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You Are Cherished, Beloved, Safe and Called to Unite!

von Erzengel Michael, gechannelt von Christine Burk, 30.05.2015

Archangel Michael

The Company of Heaven Bows to You, as We Celebrate The Day of Revelation!

Good Day bright family! It is I, your adoring Brother Michael, coming to you today at the request of our Mother Father God and on behalf of your Councils and the Company of Heaven. We come with exciting news, assured confirmation and an irresistible invitation.

With celebration here in the higher realms, we are calling what happened this week The Day of Revelation. Our Mother and Father would like you to receive a clear description of what has transpired along with understanding of what this exultant turn-of-events will mean in your lives.

Many of you felt something happening on Wednesday, 27 May 2015, and a number of you, our shining steadfast Lightworkers, responded immediately. All of your Higher Selves and Twin Flames participated with great focus and might in triumphant assistance for the event that unfolded. Whether you were aware or not that something tremendous was happening is unimportant. What is essential to comprehend is that the momentum - of all of your lives, of all of your choices - was the vital contribution that brought about this awaited shift.

You see Dear Hearts, while mired in the day to day experiences of your lives, you often lose the perspective of just how much your thoughts and feelings truly matter to the impact you are creating as a whole. Let us now describe to you what you have achieved, so you may understand what your tireless efforts have accomplished.

Danger Turns to Glory - This Is Earth's Story Now

If you could see things from our perspective, you might be wonderfully surprised. This is not just because you are Veiled, and we are not. It is more so because, although you have drawn us closer to you in recent times, you would likely be surprised at how very close to you we have always longed to be. You see, you are not merely our focus or our job. Oh no! You are our truly beloveds. You are our cherished and dear family, and by "family" we are not speaking metaphorically, but literally and genuinely.

We work with you - not for you or above you. We adore you, root for you, admire you, so when you reach to speak with us, to work with us, to love us, it not only fulfills our shared goals and furthers our shared Projects, it also fills our hearts! You may see better what I mean as we describe the events of this week.

On Wednesday of this week, what's left of the cabal set in motion a dastardly plan which was not only stopped, but was turned around and used as an opportunity to greatly and enduringly benefit all - thanks to you! The plan was to release a worldwide damaging frequency through a weapon that is used for mind and behavior control. The initial impact was to cause a feeling of upset, distraction and uneasiness across the planet. The frequency would then be strengthened to stimulate fear, anger and panic, while a series of orchestrated false flag events were to occur in different countries. These events were meant to cause further chaos and distress, all building to a terrible finale.

Now, please refrain from reacting in an upset manner to this news. Remember that Mother and Father have declared Earth protected, and this story ends in glory and celebration. The final event was to use the growing wave of low-end energies as both humanity's permission and as energetic momentum to destroy Earth. A weapon capable of ultimate destruction was readied, and the plan was set in motion.

These circumstances were crafted and intended to trigger humanity's collective fear. Fear is how humanity has given its approval over the millennia for an endless list of atrocities. Fear is the real weapon that has led to worldwide slavery. Within this system, fear also leads to humiliation and ultimately, self-hatred.

Here is how the program of fear as a weapon succeeds. An image and an accompanying frequency, intended to inspire fear, is released. If you respond with fear you are aligning with it, and in doing that you become a collaborator with both the fear and those who initiated it. When you respond with neutrality, the fear has no sponsor and cannot thrive. When you respond with your true nature, joy, the circumstance is altered and a more beautiful reality is created and sustained. Now imagine these responses on a mass scale.

If the plot had gone according to plan, humanity would have given its permission and even aid to the destruction of Earth through its age old reaction of terror and panic. However, this was not to be so this time around! As the energy weapon began to emit frequencies intended to cause mass discord, humanity responded with a new collective response. Instead of blindly reacting to the frequency stimulus with instant distress, an unprecedented number of people... paused. This seemingly small action reflects a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness of humanity.

This reality-changing pause was only the beginning. What happened next is even more exhilarating. More than ever before - since Earth descended into the long experience of darkness and destruction - in the face of a frightening stimulus, many people from all over the world chose either to remain neutral or to respond instead with an uplifting action, thought or emotion. When humanity paused, I can tell you truly, the Company of Heaven held its breath too. And then JOY broke loose as we flew into action to support your mighty leap forward and upward!

Mother and Father Bring Their Gift to the Party

Meanwhile, Lightworkers across the globe responded with decisive clarity and powerful actions. Many sensed that something was happening. Their response, your response, was directive. Although you did not know the details of what was unfolding, in varying degrees, you responded. Your thoughtful commands, prayers, inquiries and good intentions spiraled upward and mingled to form a united harmony.

Since we work hand-in-glove with you, we responded in kind. We began communicating with certain of our channels and Light-bearers, whose Mission it is to take action in such circumstances. We will use what happened in the Temple of Light as a representative example of what unfolded.

Kathryn and Christine both felt the release of the negative frequency waves. They dropped what they were doing and sat down together at once. They quieted, centered and grounded, so they could better perceive what was happening. As soon as they felt the vast reach and the devious intentions of what was beginning, they flew into action. Kathryn aligned deeply with Terra. She could feel the rumblings already beginning in Terra's core. Kathryn immediately approached the Council and began to intercede on Humanity's behalf.

Christine responded by aligning with the Christed Grid of Light. She requested aid from us, and we began sending her images to help her take the following actions. Christine knows that the ley lines of the Unified Crystalline Grid are made from conscious Light substance that is Mother and Father. She requested that Mother and Father increase and extend their Presence in the Grid by expanding the ley lines until they merged into a luminous field. Essentially, Mother and Father filled the space between the Grid lines with their loving essence and Presence. Simultaneously, Kathryn asked that the walls of the Temple of Light be extended to merge with the Grid and thus encompass all of Earth. What they asked was destined and finally allowable, and so it was all immediately granted.

The effect was immediate. The combination of humanity choosing love instead of fear, combined with the clarity of the Lightworkers' response, ended the destructive option and secured the destined timeline for Ascension. Humanity's success was achieved through its prophetic pause and refusal to automatically respond as a collective in blind fear. The Lightworkers' response engaged a specific set of actions that further uplifted and supported the Awakening momentum.

The Earth and the Grid merged in a new way and received an increase of Mother and Father's substance and deep love. The efforts of humankind brought us all closer to Mother and Father by further releasing us from the illusion of separation. Their Love now wraps ALL on Earth even more intimately in their warm care.

The Culprits Are No Longer

When Christine and Kathryn asked further about what had happened, they were told that Mother and Father had responded to the collective call by wrapping every being in their Love and by warming every heart with their breath. This delicious cascade of Light has literally bathed every single one on Earth in Light. We are able to see. That is why we call this The Day of Revelation. What was hidden, may be hidden no more.

Mother had previously announced to you that anyone participating in even the planning of such deeds would be dissolved. It is done. There was a small handful of men who knew what the intention and design of this diabolical plan was. They are no longer. Mostly, they were not publicly known. They resided in secret, designing life on what had become the slave planet Earth and getting others to carry out their designs. Their identities and your detailed history of these and of all events are to be known to you once the new governances are in place. This day is soon.

The plan to destroy Earth was actually set in place a long time ago. It was called the "If We Can't Have It, No One Can" plan. It was felt then that the plan would never be enacted because it was unimaginable to the Archon Alliance and their cabal minions that they would ever lose their grip on this Planet. It was unknown to most of the remaining cabal that the plan even existed, and they were unaware of its being set in motion.

The small group of brothers and sisters still lingering in the 4th dimension, the ones who had descended and "fallen" so long ago, returned home to Mother and Father the day after the failed attempt to destroy Earth. They came quietly to the Temple of Light, bringing their recruits and entourages with them. The remains of their 4th dimensional network has been shut down. After all this time, their fleeting power over a delusional empire is no more.

Life will continue to become easier and easier for you. Yes, there are some contracted events that may be disruptive which are currently still scheduled according to original agreements. If they do play out, the result will be to further Awaken the collective and to unify communities. Be assured that all involved are contracted to participate and are being guided by their own desires, choices, service to others and Higher Selves. In any case, there is no reason whatsoever to doubt or fear.

An Interesting Surprise

As Earth teeters on the brink of its shining new reality, and all is revealed in the Light of this new day, we must always hold dear the knowledge, "There but for Grace go I." Every single one of us who has incarnated on Earth during this era knows this truth profoundly, because every single one of us did descend into the experience - we all did "fall." Keep this knowledge firmly in the forefront of your awareness as we consider the following information.

Originally, when we were planning for the wrap-up of 3rd dimensional life on surface Earth, the Company of Heaven made - what we thought was - a foolproof plan. Our dilemma was how to help the damaged souls who had not been healed because of their recycling into the 4th dimension, rather than returning to the 5th dimension in between lifetimes to do their life review and receive solace in the presence of Mother and Father. The plan was intended to help everyone return home to the 5th dimension, including the tortured souls of even the worst of the human cabal. After all, the Earth Project was a learning experience. We all did this together, and the goal was to have everyone return to the loving embrace of Mother and Father, together.

Our recent plan had several phases, and we felt its success to be highly probable. For the first phase, we called the incarnated body-souls of the fallen brothers and sisters to meet with Mother and Father, the Council and the Karmic Board - without their damaged 4th dimensional Higher Self present. Each one came during their sleep and met with us, just as each and every soul upon Earth had also done. We explained to them in detail what they had endured, along with their current situation.

We were astonished by their responses. Each and every incarnate passionately requested the opportunity to separate from their damaged Higher Self. Each and every incarnate asked for the opportunity to transcend what they had lived through and participated in. They all wanted to heal and to have their chance, not only to return to the Light, but to shine, shine, shine! We were thrilled.

Phase two of this project was the detailed planning of their final 3rd dimensional lifetimes. This planning required our finest Life Plan experts to help formulate the most effective plans. For thousands of lifetimes, these incarnates had incurred an unthinkable, unfathomable amount of karma for their participation and execution of the darkest programs on Planet Earth. So according to the Law of the Circle, their final lifetimes must include intense difficulty, and each lifetime must also include a way through to the Light, a way out of the dark.

Many of the incarnates strongly petitioned for difficult lifetimes, so they could understand, learn and come through. Many of the incarnates asked to be allowed to perform some sort of service for humanity in the way that many Lightworkers were doing. In this way, they would be able to offer direct healing for the damage they had previously caused. Each life plan was exceptionally challenging.

Due to the unprecedented level of the incarnates' painful lives over millions of years, they suffered from unparalleled programming as well. Ironically, the incarnates are the greatest victims of the systems of control and suffering that they themselves had so successfully helped to establish. This meant that they would need the most loving and expert assistance to break free. Earth has become such a difficult place to incarnate that any and every one who incarnates here needs support to break free of the programming, and exceptional healing once they return to the higher realms.

Phase three of the project was to plan and involve all the loving souls who would help the incarnates in their final journey of revelation, learning and - hopefully - freedom. There was a long list of volunteers of bright souls eager to help the incarnates. Everyone in the higher realms was touched by the plight and willingness of these extremely beaten down yet resilient incarnates. Masters offered to be family members, teachers, friends, acquaintances and so on. But to really be able to break out of their programming, the incarnates needed someone who could help them to heal their brain, to help teach them how to rewire the deeply grooved-in pathways of trauma that would otherwise keep them bound to the lower dimensions.

Kathryn was the natural choice since she and Sanat Kumara had already planned her lifetime of training in order that she may become an expert in this very healing arena. Besides, because of her long devotion to the Earth Project with Sananda, Kathryn was naturally designated by Mother and Father to carry the key to the Christ Codes when she embodied in her final 3rd dimensional Earth life. So the incarnates would benefit immensely. Proximity to Kathryn would provide the maximum opportunity for healing their damaged brains, and psyches.

The final phase of preparation involved giving the incarnations the required dispensations to ensure they would have the ability to reach their goals. As you have heard, every soul receives the maximum support required to achieve their goals in this important final lifetime on 3rd dimensional Earth. Mother and Father see to it that every soul, including the long-enduring incarnates, receive energetic support, particular circumstances, special encodements and other advantages to be able to reach and exceed their particular hopes.

The surprise came when the incarnates not only resisted their healing, but due to their highly suspicious, defensive and hostile approach to life, they rebelled against it, in most cases. Even now that their 4th dimensional Higher Selves have gone to the Temple of Light and are receiving healing, restoration and love, most of the incarnates remain staunchly defiant and resistant. Mother and Father are now standing in to sustain them as they struggle to break free of their programming enough to experience the everlasting safety, joy and ease of the inner meadow of peace that every soul possesses.

The Irresistible Invitation

What stands between the incarnates and their final leap of wonder is the same for all who have incarnated upon Earth at this time. In varying degrees, pain, self-loathing, fear, debt, shame, slavery - suffering and programming which is the result of imbalance and evil in the name of free will has marred every human. The path out is remarkably simple.

Together, we look within. We see and know that we have all been responsible for this experience of Project Earth. We acknowledge truthfully and deeply that we are all affected by having disconnected our heart, mind and will from Mother and Father, from their divine loving intent. We have all taken on damage. We have all increased the darkness at times. We all must heal.

Here is how we begin... we each admit our part. We are patient and compassionate with ourselves and each other. We see that our lives on Earth have been inundated with suffering, anxiety and programming. The programming is so complete and invasive that we have lost our ability to see it as programming. We can often barely imagine life without programming.

Mother and Father now extend this new and remarkable offering of support to you. There is a shining sacred diamond of Light and sacred fire in the center of your brain. There is another one in the center of your heart and a third in the center of your solar plexus. Imagine these diamonds aflame with the love of Mother and Father. Simultaneously, extend this inner pillar of Light down into the center of the Earth and up through your crown - reach to connect with Mother and Father. Mother and Father have a promise for you.

When you do this from your deepest truth, Mother and Father will, in every case, respond with the following Activation. First, Mother God will place her hand on your heart, and your heart will heal and open to love. Next, Father God will reactivate the connection between your will and his divine will. This connection had been severed to some degree in all of us. Finally, Mother and Father together will help each individual to rework the dysfunctional pathways in the brain that were altered by trauma. They will begin the process of assisting us to re-groove the channels in the brain from a misdirected state of programming to the state of true reality, where you will regain the ability to see clearly and to respond to life from the center of your being.

The healing Activation you receive will occur at a calibration and rate that is set by Mother and Father for your unique needs. This glorious new dispensation from them is their warm hug, their encouragement, their magnificent gift of love for the homestretch into our New Golden Age.

Mother and Father want you to know they want you to succeed, and they are offering you every possible uplifting advantage.

With love and our overflowing gratitude to all who have persevered throughout these long and arduous challenges, we say... we have done it, together.

I am your brother, Michael

Transcribed through Christine Burk, 30 May 2015, 10:00 pm, New York.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.

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