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Mother/Source, Sananda, Serapis Bey, on the Fall and Rise of Humanity

Internetradiosendung mit Mother/Source, Sananda, Serapis Bey, u.a. gechannelt von Kathryn May, 29.04.2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Host: Dr. Kathryn May
Co-Host: Meg Davis
Guests: Mother/Source, Sananda, Serapis Bey
Audio: (00:1:55 - 2:27:17)

SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/04/30/mothersource-sananda-serapis-bey-on-the-fall-and-rise-of-humanity

Notes: How the Archangel Brothers Sustained Light in the Universe, As Their Twins on Planet Earth Fell and Finally Rise Again. Mother/Source tells the true story of the original "Fall" of the people of Planet Earth, which is nothing like what we have been taught in the past. She shares with us for the first time the tragic and poignant story of Love, passion and heart-break which simultaneously resulted from and further fueled the descent into darkness on Planet Earth. It is the story of valiant courage, misplaced loyalty, love of children, and the seduction of darkness. This story is also a testimony to the vulnerability of humankind, who love so passionately and care so deeply about their own children, even when those children have fallen into darkness.



Meg: We continue the telling of the true story of the original "Fall" of the people on Planet Earth, and this evening we will hear how the Archangel Brothers sustained Light in the Universe as their Twins on Planet Earth fell and finally rise again. Good evening Kathryn.

Kathryn: Hi Meg. Hello everyone. Well, what an event we have tonight. It just gets better and better. Tonight when I said, "Ok, who's going to come," and they said, "Mother, and Sananda, and Serapis Bay, and Gabriel, and Archangel Michael, and Mother Mary, and Father... (Laughter)." And then I realized that they were kidding me. That would've been quite a line-up! We would've been here for hours.

Anyway, tonight it really is Mother who's continuing the story about how this all came to be, and Sananda always likes to come in for a bit and Serapis Bay. This is really interesting. Serapis Bay is the one who is associated with helping us toward our Ascension. He's all about the Ascension of the people of Planet Earth.

It also happens, we've recently discovered, that Serapis Bay was the father - in different incarnations - of both Christine and me. So we're related in more ways than we knew, and that our mothers also came from the same Soul Source, but that's another whole story which Mother God has talked about in the message that I will be posting tonight after the show. Once again, she has asked me to take a message that will give details and greater explanation about the things that we'll discuss on the show, so I finished it a little while ago. It is ten pages, and it is an amazing story with a lot of personal information about the people involved, a lot of very deep insights about how we got so embroiled in darkness and how we've been working our way out of it. And it's very hopeful and reassuring.

So I want people to know I'll be sending it out as an email, so anyone who is not yet on the email list, can go to our website: www.whoneedslight.org. Go to the link that says "Sign Up."

I'm going to take a breath and see what Mother has to say about the show, and about how she'd like to shape it, and how she's going to organize it. I'm going to let her be the Master of Ceremonies and tell us how she'd like things done. So, I'll turn it over to you, Meg.


It Is the Time of Ascension for Planet Earth

Meg: Alright, we'll just give a few seconds to let Kathryn connect with our dear Mother and welcome her to our show. We have lots of people who are listening for your beautiful words. Hello Mother.

Mother/Source: Hello dear Meg. What a nice idea: lots of people listening. We like that! I know you get a kick out of hearing us, but you can imagine how it is for us to know that there are actually people on the other end of the line listening to our words as we speak them. It's thrilling for us. We're used to trying to whisper in your ear, you know, and some people hear us, some people don't at all, and some people hear us correctly and others go, "Oh, is there something in my ear? It's bothering me (Laughter)." So this is a great pleasure for us when we get to be on the radio and talk to everyone in person.

We hope that this will continue - this lovely chat that we have on Wednesday nights, and that more and more people will join us because I feel the energy coming back. It's wonderful. We can feel all of the souls that are listening and connecting with us, and the energy is just beautiful. So the more the merrier. Bring your friends, folks.

And on that note, I'd like to remind people: this is the time of the Ascension of Planet Earth, so it is no time for all of you to be feeling self-conscious. There are much more important things to do. So those of you who've held back from talking to your family and friends, you can stop thinking about it that way. It doesn't matter what their response is. What matters is that they hear about these wonderful conversations we're having, and that they hear about Sananda's New Scriptures, and that they open their minds and their hearts.

Of course you know that if you bring them to one of these radio shows, they won't be able to resist once they hear us speaking to them. They'll be so curious. It will melt their hearts because everyone is becoming more ready to hear us, to open their hearts and to take part in this wonderful Ascension process.

So, just the way stage fright is a terrible thing to indulge in - it spoils all your fun - well, so is any kind of self-consciousness, or hesitation or reservation about sharing with people what you really feel is true. Now if you're one of those folks who might've just tuned-in and are saying, "Oh this is all nonsense. I couldn't possibly tell anyone about this. They'll think I'm crazy." Well, maybe they won't, and maybe you're telling them will make all the difference in their lives.

Everyone needs to be welcomed into the circle of love. No one should be left out, and if you're making it the reason that you're too shy, or you're too worried about what they'll think of you, well, you're depriving them of a wonderful opportunity, so don't judge for people. Let them decide, and you just step aside and say, "Well I've been listening to this very interesting program, and there are messages too that come directly from God. What do you think of that?"

Let them say, "Oh well, that's impossible. We know the Bible is the only message directly from God." And you can say, "Well, God says that isn't true (Warm laughter). In fact, there are many inaccuracies and poorly translated phrases in the Bible that we would like to set straight." You don't have to tell them a great percentage of it is wrong. You can just say something about misunderstandings and poor translations and over translations.

Of course you know that about the Bible. Everyone does - that it's been translated, and reorganized, and retranslated so many times that it's a bit like telephone. You know that game, don't you? We're very amused when we see people playing that game because that's exactly the way the stories are told from the old days. They begin with, "Hello, my name is George," and they end up with, "Isn't it a blue sky." You wonder, how on Earth did it change from where it began to where it ended up? Well, that's the case with the Bible. There are some things there that do capture the feel at times of what was going on, but much of it is not accurate.

Mother God Speaks about the New Scriptures

And so, we have asked Sananda to come back and revise the New Scriptures to include much new information that we couldn't possibly have included the first time around. So there are some corrections, and there are some important changes that you will find very exciting. I guarantee you, even those of you who've read the New Scriptures are going to be rather amazed when you find the pieces that we've added - and there are many.

Shall I give you a teaser? Alright! Well, one of the things that we included in the new version of the New Scriptures - look for the 2015 version - we've included a line where we have told the truth about who El Morya is. It's amazing to me that so few people have guessed, but of course our beloved son who is the true identity El Morya has been very close to the chest about his actual incarnations. In fact, he's blatantly denied that he's ever had any incarnations on Earth, and of course that's silly, isn't it, because you know all of you have been involved in many incarnations here - and especially the ones who are so dedicated to us and to this project.

Have you guessed who I'm talking about? Of course, it is none other than your beloved Ashtar. So all the places in the literature where you see El Morya being referenced, you'll notice that is your beloved Ashtar. Now the reason it was included in the New Scriptures is because the one who came here as Jesus at that time was what we have called a Soul Project. Of course Sananda was the lead soul, and now takes the responsibility and the heat for whatever happened in those days. So it was Sananda and your beloved St. Germain and of course Ashtar.

Now the three of them got together, and Sananda felt it was going to be a difficult challenge and assignment, and so he asked his brothers to come along with him. They may not have all been together every minute. They sometimes alternated, sometimes were all there at the same time, but it was very helpful to Sananda to have his dear brothers there with him for support, encouragement, company when things were difficult. So that is what we've called a Soul Project.

And you've been learning from these conversations and messages that the organization that is a body with a soul is far more flexible and fluid than you had thought before. So you see, it was possible for Sananda to be the lead soul and for his brothers to join him in the body, or not, depending on their assignments at the time or the need.

And then of course our Mary Magdalene was the one that you now know as Kathryn. She was not a Soul Project. It was simply Kathryn's soul who came as the embodiment of Mary Magdalene. And you know of course that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute - she was Jesus' wife. In fact, they had a very lovely life together. You'll read all about it in the New Scriptures with the new information about Mary Magdalene, and what their life was really like together, and how long they lived as well.

So I encourage all of you to read it, to ponder it, and to think of it not as a replacement for anything, not as a contradiction to the Bible. It's simply the true story told very simply without great detail. It's not a history book. It is a short description, but told from Sananda's heart, and with his beloved Twin Flame writing it down. So it is the combination of the two of them writing this story. That was not recognized in the past, and I now ask Kathryn's forgiveness for asking her to say these things. She doesn't like it when I ask her to talk about herself, but sometimes she doesn't remember a lot of what we've said anyway (while she is channeling), so I'm taking advantage {laughter}. Kathryn: I heard you Mother {laughter}.

Mother God: Alright Kathryn, thank you. I won't ask you to reveal anything else for now. So there we have it. The story of the New Scriptures from our beloved Sananda and Kathryn written with great care and great love, and we hope - Father and I - that you will carefully read, carefully listen to the true messages encoded there. The messages of Love that will reach into your heart that will reconnect you with us in the most powerful way possible, for things are different now, aren't they?

The New Systems Will Be Fair, Easy and Smooth

Things are changing. The energies on the Planet have changed tremendously in the last few weeks. You're aware of the departure of the Archon ones that were such a problem for Planet Earth. There is peace in the Universe. It seems, to many of you, that nothing has changed on Planet Earth. That is not the case.

We have talked for years now about the Prosperity and the Blessings that are coming. We had desisted from the discussions about those things because Kathryn asked us not to, as long as we couldn't tell you for certain what was going to happen. And I think some of you, many of you, now understand that when we did tell you that the revaluation of the currencies would happen during the coming week, we truly believed that would be so, and then we learned that there were many on Earth who would... well, I'm giving Kathryn the image of throwing a curve ball. That's the expression you would use. It's a good one.

There were many who would throw a curve ball or a wrench into the works, and it would upset everything, and we would have to start over. Well, that process has happened about a hundred times since the last time we didn't tell you what was going to happen, and it's a good thing we didn't because it has dragged on, hasn't it? But the energies are different now.

The Lightworkers on the ground are brave, courageous helpers - the ones we call "the boots on the ground" - who are on the front lines creating new governance, new financial systems are absolutely succeeding. There is an entire system of governance and of financial systems that will simply rise up to fill in and take over for the ones that you have known.

The new systems will be fair. There will be no funnel which sucks all the money from every transaction that occurs on the face of the Earth into the pockets of the wealthiest few. It has been an abomination how that has increased in the last few years, where the rich get richer and richer and richer and richer, and everybody else is truly hurting. We know that. It will not continue.

Those of you, beloved Lightworkers, will find relief and will at last be able to accomplish the wonderful projects and creative ideas you've had on hold for years waiting for this blessing. You'll be surprised how easily it all flows now because so much work has gone into this, so much effort on both sides of the Veil to create a smooth transition.

Now, there still are some troubles, but you would not know from your media how few and far between they are. There still are serious things happening. The cabal is on the run. They may try a few last ditch attempts to create havoc, and they're good at that. The earthquake, for instance, in Nepal was a tragic and horrid event. It was manmade. I will tell you now, this was the nefarious plan of those who wish to control Planet Earth and are no longer able to do so. They are still vindictive. They are still rather deranged.
In my message to you, which you will receive later tonight, I explain to you the more deranged and vindictive a soul is the more it is the mark of the one who has been tortured and abused. It may not be a one to one relationship quite, but it's close.

No One Could Survive This and Remain Steadfastly Kind, Loving and Generous

The more destructive, the more vicious and angry a person is the more they wear the marks of torture and abuse - mistreatment of all kinds - and in the case of these darkest ones who have been members of the cabal for years on end, for lifetimes. They were the ones who recycled in the 4th dimension and never came back to the higher realms to be healed, to feel our love, to learn of what they had done, to have a chance to make good, as all of you have done.

All of you have had lifetimes in which you did cruel things. There is no one in this project who has not taken part in the darkness and the cruelty because it was not possible. Some have, perhaps, more dramatic examples than others, but there is no one who was spared. There is no one who can claim to be pure and innocent of all dark behavior. It could not be. If you're here, you have been involved in this process, and all of you knew before you came here that was a danger and many, many have fallen.

Now I have told you the story of the sisters, the Archangels who came to give birth to the children from across the Universe who were in danger of being left behind. They wanted to nurture those children whose souls had been damaged by having lived in darkness, and it was the beginning of the trouble on Earth, when those kind and generous women incarnated here.

Our beloved Archangels, they could not withstand the troubles that came once they gave birth to a child who was confusing to them, who brought a tremendous amount of what you have called karma with them. They carried feelings and thoughts that their parents could not understand, had never experienced themselves because Earth had been pure. It really was the paradise that you have heard in the myths. It was the paradise that it will again become.

I wanted you to know the whole story because it's what led up to this time. It's important that you understand. It was not the fault of the women. The story of Adam and Eve is entirely wrong. Yes, the children did partake of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Initially, it was only in order to try to help their children, but once they reached out, once they opened themselves to study, to become close to those who had been in darkness, little-by-little, they were caught up in it themselves. You know that from last week's message.

The reason that the brothers remained in the higher dimensions was, of course, first because they could not give birth, but also, as long as they came in their "male suits," you might call it... some did come. Occasionally, one of our sons would come to Earth to try and incarnate with his beloved Twin, who had already become embroiled in darkness, and it was never successful.

We found that no one could withstand the intensity, the trauma, the heartache and, eventually, the Fall that it caused. Once a soul - a human soul - begins to suffer so profoundly, they become vulnerable, and that was the story of all the ones who tried to rescue their Twin Flames.

You'll hear from Serapis Bay tonight. He was one who was involved in that project. He will tell you the story. So we found that any of the brothers, who tried to incarnate with their Twins to help them to come to the Light, were sucked in themselves. And so, many of them who remained in the dark were convinced to recycle in the 4th dimension, just as the women had. I shouldn't say many of them; everyone who tried. There were only a few.

And so it was decided, we would not permit that any longer, and so our beloved sons would come to Earth to incarnate, but never within the dark families, never within those who were in power. The families of darkness were too intense, and what we found was that if anyone incarnated in such a family, they could not survive in the Light. Children - human children - are too sensitive, too kind, too loving to survive a parent who is their tormentor.

Now these families I'm talking about are not any run-of-the-mill cruelty, as you might think of it. They were grooming assassins, leaders who would be utterly ruthless. They learned to put on a good face, and many of them are glamorous, attractive. They stick together for the most part because it is in their best interest, not because there is great love between them.

And so I come to you tonight to ask you to have compassion, to be aware there is no one who was untouched by this. There is no one who could have withstood the kind of extreme torture that these souls have undergone. I ask not that you be forgiving, for there is a feeling, a place within you that is far beyond that. It is the place in the center of yourself. Kathryn calls it Visual Centering, the place where you move into your channel of Light, where you connect with us in the deepest possible way, and you will feel what we feel. It is not forgiveness; it is simply truth.

We see that there is no one who could have survived this and remain steadfastly kind, loving, generous. There is no such thing as fault when inevitability is involved. What we learned from this experiment - what all of you have learned and will know when you come to the higher dimensions to be by our side, and when your mentors come to tell you the true story of Earth, you will learn - it is not what you thought it was. Much has been lost, but in the long run, much has been gained.

Once you know the whole story, you will simply understand and accept that it could not have been otherwise, and so there is no need for forgiveness because there is no wrong or right. There simply is what happened. It happened to every one of you, and this, my beloved children, is the lesson.

You asked us for free will, and we granted it. You asked us for a world in which you could experience denseness, intensity, challenges. You wanted to experience everything you could possibly experience, and it was granted. We will, together, look back at this, look at all of it, talk with you about it, look at it from every point of view.

The Story of Planet Earth Will Forever Color What We Choose

Every individual story matters, and just as we decided upon this experiment, the Great Experiment that is Planet Earth, we will decide together what we think of this, how we feel about it, and whether we will ever decide to do something like this again. There are new Universes, new places, new experiences for you - for all of you. Whether you should remain here with your beloved Earth or return to the Planets of your origins, or strike out across new Universes to experience wonderful new things, this story will forever color what we think about, what we choose, how we go about our creations.

Open your hearts Dear Ones. Know that there is no "good" or "bad" here. Oh yes, there is plenty to talk about, to tell of that was painful, destructive, unfortunate, but there is no blame. There is no one person, one group, no individual who can be tried and punished. There will be no such thing. There is no jail big enough to hold everyone who took part in this.

It was an experiment. You might say, it went wrong. You might say, it was unpredictable. You might just say, it happened. And we learn things from this. You, your families, your Higher Souls, all of us - Father and I have learned. We have all grown from this. You see, what I am telling you is that we did not predict everything that would happen. This was not all predestined. Some of you have said, "And now we're finding out that everyone was making it up as we went along." Well, to some extent, yes.

We can foresee. We can see timelines, but we can't predict every action - not when you have free will, and there are billions of you. Of course we can't. We can be flexible. We can talk with our beautiful Company of Heaven who are so creative, and resourceful and helpful. Every step of the way, we were there to try to cushion the blow, to stanch the tide, to soften the results of what was going on.

In some cases, it was decided that we would allow it to be played out because this was your wish. It was always the wish of humankind to allow this experiment to come full circle, and now my Beloved Ones, it has. The things that are coming for you - not just in your lifetime, but in this week, in this month, this year - will be unbelievable to you, given where you've been, given how hard you've worked. It has become so common for all of you to think, "Well, this is just the way this world is." There is no such thing as just the way the world is.

It's all changing, and you are creating the changes. Every time you smile at a stranger, every time you take a child's hand, every time you reach out in friendship, kindness and compassion, you create. You create a new event, a new feeling, new life. This is what you're doing now. We tell you so often, "be aware of what you think; be aware of what you feel," because you are always creating. You're used to hearing me tell you that now, aren't you? And you're learning that what I've told you is true. You create the weather. You create the atmosphere in your home. You create the kinds of things that happen to you during the day.

Now I'm not saying that everything that happens to you is your fault. Please do not interpret it that way, and please don't send Kathryn lots of emails saying, "Mother said it's all our fault, and all of this would have happened sooner if it weren't for us." Well of course that's not true.

It all played out just as it was intended, and when I say, "just as it intended," I don't just mean your Father and I intended it. I mean, it was the plan for all of humankind - Terra herself was a part of the agreement. It all worked out.

Each and Every Soul Receives Maximum Assistance to Return Home

And in these final days, we wait for those beautiful sons and daughters whose incarnations remain on Earth. Their Higher Selves have been taken to the Temple. They are now new souls who will be restored and retrained. They will begin to learn about Love. They will start over. That is not a reward for anything they've done. It is simply a way to help souls begin again. No matter how much damage, no matter how much pain they may have experienced, they will have the chance to start over.

Those who are still here in the bodies (the incarnations of the once dark sisters, for example) do not have a Higher Self any longer. We are sustaining them. Now you may wonder, why we would want to sustain anyone who is doing terrible things. That is not the purpose. We are working diligently with our Angels, our Masters to get through to them, and there are also many whose Higher Selves came to the Temple and were restored to the Light, and they are working diligently to help get through.

It is working, but the difficulty remains that these are souls who were terribly damaged, whose spirit, body and mind were subjected to... well how can I describe it to you? You've heard about various kinds of torture, where people are taught to admit things that were not true, where they were tormented until they would give in, where they were humiliated, beaten, but worst of all were the ones who were tormented at the hands of their own parents. How does a child survive that? How does a being sustain themselves in the face of that kind of abuse? These are the ones, dear ones, you are waiting to welcome home. We feel it's worth it because every soul is precious to us.

You have a saying, "But for the Grace of God, there go I." It is profoundly true. Ask yourself, if you were in the place of these ones who were so distorted in their thinking, "Would you want us to dissolve you?" Look inside your hearts. Can you help us, rather than condemn your brothers and sisters?

Help us. Send your intention that they Awaken, that they find a way to feel the flame in their hearts. It is there. They still carry the flame that they were created with. They are alive, and they have souls, and so they can be restored. Help us by sending your intention of seeing them Awaken. See them feel their hearts. See them come to the realization that they belong at our side. They belong in the human community.

They will find love, if only they come, if only they turn their backs on the old and tired lives that they've lived and come to join us in love, and peace, and harmony. And we will welcome them. They must decide, however.

I am not asking any of you to welcome someone into your life who is dangerous. I do not ask that of any child of mine. You must protect yourselves, but from a distance. Your thoughts joined together can bring peace to the Planet. You can stop the wars, the massacres and the thousands of ways people are unkind to one another.

Through the force of your will, your intention, your passion and your love, you can create the paradise that you have wished for. We are there. We are on the threshold of the New Golden Age. It has already begun in the way that a wave washes upon the shore and then reseeds. You know that the wave has already been there, and there's another one coming.

I wish you peace and harmony. I send you my Love, with all my heart. I speak for Father God, and we both send you the deepest abiding Love. You are our children, each and every one.

We Love you.

Namaste. Namaste all, until we speak again.


We Will Meet You There

Meg: Namaste dear Mother and Father. We are humbled by your words and so grateful. Thank you so much for loving us as you do and thank you for helping us understand how to love each other more. Thank you.

Kathryn: It was so moving to me. I felt like I was walking through our story, as if I could see every soul, every one of us, lifetime after lifetime - all in it together. It was so wondrous. I don't know what she said, I just know, I was there and experiencing such great love and compassion, tenderness.

She talked earlier today in the message about going beyond forgiveness, and what I felt as she was speaking was that. There is no condemnation possible. There is no single way of describing all the terrible things that happened, and no one to blame. This doesn't mean that there won't be any justice. It doesn't mean that we're not all responsible for what we do, but there is a place where we can see responsibility and also know that there is no blame. It's just what it is. And I saw that so clearly as she was talking.

She (Mother God) looked across the expanse of thousands of years of devastation and pain and also great Love. I can't really describe what it was, but it was wondrous to see through her eyes and to feel how much she loves us - every single one of us. And there was a kind of wonder in what she was feeling, just deep Love, wonder and compassion. I think she really knows that we're at the end of this terrible time that we've come through, and they're just so moved and grateful to see us coming out the other side. I don't know what to say, and we still haven't talked to Sananda and Serapis Bey.

Meg: It was so moving Kathryn. I think she gave us a piece of that. I felt similar to what you said. It's like, she placed the knowing in our hearts that even though we have a hard time sometimes rapping around it with our minds, it just is beyond that now. The knowing or trying to understand it can only be felt in the heart. I'm not going to say there is no mental aspect to it, but what she's asked of us, I think she just placed right in our heart. She gave us a piece of how she sees it. That's what it felt like.

It's beyond forgiveness to no right or wrong and good or bad. We could all feel that in what she was saying. Not necessarily understand it. It's past that. Just feel it. Just know it to be true. It's beautiful.

Kathryn: I think she was trying to show us too that there is a solution beyond anything we've thought of, and that the solution goes - beyond justice, beyond laws - to something way bigger than that, so that everyone can heal, everyone.

Meg: It's like that poem by Rumi: "Out beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there."

Kathryn: Oh yes! Thank you Meg. That is beautiful. Wow, you just captured it. That was lovely. I can't wait to read that again. Thank you. Well let's see what Sananda has to say.

Meg: That's a hard act to follow {laughing}.

Kathryn: Yeah, he just said, "Can you top that?"

Meg: Well you don't have to top it. We just love that your with us.

Kathryn: Alright, he's just going to give us a short hello and maybe introduce Serapis Bey. Let's see what Sananda would like to say.

Meg: I know he's right here with us. Welcome, dear brother, welcome.


How Great, Good, Deep and Kind Our Creators Are

Sananda: Hello dear Meg. Well, I'll have to give Kathryn a moment to catch her breath. I know she was quite moved by Mother and her beautiful words.

You know, I feel as you do. How lucky we are. How blessed we are. How endlessly astonishing, and oh, how do we describe it? How great and good and deep and kind our Creators are. How wondrous, and how they teach us these things that when you're in a human body seems so far to reach, so difficult to accomplish or achieve, but when you feel them in your heart, it all becomes possible. It all becomes something we can reach for, something we know in our hearts belongs to us.

We can create beauty. We can find peace. It's just a moment away. And if all of us join together, as Mother has said, if all of us join our energies together, we are already there. We've already raised ourselves, and with that we will raise everyone else as well. It seems impossible when you first come to Earth, and you look around and see how difficult it is, how many are suffering. The thought that you could change it all was a thought is puzzling initially, but when you try it, when you actually try it, it's astonishing. It works.

You're all familiar with the Harmonic Convergence that started this wonderful leap. It was an idea. A few people got together. The idea spread. It became a momentous event, and it truly did change the world. There is a new understanding of consciousness that did not exist on Planet Earth before that time.

It was fortunate there were enough instruments that were sophisticated enough to be able to record what happened. The scientists have it in their records. They saw the needles go to the end of the gage, and they saw that consciousness created a shift in the atmosphere on the Planet. It also has been known to create a shift in the way people behave.

There have been many times when these group meditations have literally changed the level of crime in a city, the quality of water in a lake. It can be done, and there are more and more of us on this same wavelength, as we say, and that wavelength is Love. It is the vision of the paradise we're creating together.

Sananda Speaks of What's Coming Next!

Well, first we'll start with fairness and prosperity, and then we'll move on to world peace, and then we'll move on to seeing your brothers and sisters from the stars walking among you. Yes, it is going to be a fabulous year. I am making predictions, yes. Yes I am, and I can tell you. It is happening now. The first wave is happening, as we speak, and it will not be weeks or months before you see the evidence.

I'm holding my breath. Yes, I'm going to say it. By the time we speak with you again next week at this time, you will agree the world has changed, and we will be dancing in the streets. Now of course, we are talking about changing an entire Planet and all seven plus billion people on it, so there maybe a few stragglers who aren't dancing in the streets yet, but they will be.

Yes, there will be some disruption, and when you see it, know that the disruption is purposeful, and that it will lead to wonderful things. I want to add something to Mother's story that she left unspoken. Yes, it's true - I'm speaking with her, and she's saying, "Yes dear, go ahead." The earthquake in Nepal was man-made, but it was also by contract. All the people who were there were there for a reason, and it was a part of their life process that they would be among the ones who will bring truth to the Planet. It's unfortunate that it has to happen this way, but when it does happen this way, it will be sudden. It will be complete, and it will be understood by all that these kinds of activities must not ever ever again be permitted, not just on Planet Earth, but anywhere - anywhere in the Multiverse.

You see this is why Planet Earth is so important now because you are the case study of what happens under these circumstances, what happens when you mix humanity, free will, 3rd dimension, duality and an invasion, by the ones whose purpose is destruction. It is a profound lesson that will reach across the Multiverse for eons to come, and now the celebration as humankind finally extracts themselves. Yes, it will be the headlines all over the Multiverse, forever. This is the lesson.

You will learn all about it when you come to higher dimensions, but in the meantime, you will be learning a great deal about how this all happened, about how all of you were involved. It is all unfolding now. We thank Mother for her messages that are profound, far reaching and that carry truth that has never been told before on Planet Earth. You are here. You are the ones who now carry this truth in your hearts.

We are blessed, and we are so happy that you are with us in this - that you're the ones who have been so persistent, so determined, courageous and loving. You have succeeded. We, together, will continue to succeed.

Sananda Introduces His Brother, Master Serapis Bey

I would like to introduce my brother, my dear brother, Serapis Bey. Speaking of success, I think he'd like to tell a bit of his story. He's a good story teller, you know. He tends to bring vivid colors and pictures into his telling, but then that's the way we communicate. On these calls we have to use words, so it's a little harder, but he's eager to speak with you.

He doesn't so often come through to do these channeled messages, so it's a pleasure that he's here now, and it's a special pleasure. I'm going to put this as part of my introduction. The one we call, Serapis Bay, of course that was his incarnation name... he lived a very interesting life. You can read about him, and there are people who have channeled him.

I won't go into all the details, but he is the one who has taken the challenge, the title, the responsibility for seeing through this great Ascension process on Planet Earth. He is also the one who happens to have been the father in this lifetime of our beloved Christine, and earlier the father of our dear Kathryn. So you see, we are all related in many different ways that many of you don't yet even have a clue about how many times your lives have intertwined, how many of you are related on a soul level.

Well here we have the evidence of a wonderful family, and our beloved Serapis Bey has created a knitting together of these beloved friends that crosses dimensions, crosses time and space. And you know, once you have lived a life together on Planet Earth, it creates a bond that lasts for eternity. And so, when you have incarnated with soul mates, friends, those who have traveled with you over many lifetimes, it creates a bond that cannot be broken, that will remain with you forever.

It is so with my relation to all of you. Our hearts know one another. We have met in many lifetimes. We have felt the energy of the soul that is familiar to us. We've all experienced that, and you will be learning more and more, understanding more and more about those beloved ones who may not be here with you now, but who have such strong heart connections to you that you will know immediately when you encounter them - no matter what kind of suit their wearing: a human body, an orb, in any form. You will recognize them because your hearts are forever linked.

This is part of the story of our beloved Serapis Bey. I'm going to turn it over to him, and let him tell his story. I know he'll have interesting and revealing thoughts for you. Listen for the things that touch you, the things that are familiar, that are unique and yet Universal in the stories that he tells.

Now I will turn this over to our beloved brother. You may have known him by the original name of (his former Higher Self), Sanage Kumara. Yes, he (his former Higher Self) was one of the original Kumara brothers, but it is a tapestry that he has to tell you about. I'll leave that to him. Come Serapis. I pass the talking stick.


The Long and Winding Story of Returning to the Light

Serapis Bay: Greetings everyone. Yes, it is I, and a pleasure it is to talk with you. I haven't been here to speak with you before. I have been holding back for many years from speaking with the daughter I knew in this lifetime. I wanted to give her time. I also was waiting for her to meet our beloved Christine, so that they could come to know each other. They knew immediately they were sisters. As Sananda said, "Heart connections cross all boundaries of time and space." It touches me greatly to be here with them both.

I'm going to give you a bit of a history because I think it will be interesting to you when I tell you not only of these lifetimes, these recent lifetimes, but of my part in the long and winding story of those who came to Earth, those who Fell, as we call it, those who have come back to the Light, those who still remain, those who have our wishes, our hopes, our Love.

I will begin where Mother began with the original story of the people of Planet Earth who offered to bring the dark and injured souls - to give birth to them - on Planet Earth because Earth then was so beautiful, so loving, so idealic that all humankind agreed that it would be unthinkable for them that they could not bring children here who would simply flourish and grow in the Light and the Love that surrounded them.

Mostly it worked, but for some, the children could not grow into the love that their parents gave them, not in one lifetime. They did not understand. They had no experience with children who were so damaged, and so they began to search for answers. And those of you who were here last week and who read Mother's story know, they began to reach out. They were immediately swept up in the stories and the teachings of those who came from the Dark Universe, and who convinced them that they could teach what these parents needed to know to help their children. Can you imagine turning that down?

Well, these are the mothers and fathers who became caught up in the new ideas, the new hopes for understanding their children. And in the process, they were taught that "Light is dark," that anger is normal, that hatred of one another can be accepted in some, that there are ways of understanding this that will make it more comfortable, more acceptable. And so began the great decent into what you call darkness. It is not really darkness you know. Our darkness is nothing but... on your Planet what you see in the nighttime. There is nothing inherently destructive or bad about it.

This kind of darkness was of the emotional and spiritual sort. It really is based in ideas of destruction, disrespect - disrespect for a soul - disregard for a mother and father's love. And underneath it all is the terrible temptation to try to usurp Mother and Father's power, to use it for one's self, for one's egotistical or ambitions feelings and thoughts. It is really nothing more than that, just a kind of greed, a kind of egotistical delusion that lead people to think that they could be more powerful, greater than anything they had experienced before. You can see how those kinds of thoughts andfeelings would be rooted in the great feelings of curiosity and ambition that humankind is so known for.

You will read Mother's story. She describes it every eloquently. It was just a slip, but a slip on the edge of the abyss. And the bright and beautiful ones left, never to return, until now.

The Story of Serapis Bey, In His Own Words

Now my story. I come from the line of Sanaj Kamara. His Twin Flame, who was born of the same Greater Soul, was part of the original project. When she went to Earth and became caught up in the darkness, he was one of the brothers who went after her, who tried to rescue her, who incarnated in the families that were already swept up in the darkness. And he also became caught up because he could not leave her. And he himself decided to incarnate without coming back to Mother and Father, and so they both were caught up in the cycle of destruction and pain that only feeds on itself.

It may sound strange to you, but you have to know that once you've been tortured and then rewarded, brought out of the torture and honored, and praised, and given love - this is the beginning of addiction. And the addiction overtook them, and so the two lovers remained in the dark.

Now at the same time, the Higher Selves had also initiated other incarnations, for this is the way that the older souls often have of experiencing many things at once. We can have an incarnation on Earth while we're also off in another Galaxy experiencing, in another facet of our soul, an incarnation that is very different perhaps from the one here on Planet Earth.

Well, it happened that at the same time that the two lovers came, they each also had incarnations on Planet Earth, separate from their risky experiment. It was not an accident. It was always known that it could be dangerous to do what they were doing, and so Sanaj made sure that there was an incarnation, another one. That other incarnation, what you might call the secondary soul, was me.

When I came back after my lifetime, I saw Mother and Father again, as I knew I would. I knew that my Higher Self and my brother, the incarnation, had fallen. I wished to stay with Mother and Father to be trained, to be nurtured and raised up, to take the place of the one who had fallen. And so it was granted. The Twin Flame, the incarnation who was on Earth at that same time, also came to Mother and Father, and we pledged ourselves to become the new souls.

Over time, we developed in a way that allowed us to take the place of our Higher Selves, to connect with Mother and Father and to become what is perhaps the echo of our original Higher Selves. We are new, and we are old. We are ourselves, and we have the DNA, the memories, the origins of our original Higher Selves. You might say, nothing is lost, and a great deal was gained because we were able to begin to work together to experience a great triumph - even though our brother and sister had been lost to the darkness, for a time. We still hope that they will return.

Now let me tell you about her. My Twin Soul has been called Diana the Goddess of the Hunt. It was the name the Greeks gave her for her great beauty, her energy, her connection, her love of animals - although, it was a hunt that was to bring people food. Still, she represented grace andthe acknowledgement of beauty, beauty of humankind and the hope of compassion and love for all beings. You can tell she is my Twin, for I talk of her with so much Love.

It has been millions of years since that early beginning when we pledged that we too would be Ascended Masters that we would work together. And we have worked hard. We have come to Earth many times. We've had many incarnations, and these last ones, well, you can tell I was father to both Christine and Kathryn. That required that I have one short lifetime, when I was the father of Kathryn, so that I could move on to be the father of Christine.

They were very different incarnations for very different purposes. In one, I played, well you could say, a bit of a villain. It was my assignment in that life. I will call her (my wife in that lifetime) Diana, for I like that name. We choose any name we wish. Sometimes it's a lifetime that we particularly enjoyed, and we call each other by that name, just for fun. St. Germain does that. Serapis Bey is a name of an incarnation. Diana, well Diana is a myth, as she still is to me.

That lifetime, I'll tell you about. I came first to be the father of Kathryn, and my Diana came with me. Our assignment was to live a lifetime that would represent darkness, destructiveness, misbegotten hopes, missed chances and the kind of destruction that would test Kathryn to the limit. She (Kathryn) sees me remembering those places and times.

It was a difficult life for all of us. Diana carried the brunt of it, for she was the one who has been so often described in Kathryn's writings as what you term "the sociopath," who made her life miserable. And I, the father, with a promising career as a doctor who, frankly, drank myself to death and left her when she was very young. Diana carried on and maintained the role of the abuser, the persecutor, the one who drove her daughter mercilessly, testing her will, testing her commitment to Light, to Love and to caring for others.

She (Kathryn) once joked to us when we first told her of our project. We came to her in spirit and acknowledged who we were, and what we had done. And she said, "Why on Earth would I need an Ascended Master to make my life miserable?" And our answer to her was, "because we wanted to do it perfectly." Well, I can't speak for my perfection in that lifetime, but I certainly can acknowledge that Diana road the very thin line perfectly - where she created tremendous difficulty. But she knew before she came here that they were matched in such a way that she (Diana) knew that she could push her daughter but not destroy her. And so it was, for all intents and purposes, a triumph.

Planet Earth Has Been Extremely Difficult, Yet You Have Triumphed!

It was a triumph of the human spirit, of life. Kathryn has told the story of how she found her mentor and friend, Sanat Kumara, who helped her. She recovered. They worked together for almost 30 years to make that recovery possible. You see, that too is a part of this story. When we send a Master to Planet Earth to live a difficult life, and it takes 30 years for them to recover, it gives us new insight on just how difficult this Planet has been.

All around you is the evidence of just how difficult it is. You know yourselves - those of you who have worked for years as Lightworkers, who have looked inside yourselves, who have worked with others, who have tried to heal, who have tried so courageously to remake yourselves after difficult times. It is a lesson to all of us just how hard it is. And some of you - all of you who are listening - have succeeded. You managed to cling to your hearts. You managed to cling to your goodness, in spite of the difficulties.

And so, that lifetime that was my opportunity to be the father of Kathryn endedwhen I was young, for it was time for that incarnation to leave the Planet, so that I could shift, transfer my energy, you might say, to the father who was with Christine. And his was a great challenge as well for he took on the challenge of having a lifetime with the one who was the original dark sister (Diana's previous Higher Self). Yes, I wanted to try once more to see if it was possible (to get through to the incarnation of the dark sister). And Christine, when she was here in higher dimensions with us, made this plan together with me and others who would become our family and friends - and of course with Kathryn who would then help Christine to recover as well.

Yes, it was all laid out, at least the broad strokes of it. And so, I lived that lifetime with the one who had been so terribly damaged, so, so damaged. She was barely recognizable as the one who had once been the Twin of Sanaj Kumara, and yet, there was still that spark. She came to this incarnation after having lived many, many lifetimes recycling in the 4th dimension, but still she maintained the spark of life from Mother and Father, and so I had hoped I could help her to reignite that flame. Looking back, there were times when she showed genuine love, a sense of hope.

There were some good times, but underneath it all simmered the strain of destruction and violence that I could not prevent. It was painful and difficult for her children. They suffered under her manipulation, superficial kindness, promises of warmth that would turn suddenly to viciousness and hatred. Another lesson learned. How does a child, under these circumstances - even one with a doting and loving father, still the product of this culture, unable to understand truly the brilliant Light that was his daughter....

All across this Planet are beautiful brilliant children who come here connected deeply to God. And parents, already separated from their deepest connection to God, find their children puzzling, strange, mysterious. How backwards. How backwards it was that I had been well-trained through many career opportunities, through the military, through what we call 'education.' I had been trained to look only for the things that I could see and touch.

How can someone like that nurture and truly love and appreciate an Angel? She (Christine) was an Angel. And now she knows. She is an Angel. I wish for her to know how much I appreciate her now, and how grateful I am to have been the one to oversee her childhood. I could not really spare her. I did try, but I was blinded as well. I didn't want to see, and of course, I had such a Veil that I only knew that this woman (Christine's Mother) that I tried so hard to love, somehow, never could really break free. Of course, in that life, I regretted it.

I never understood what was missing? What was wrong? Why didn't it seem to work? I loved my daughter dearly, and yet I could not understand her. How many parents have lived through that? How many children have felt that from their parents?

You see our story is not unique. It's entirely too common. Both these stories, both these fathers, who were my incarnations, are all too familiar. We are learning, dear ones, what humankind is really about - what kind of protection, what kind of safety and love a human child really needs. There are so many expressions in your culture, "Oh children are resilient. They'll be fine."

We Must Take It into Our Hearts and Never Forget

Dear ones, your children are so precious, so sensitive, so malleable and so vulnerable - not because they're human, but because they're small, because they depend on others until they can grow up. It's not a weakness. It's just a fact. It takes a long time for a child togrow, and a lot can happen to break a child's heart. We must learn this. We must take it into our hearts and never forget. This is one of the profound lessons of this great experiment. It's one I will never forget.

I look now upon this beloved family (Kathryn, Christine, Jade and the others), and I am warmed to see their triumphs, their great love for one another. That in itself is a miracle. I like to joke with them. I show my presence by making all the paintings crooked on the walls. It makes them laugh. They know that I'm here with them, as I am here with all of you.

I especially come to those families with children, for I wish to see them all join together, raise their consciousness, their love for one another. This is what will make it possible for all to ascend. Look to your children. Look at them closely. They will lead you. They will show you what it means to ascend, for they have already done so. If parents can be smart enough to follow their children's lead, we will have no problem accomplishing this wonderful event that is the Ascension of Planet Earth and all of humankind.

I send you all my love, and I will be here. I would be happy to speak with you often about this glorious project which is Ascension. And I hold the torch high with great love in my heart for all of you who are so courageously walking toward your new lives, your New Golden Age, and the Event that will be the most thrilling thing that can ever happen to a human being. Let us look forward together, dear ones, to this wonderful time that is coming.

I have asked Kathryn to allow my present incarnation - yes, I have been very busy - the one we now call Luis, to speak. He has said he will be on the other end of the phone. Let us see if we can connect with him. Where are you Luis? I don't see you. I will turn this back to Kathryn now.

And together we will march forward into this beautiful Event that is coming so soon.

I am Serapis Bay, and I am so delighted to speak with all of you.

Namaste all, and hello Meg.


Getting to Know Luis, Whose Higher Self Is Serapis Bey

Meg: Namaste Serapis Bey. Thank you so much for joining us.

Kathryn: Oh look what I see... It's Luis!

Meg: I think that's him.

Kathryn: Hello Luis. Let's see if we can get him on. Luis is in Paraguay. Hello?

Luis: Hey, Hello.

Kathryn: Hello Luis.

Luis: Hello Kathryn. How are you?

Kathryn: I'm great. We have a pretty good connection, I think.

Luis: I hope so.

Kathryn: Can you hear us well?

Luis: Yeah, I can hear you. I didn't know that I was online already on the show, but I can hear you.

Kathryn: So would you like to speak with us?

Luis: Okay.

Kathryn: You've had some pretty interesting experiences lately, and just as Serapis Bey was leaving, he said, "Yes, and by the way here is my next incarnation."

Luis: He's kind of funny.

Kathryn: So tell us Luis a little bit about how it feels to hear this story of your Higher Self, who's been through all these twists and turns and is now telling you, he is Serapis Bey, and that he was my father and Christine's father, and now he's you.

Luis: It's amazing to know that. Also, I didn't know anything about Serapis Bey. And I didn't know, when I went to the retreat (in March), that I was Serapis Bey, or that my Higher Self was Serapis Bey. I didn't know that.

Kathryn: Right.

Luis: We just found out, but I knew that I had a deep, deep connection with Christine and you from the beginning, from day one. I didn't know why, and these past few days, I figured out why.

Kathryn: That's true. We felt it immediately, but I think, as you once said, it was rather merciful that they didn't tell any of us because it would have been way too distracting.

Luis: Yeah, can you imagine, for me, when I went to the retreat? I was just waking up. I was new to everything, and to figure out that I was your father and Christine's father would have been crazy for me. So, I think it wasn't a good time to figure out that {laughter}.

Kathryn: Well, you've been recently becoming very psychic and making contact with you Twin Flame and your Higher Self. I should tell people that I've been in contact with Luis quite a lot, and he is working towards perfecting his psychic abilities and really connecting with his Higher Self and also learning the Visual Centering. So tell us a little bit about your adventures Luis.

Luis: Well something weird happened to me because I didn't know that I had this kind of ability of really being in front of my Higher Self and maybe my Twin Flame also because I've been talking a lot to myself from the beginning, but I didn't know it was channeling or anything like that. And later, I figured out that's how you channel.

And right now I can listen, and I know the difference - when my Higher Self is talking to me, and he's telling me something, I can figure it out. I can know when it's not me who is thinking of something, when it's something even higher than me, and it feels great. That's the only thing I can say, it feels really, really good.

Kathryn: That's a really good description of it.

Luis: Yeah, of course and I know he (Serapis Bey) is all over me right now because I am feeling his presence, and I know. And there's something that happened to me when I was younger. I used to talk to myself or my Higher Self. Now I know. I didn't know that (then). I just was thinking that I talked to my self.

And later when I grew up and became bigger and bigger and started working and stuff, I kind of forget about that. I stopped doing it. I really stopped.

And now, I'm catching up again, and it's great, really great!

Kathryn: Tell us about your relationship with your Twin Flame, how you discovered her.

Luis: Well, I discovered her at the retreat. We were in the group, and everybody was finding out who our Twin Flame and Higher Self is.

And she (Twin Flame) gave me a name (for herself) like "Eterna." (The name) Eterna didn't feel good to me, and I said, "Okay, Eterna is your name? Hi Eterna. How are you doing?" And I was questioning her because I was curious. And the next day, the group changed, so I had a whole day to myself.

So I went to ski, and I was really practicing (channeling) and talking to her a lot, and I was saying to her, "I don't feel like you are "Eterna." I don't know what I should call you?" And then someone came and said, "Why don't you google her," and I did.

And what I found out is that there is no Eterna. There is just a watch brand called Eterna, and I knew!

Kathryn: Eterna, that's what she said her name was {laughter}?!

Luis: Yes, and I knew she was real and that she was my Twin Flame because I'm crazy about watches. I have like thirty watches. When I have money, and I see a watch that I like, I just buy it. And so I figured out that her name was not Eterna, but also that she was real, and that she was with me also. That was great.

Kathryn: So she gives you messages?

Luis: Yes. She makes me laugh a lot. At the retreat, we had this practice (on how to feel when) our Twin Flame (is present), and we have to look for a sign. And I got this little tickle around my body. I call her, and say, "No, no. That's something natural. That's not you." And I feel it again, and I'm like, "Okay, that was you." That was our new calling, our ringtone, so when I feel that I know she is calling me!

Kathryn: Your ringtone {laughing}!

Luis: Yes, my ringtone. And yesterday, I was talking to Serapis when driving back home, and she makes me laugh. She starts to tickle my nose, the bottom of my nose. She was playing with me, and I couldn't stop laughing, and it's funny.

Kathryn: That's really fun.

Luis: Yes, yes, it is fun.

Kathryn: I think it really helps people to hear that you can learn about your Twin Flame, and if you're really paying attention, you'll get the message

Luis: You know, something else I'm going to repeat to you because we spoke earlier today - it's about Serapis. I didn't know about Serapis. I didn't know the name. I didn't know he was my Higher Self, until you told me last week. And I googled him and started learning about him, and I got really, really quickly that he's tied to how the people and the books describe him. And I got this book that's supposed to come from Kindle that I will start reading.

Also, I started listening to the channelings that he did. And you know what? Everything from the channelings feels like he is talking to me and saying something that I already knew - like when you are really connected to someone, and you didn't even know it. It feels amazing.

Kathryn: That's great. So, that's confirmation.

Luis: It is confirmation. It is confirmation.

Kathryn: Wow! You've had quite some adventures recently.

Luis: Yes, I did. I did.

Kathryn: This whole learning process...

Luis: It's amazing. And I discovered how the dark also works. Remember the one that I told you last week - how the dark comes to you, and I knew for the first time in my life how it happened, and how in a second you can go really dark.

Kathryn: Can you tell us? I think the example you gave was astonishing. It was so clear and with such a really good example for people. Why don't you try and describe it to us?

Luis: Okay. I have a dog, a Beagle. It is a really destructive dog. It's a young one; it's almost eight months. So he has a lot of energy, and it's kind of hard for us because we love him, but he always breaks stuff, and he just breaks everything. He really, really breaks stuff. We tried to get him into the house when we are around to do a little running around.

The other day, on Sunday, we went out to another city, and we got back in the afternoon. And I left the dog in front of the house, and when we came back, he had just broken everything. I think he hates plants and flowers. He just broke everything. Everything.

You know he made me really, really mad. And I had this vision. My wife told me, "Don't leave the dog out (in the house)." And I said, "Please just leave the dog out because where is it's not a big place." So we did (leave him out), and when we got back, I got so furious, so furious, so angry with him - so mad.

And in a second, I went really bad with the dog. I yelled at him. I treated him badly, and I did all of this in front of my wife and my kids, and I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop. I didn't hit the dog badly, but I did a few spanks. And I was really, really angry.

And something really large happened after that. The dog went in some place in the house, and when I went up, I saw Serapis Bey, the angels, Diana. Everybody came down to me and started talking to me, and I was clearly talking to them. I figured out how bad you can I in just a few seconds.

I realized what I had to do. I came down was go down and I asked for forgiveness from my wife, from my kids and showed them. I also went to talk to the dog, and we made peace. He is really, really good now.

But there was a moment - when I was talking to my Angels and to my Higher Self - they showed me how I was really, really in a nice place, and in a couple seconds I turned very down and felt really bad, bad, bad.

The good thing that I got from it, the learning, was that, even if you turn bad, you can go back to the Light. The Light is always there for you, and you can do it. If you have done wrong, you can come back to the Light.

The lesson is what Mother said today. It's a huge lesson! You have to learn to see when you go to the dark and try to stop before you go. That is very important. That is the message I received from my Higher Self.

Kathryn: I will add a little bit, if you don't mind. You told me at the time that you had never felt anything like this before.

Luis: Never. Never. Never. Never in my life have I felt something like that. I never hated anybody. I never bad talked anybody, and I had, so many times, people who were against me, and people I gave a hand, and they turned against me. I have a friend who fought with his father, and he lived in my house for two years. And after that he has spoken really bad and nasty things about me, yet I don't hate him or anybody. That's a feeling I didn't know.

And then, for a second I truly hated my dog. I felt, "Why you do this to me? Why did you make me do this to you?" It's like I had two feelings. One was the feeling of why are you doing this to me, and the second one was, "I love you so much. Why do you make me hate you? Why did you make me do this?!" That was the conflicted feelings that I had. That was the final one.

Kathryn: That was the key, wasn't it? As soon as you went into, "Why did you make me do this," that's way into the dark.

Luis: Yes, yes, and the funny thing was when I was reviewing with myself and my Higher Self. I saw the same picture - everything was the same thing - except, I came into my house and was laughing about what the dog just did. From another point of view, it is really funny. The dog gave me the face, "I didn't do anything," and yet everything was broken. And the dog looked at me to say, "Hi," you know. It was so funny.

I was laughing with myself, and then I learned, "Okay you can always watch and see something positive. There is nothing dark. It was an accident. He is a dog {laughing}.

Kathryn: Thank you Luis! It's wonderful that you gave us this story, and that you came on to talk to us. We really appreciate it, and what a story! So Luis is in Paraguay, everybody, so this is such an interesting thing that we can do this on Blogtalk. We're in New York, and you're in Paraguay. Thank you so much Luis. It's a pleasure talking to you.

Luis: No problem.

Kathryn: And a wonderful lesson for everybody!

Luis: Thank you for having me in the show.

Kathryn: Yes, and hope you'll be back. Alright Luis thanks a lot! We'll talk soon.

Luis: Okay, thank you, bye-bye.

Kathryn: Bye-bye. Well, it's getting pretty late folks. It's time for us to call it a night. So I'm going to put our music on. This one is Imagine by John Lennon. Oh here's another news flash. While everybody's being outed these days I think it's time don't you? Christine's saying yeah. John Lennon was the incarnation of our dear Sananda, so all those lovely songs that you hear... I'm not transgressing the copyright because Sananda gave us permission {laughter}. So we're allowed to play his song on the show.

Meg: Oh my! That's beautiful to know.

Kathryn: Okay, well what a show.

Meg: Yes

Kathryn: My goodness.

Meg: Thanks everybody for listening. Thank you so much, Kathryn.

Kathryn: Thank you too Meg. Till next Wednesday, same time, so long everybody.

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