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Archangel Michael about Cosmic Ascension

Greetings, Beloveds.

We have been working together on Earth Ascension many many years. We are in the final moments, the stage is being set, and there is still much to do.

I would like to comment on the recent devastating Earthquake in Haiti.

Let us look at areas of Ascension in relationship to this crisis.

First, feel reassured that Mother Earth is a sentient Being. She has a Beating Heart and Divine Intelligence. Gaia, with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, chose every change taking place on and within her. The Galactic Masters are assisting these changes with technologies from their Ships. Mother Earth is working together with Mother Sekhmet. Consider for a moment every snow covered mountain peak, every glowing creature living in the dark part of the Seas and the Earth Tunnels that lead to Inner Earth and the many StarGates which go miles into ground and are positioned all over the Earth. Atlantis and Lemuria are rising and the Earth Grid is morphing its alignment to accommodate Earth Ascension. There is a sacred electromagnetic tetrahedral diamond core to Earth and everything effects everything else. All of these things have happened with very little loss of life. This Earthquake is not manmade, it is GAIA made manifest.

How have you been effected by the Earthquake? Have you lost someone close to you? Has your heart ached watching the babies who need water and food? How did you feel when you watched the young women who had to be cut free come out, unscathed? Did you weep? Have you sent a donation? Have you sent the Violet Flame? Have you done everything in your power to help in some way? Have you remained in loving detachment? Have you forwarded an email or blog or video about the Earthquake to others? Whatever your response has been, it tells you just where you are in your Individual Ascension. Some of you remember last night being with Special Crews on the Ships in Haiti, helping rescue those who needed rescuing.

Stop for one minute and do a self-assessment regarding your Individual Ascension. Have you given up working on clearing what needs clearing? Are you taking action steps every day toward the goal of Ascension? How are your relationships? With Creator? With your boss? Your best friend? Your children? Your parents? Your Twin Flame? Do you have happy relationships? How is your health? Are you eating right, exercising, meditating, everyday? Do you have a lot of stress? How is your abundance, is it flowing? If any of these areas need work, get busy! Do not sit on your laurels, because no one will be free of clearing these things, no matter how long it takes. If you need help with any of these areas, call on me, I will help you with reassurance, strength and resolution. Call on any of the Angels or Galactic Masters to help you in any way needed.

What has happened in Haiti is tragic on the 3D level. From an attitude of loving detachment, see that these Ones volunteered for this service out of compassion and love at this significant time of Earth Ascension. Some of these Ones are the Indigo Crystal children who will stay behind at parallel Earth to help the Others Ascend. This anomoly is Created by All That Is so as many may be included as is possible. Some of these Ones have gone on to Wolf 359 and some have gone to Herculobus. They are now projecting their physicality on these new places without realizing anything has changed. The lists in the end will speak of bodies not found. These bodies, some of them, have gone on to Other Places.

As the dear dear Children of Ra cry as they are pinned under concrete and steel, they speak to the deepest parts of our hearts. This has caused an unprecedented heart opening all over the Planet. We have heard these cries before. We heard much more horrendous cries of pain in the Orion Wars. There was untold destruction then. We have been given a gift. We have the insight for loving detachment now. We take the cries in and transmute it with the Violet Flame. This is a GIFT from the Kumaras. This Includes Sanat Kumara with Lady Venus, Sananda Kumara with Lady Nada, Lord Ashtar with Lady Athena, and St Germain with Lady Cassiopea. Please use the Violet Flame to transmute the sadness and suffering of the situation.

The heart opening that is occurring is happening 72 hours before the New Moon Solar Eclipse. The significance of that has to do with the energies of the Earth Grid. This New Moon has energy aligning in the Stars with the Moon and the Sun and these are significant and they are effecting everything. Meditate on this heart opening, it is also effecting your body, your heart, your connection with your Twin Flame, your relationships, and your feelings about yourself. It is effecting especially your ability to remember Who You Are, Where You Came From, and Why You Are Here. These are the questions to answer on the path to Ascension. Connect with your Light Body, your Angelic Self, and your own Avatar body, and your Cosmic Self. Read the ancient religious texts and remember what these terms mean. These terms are found in all the great religions, in one form or another. Seek out help. Be Loving Service to others. Develop Self-Love and Right Relationships in every area of your life. Use Ho'oponopono liberally with yourself and with others. Allow the sad feelings, but use them as they are intended from your Mother Earth. Use them to transmute anything left inside you which needs clearing. Clear these things in preparation of Individual Ascension, Earth Ascension and Cosmic Ascension. Every thought, word and deed effects All That Is.

My Blessings to You. I am here to assist you with the Sword of Truth.
~Archangel Michael
Beth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com

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