge that leads to us, where we beckon to you from the other side of the thinning Veil. You are on the path to your triumphant Ascension.

I am your devoted Mother, cheering you on.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 19, 2015, 4 pm EDT

Mother's Mini-Message #15

We Shall Overcome

Dear Children, yesterday was a monumental day. It was Father's Day for many, the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, and a day of revelation and new beginnings for my children who are searching within themselves for the freedom to begin a new world without the shadows and pain that led humankind into darkness so long ago.

On this day of celebration and new Light, our beloved Meg, co-host of our radio show with Kathryn, has taken a turn on her path that has freed her from the prison of millions of years of darkness and pain. As you know, Meg was one of our dear Archangel daughters who received the longest and most severe damage of any souls participating in the Earth Project.

Meg spent thousands of lifetimes recycling within the prison of mind-control in the 4th dimension, and she is the first to completely free herself from the most extreme level of cruelty, pain and enslavement - the system of programming the Annunaki brought to planet Earth. She has, by the sheer will of her loving heart, come into the bright Light of our Love, completely and joyfully.

It is difficult to find the words to describe the profound truth our dear Meg brought to light on this new day. She awoke to a new depth of understanding of herself and her lifetimes of abuse and trauma to realize the truth that has affected herself and all of humankind.

Can you absorb this simple, yet profound Truth she found under the layers upon layers of experience? It is, in her words, just this: "I saw that I had, in a thousand large and small ways, done to others what had been done to me. I saw myself asking my dearest friend, who is the angel in my life, to walk four blocks with me so we could have dinner at a restaurant I like. She had a sprained ankle, not yet healed, and I asked her to walk on her still painful leg, declaring it would be good for her! I see it, I see the whole landscape of what I have done! I have passed on the thoughtlessness and cruelty, and I didn't even realize it!"

How did our Meg transcend the entrapment of the Matrix? First, she was courageous in her willingness to look at herself and all her behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and actions with total honesty and clarity. Meg released any and all strategies that she had developed to protect herself from seeing the extent of destructive dark patterns that had infiltrated every part of her life.

I want to note that everyone on surface Earth is in Meg's position. They have either come through the conscious journey of seeing and releasing patterns of darkness, or they are still living in reaction to them. First, Meg took the road of assigning no blame, shame or guilt to herself or anyone else. Secondly, Meg asked Father and me to support and participate with her in her valiant efforts to see and understand both what had happened to her and, more importantly, what deep effects it had had in her psyche.

Please note that the steps she took are imperative. She first took an honest look on her own to perceive her damage, and the resulting behaviors, and then she called Father and me to assist her in understanding and healing. She did not simply ask us to clear and remove all her programming, damage and the behavior that has resulted. The New Age idea that you can give all your troubles to us leaves you empty of the solutions to your problems - the precious result of creative thinking, determination and valiant effort of which we speak. It is yours to resolve, Beloved Ones, the reason for your coming to Earth. This is the precious opportunity, worthy goal, and ultimate measure of your qualities as the Creator Race.

Treasured children, each one of you is capable of having the impact I am about to describe, the impact that Meg has achieved for herself and all of Earth. First, Meg healed from the deepest damage anyone could receive in the Earth experience, all the way to the complete healing, Home within our loving embrace. Actually, she has achieved enough healing to fulfill her Ascension, however since it is not quite time for the glorious moment when the first wave of Lightworkers are to ascend, she will continue to work on the Mission to perceive and end the dark patterns that still linger.

It is too intricate and complex to explain here, but Meg's choices have initiated a healing that not only crosses but dissolves all boundaries and limitations across timelines, lineage, race, gender, species and so on. She has replaced all forms of separation and division with true Love. One of the many miraculous achievements of Meg's constancy and purity is the relationship she now has with her new Twin Soul, Eoghan (pronounced Owen).

Meg and Eoghan individually made the decision totally and without wavering, then they both, as a couple, they devoted themselves to the Light, to completely seeing and eradicating the damage of millions of years spent as leaders in the dark.

Eoghan was of equivalent rank in the dark Archon Alliance to Ashtar in the Galactic Federation of Light. Once he came to the Light, he and Meg chose a new name for him. They chose Eoghan. This name is Gallic, meaning "born of the Yew tree." This is an ancient pre-Ice Age sacred tree of transformation and rebirth. The symbol and essence of this tree helps all with the death of old selves, old ways of life and old ways of looking at things. Eoghan is now the Master representing Fresh Starts, New Beginnnings, Hope, Transformation and Rebirth.

Meg and Eoghan have received the healing that is waiting for each and every one of you on Earth. What is exciting about this example is that Meg represents one who has experienced the maximum pain, programming and suffering the Earth Project has caused. This demonstrates that everyone can surely do it!

Children, forge through. Use Meg's example as encouragement and inspiration. First, be willing to acknowledge the extent of programming, suffering and damage that has touched every single soul incarnated on Earth, including you. Once you have taken this brave, clear, long look, then call on Father and me so that together we may map out and fulfill your healing, which will not only restore you, but like Meg, you will have a lasting impact that will heal Earth, the Universe, and yes, Dearhearts, the Multiverse.

This is what I came to talk to you about today. Feel me holding you close as these words make their way deep into your being to ignite the Mission you all carry and will fulfill.

Father and I are close to you, holding you in our arms, in anticipation of your brilliant personal and cosmic achievement,

I AM Your Mother

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May and Christine Burk, June 22, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #16

Earth Takes Her Place As the Heart of the Multiverse

I have a small message for you today. I will put it in as few words as I possibly can, because it is such an important concept that I must not over-explain it. As Father said earlier today, it is a bit like trying to explain what the oceans are by showing you a teacup full of water, but this is the way we must introduce information - a little at a time, building knowledge and understanding as you absorb the basics, then we go on to greater complexity day by day.

Looking back over the landscape of time and space, we see our beloved humankind developing slowly at first, over the first million years or so, then taking on the programming and struggles of dealing with the Annunaki, the Reptilians, the Greys, the Draconians, and other dark races who came to enslave our human children. Now, as you come through the final chapter, untangling yourselves from the thousands of years of mind-control, we want you, our beloved front-line Lightworkers, to have a glimpse of the cosmic adventure you and your dear Terra have begun.

You are now in the interesting and rather disorienting phase during which the old and the new are overlapping in wondrous and surprising ways. I will tell you a bit of the cosmic news. Some of you have heard about the fact that Earth is moving through your Milky Way Galaxy, changing position in relation to the other stars and planets.

You are puzzled because your scientists seem to notice nothing of the kind, but I assure you, dear Children, it is true. Your planet is moving at great speed toward the center of your galaxy, and your galaxy is also moving at top speed toward the center of your Universe. Because of your rise in consciousness, your growing wisdom and spiritual strength, your planet, Terra, shall become not just the center of your Universe, but she shall be the shining jewel which is to become the Heart Chakra of the Multiverse.

Now, I will explain a bit. We have created a holographic screen for your scientists, whom we have wished to protect from further ridicule and attack on the part of the cabal, until the work of sending them all to the Light is done. It is a simple technological strategy we devised to prevent undue concern on the part of the worriers and doomsday folks who are fond of predicting deadly comet collisions and so on. I can assure you noting of the kind will happen as our precious Terra moves through space to take up her final position as the spiritual and intellectual center and heartbeat of the Multiverse.

Terra carries within her body the precious library of Porthologos, the Inner earth depository which holds the history of all the Universes as well as the Akashic records of all our beloved children, of all races, all planetary origins. It is a treasure trove of knowledge that will be available to all. Trans-galactic and inter-Universe portals will provide access for citizens of all the Multiverse to come for study and experience the rich diversity that will be found in the New Garden of Eden on Planet Earth.

So, take up your cloaks of wisdom, beloved Children, and prepared yourselves to be the brilliant and welcoming hosts to all the Multiverse. You will soon become what you call "the life of the party." There will be a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, which you will soon be introduced to by your Mentors and Guides. It will be a celebration that never ends, on a planet of joy, harmony, great intellectual pursuits and technological advances.

Welcome, my beloved Ones, to the New Golden Age. Prepare yourselves to be the shepherds who will lead the flocks that come from far and wide. We are here to help you in every way to gain the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual knowledge you will need for your coming role as the great Heart Center of the Universe.

I AM your Mother, together with your Father, in joy and anticipation of your glorious new beginning.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 23, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #17

Proof is Not the Measure of Truth

Dearest Ones, I have a puzzle for you today. I am going to ask you to discover why many of you tend to want "proof" of all kinds of things, like whether God exists, or whether there really is an afterlife, or whether there is really life on other planets, and whether the Masters and Angels you read about here are real.

There are still many among you who would raise an eyebrow at the idea of to speaking with angels and so-called Masters. I assure you, you have your own private line to speak with us at all times. When you are able to embrace this, you will have the proof of it. You must cultivate your willingness to be open to things for which there may be no 3-dimensional "proof." This does not mean there is no proof.

Proof is not the measure of Truth.

You see, the idea that anything real should be measurable through the five human senses was a clever way to restrict science and creativity to their most elementary stages, to prevent the expansion of scientific exploration into unknown realms of inner and outer space. It is difficult to control a human population whose curiosity is allowed to roam unfettered into the great questions of the Universe. Without threat of mockery or persecution these great questions would easily find their answers in the hearts of humankind.

It was taught that one must first eliminate all feeling and intuition from the exploration in order for it to be "legitimate" science. Of course, this leaves you handicapped, because the most powerful evidence for something being real is the feel of it. Take the idea of whether I exist or not. To us in higher dimensions, this question makes as much sense as asking whether you exist or not, whether a mother and father actually gave birth to you and your kind, or whether there really is such a thing as love.

Anyone who has felt love for another in the depth of their being does not need a laboratory to tell them it truly exists, and anyone who does not feel love is to be looked upon with compassion - but not be assigned the job to answer the question of whether love exists.

And so, your need for tangible proof of the things we have described evolving just beyond your 3-dimensional eyesight comes out of the ravages of the reductionistic program you were trained to trust. It is an approach only someone trapped in the limits of the 3rd dimension would espouse. Rather, I ask you to expand your vision to include the next level of intelligence of which you are easily capable: the ability to feel our presence, and thus know without a doubt that we exist and that we love you unconditionally. You too will soon be talking easily with us and our Company of Heaven.

Begin with the simple and clear exercise we have taught you on our radio program. For additional inspiration, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/06/25/sananda-ashtar-and-team-leader-take-us-to-the-arcturian-mothership. You will expand your adventure in speaking directly with us in this way.

Opening Your Private Line to Higher Dimensions

Breathe into the center of your brain, light up the diamond in the center of your brain, the center of your heart, and the center of your solar plexus, your will. Feel your Pillar of Light which surrounds and protects you, about arms' length out from your body. Open the top of your pillar to extend all the way to us, and allow us to pour our honeylove down on you, nourishing and awakening you.

At the same time, extend your Light pillar down into the heart of Terra, and feel her responding to you in kind. Now breathe the sensation of love and the warm Light that beams down on you. There in your Pillar of Light, which is also your Ascension pillar, you are acknowledged, and you will feel you belong with us, because you do.

Now, suspend all judgmental critiques and negative thinking. That is the soil from which the demand for "proof" springs. Genuine investigation requires an open and unprejudiced mind. So, drop your 3rd dimensional shackles and try your wings instead.

First we will give you a brief attunement where I will help you to tune your receivers to a higher dimensional channel.

Call upon your Higher Self and your Twin Flame. Ask them to make themselves evident to you in some way - by sending you a color, a feeling, a ripple of energy, a word or an image. Now, take no more than 20 seconds or so to allow the sign to come into your mind. Eliminate the temptation to tell yourself you do not see or hear anything. Your mind is never completely blank. I am assuring you now that they will send you a communication. Your Twin Flame may prefer to send you a sensation like a ripple of energy down your spine, a feeling of warmth or a tiny electrical jolt. Accept whatever you sense, and jot it down. Do this again and again, until you are used to noting something, no matter what it is, whether you think it is "right" or not.

This is more fun if you can join with others, and easiest of all if you have a friend who is admittedly a bit intuitive and can confirm some of what you sense. Do it as a game, a true exploration conducted with openness and enjoyment. There is no right or wrong. I can tell you, though, that your Higher Self and your Twin Flame will be thrilled to be called upon to make real contact with you at last.

Do not be discouraged if you think you have not communicated with anyone. I can assure you you have - you just need to learn to listen better, be patient, and accept that communication with your higher dimensional self is a simple and natural ability that humankind enjoyed for millennia before the dark ages of Earth began. Your ancestors and friends who have overseen your life and your growth will be delighted to speak with you directly once again.

Remember, Beloved Children, you are all equipped with exquisite abilities to detect the reality beyond what you can see or touch. It is just a matter of opening your inner channels, reveling in the protection of your Pillar of Light, and being willing to make new friends in High Places. It will offer you a new sense of belonging, comfort and joy to know you have a friend always at your side, with your best interests at heart. After all, as we are fond of saying "over here," all communication is for Union. You have nothing to lose, and a new loving family to gain.

Let us prove it to you.

I am your loving Mother.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 25, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #18

Up the Ascension Ladder, with Gabriel

There is much to talk about as you evolve and grow in your ability to work with us more closely every day. We are delighted that the radio show with our Arcturian Team Leader last week was a wonderful success. Thousands of people have contacted their Arcturian healing teams, and the teams are ecstatic about beginning this new adventure with so many of you. It is their dream come true to be able to connect directly with you and to get your permission to work more deeply with you as you progress toward your Ascension. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/06/25/sananda-ashtar-and-team-leader-take-us-to-the-arcturian-mothership)

High Frequencies Are Designed to Activate Dark Programs

There is another development in the area of healing that you may have noticed in recent days. The pressure from the deliberately irritating energies being sent by the dark ones has at times increased, then dropped away, then increased again. This alternating pattern is designed to be even more disorienting and upsetting, and it is being directed at our Lightworkers with greater intensity, in an effort to throw you off your Ascension path.

Do not fret, Beloved Ones, it is a futile attempt to derail our Great Plan. It will not succeed, but we understand it does present you with a challenge and an opportunity. When you hold fast to your laughter, your good will and loving attachments to those around you, you single-handedly create a wake behind you that will draw others along with you. Each of you are now contributing a valuable part to the energetic uplifting of the vibration on Earth - more than you can possibly know. We are truly approaching the tipping point, and every moment, every thought, every action counts.

You will find that the increased intensity of the rising energies coming from us and flowing around and through all the Earth is also increasing the speed at which you experience time, space and life itself. All emotions, all encounters with other beings are intensified beyond what you have experienced ever before. Hold steady, breathe deeply, and remember to do your centering and balancing exercises to keep yourself moving forward with Mother Terra. It is a waltz of a new kind - a dance with destiny, you might say.

Keep your movements fluid, your heart open, and your weight balanced comfortably on your two feet. Terra delights in feeling your high energies, and she will return waves of love to fill your heart and your body if you address her lovingly. Send her a burst of love from your heart, down through your legs and feet. Follow it down toward the heart of Terra, then wait to feel her reply. You will be tickled and restored when you feel her ripples of laughter and acknowledgement. I guarantee you will be steadied and renewed with comfortable energy to help you move forward with a spring in your step.

Hossein and Gabriel Dissolve The Lucifer Program

All of you who are dedicated Lightworkers are being moved off your familiar ground, encouraged to reach higher and break free of all old programming. You will be affected by this week's opening that was created by our beloved Hossein, whose intensive work in the Temple of Light has freed Gabriel at last to breathe freely, and to join with his incarnation to free humanity in a very specific and historic way.

As many of you know, Gabriel was our beloved Archangel who accomplished the amazing feat of walking among the dark ones on Planet Earth for thousands of years in the guise of Lucifer, who was thought to be the leader of the dark forces. During this long and arduous mission, our Gabriel, the Higher Self of his incarnated soul who is now Hossein, held fast to his connection to Us, working as what you would call a double agent for God. Our contract with him was ironclad. We agreed before he began that we would under no circumstances allow him to fall into darkness. We always kept our close hold on his lifeline, but the assignment he managed was a monumentally difficult one.

Gabriel, as no other, witnessed every form of programming, every version of dark cruelty and manipulation known to humankind, and as such, he documented and recorded the entire human experiment that was the journey into lower and lower dimensional energies. I will not dwell on the torments he witnessed and felt in his own soul, nor the great challenges his incarnations were faced with. I will only say to you that today, we breathe a great sigh of relief, because this week, his mission has come full circle with the return to the Light of his beloved Hossein.

Let me explain. Some Lightworkers carry the keys to the healing of the entire human race. Gabriel has lived through and can therefore represent humankind in healing the entire Master-Slave program - one of the darkest and most pervasive elements in the 3-dimensional suffering on surface Earth. Here we refer to the psychological, emotional and spiritual elements as well as the physical expression of it.

Since Gabriel returned to us just a few years ago, he has worked to purge all remnants of the master template. Hossein, in his contract for this lifetime, agreed to carry the slave psyche, in order to experience and then completely heal all feelings of inferiority, subjugation, humiliation and degradation - the psychological opposite of the domineering master. His punishing childhood in a large, relatively poor Iranian family set the stage for chronic feelings of oppression and stifled pain.

I am gratified and relieved to see this difficult and intransigent pattern brought into the Light and unraveled, down to the most subtle shadows of self-deprecation, subservience and passivity. This process was accomplished in ongoing sessions with Kathryn, Christine and the others in the Temple of Light, with the direct participation of Gabriel and Hossein together. As their energies melded, there was a monumental shift in the dichotomy that once defined the extremes - master and slave, both locked in darkness, intertwined, by definition. Without a dark master there can be no slave, and vice versa.

The most powerfully freeing revelations came when Hossein uncovered the truth that the slave mentality can be as toxic and prideful as that of the master, and as destructive to life and Love. They are now balanced and aligned as the great Master of Light, our beloved Archangel Gabriel.

I offer you this story, and the brilliant example it represents, as a model for all of you. Each one of you has a similar project, a symbolic as well as literal healing from Earth-bound programmed suffering to be completed in these dramatic last days of Earth's sojourn in lower dimensions. I ask you to look within, Dearest Ones, to discover the patterns you carry, and to purge the destructive ideas and behaviors you have carried forward from childhood, as a culmination of past lives. Each of you who have come here to heal as surrogates for others and for yourselves carry a key to the healing of the whole race.

Do not think you are alone in this glorious endeavor. Call on your Galactic teams - the White Brotherhood and your Arcturian healing teams. They are prepared to help with all physical and psychological wounds. You will be surprised how intertwined those injuries are within the human makeup. Forge ahead, Dear Children. You are on the verge of immense breakthroughs, each of you.

We are attentive to your feelings and your needs, and we wish to provide the most skillful and Loving mentors and advisors anyone could need.

I AM Mother. Together with Father, we are your Source/Creator. We love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 30, 2015

DNA Upgrade from Mother and Father - Saturday, June 6, 2015 Blogtalk Radio Program: Mother and Father's DNA Activation for Peace

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