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The Cosmic Trigger Phase lll

The Coming Equinox

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light !

And so we speak today of the 3rd Phase of that termed the Cosmic Trigger. Indeed its time is nigh and will occur on two dates in your linear year of 2011. The initial surge occurs on the March 20 Equinox of 2011, the latter surge on the triple date frequencial portal of the 11-11-11.

Dear Ones, look around you. The planet is remaking itself now and the inertia of massive transition is occurring quite rapidly. All is quickening,your resonance is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh.

So as your frequencial environ reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

This is indeed the third stage of the Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here. It takes place on the March 20, 2011 Equinox and encompasses two primary progressions: (1) The continued release of dormant coded magnetic energies (2) The transition to the new coding requisite to the Crystalline upshift via the 144-Crystalline Grid and in turn the Master Crystals and Sun Discs.

The magnetics and electros of the Earth are completing themselves and finding a fulcrum of balance. Did not the Magnetic Master , Kryon of Lord Michaels Family complete the adjustment of magnetics to make way for the crystalline grid? Indeed it is so.

The electro magnetics of polarity field now gives way to the Crystalline Emergence within zero field. It is an aperture whose time has come, it is a point of Re-Creation. And that Re-Creation is the return to the Crystalline Essence from which you have come. And thus many of you are code carriers for this transition.

Remaining Equinoxes Are 12th Dimensional

The remaining Equinoxes that lie ahead in the countdown to the Ascension are not constrained by linear time nor by the dimensional access limitations within your current space-time paradigm.

And while we have told you many areas in your planet are already in 5th dimension and extend to the 12th, during the four remaining Equinoxes before the Solstice of the Ascension the threshold to greater dimensionality is opened much wider.

As such we tell you that a succinct frequencial portal from the 12th dimension is enabled thru the Cosmic Trigger Crystalline awakening that will manifest on March 20, 2011. Indeed it is a mandatory and prerequisite rigor of the New Earth.

Both humanity and indeed the physical earth require and petition this crystalline upshift reformation in order to transcend the duality dimensional paradigm that would otherwise entomb them in the cyclic duplicity of descending polarity juxtaposition.

The twelfth dimensional opening of the March Equinox of 2011 will be the most prolific synthesis of 12th dimensional energy to eventuate on earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis, some 35,000 years ago as measured in your present linear- time paradigm. It is a formidable and grand vicissitude, and the resulting amplification of energy is immense and far reaching.

The Cosmic Trigger III : A Unique Blend of Energies

The upcoming Spring Equinox on March 20, 2011 features very rare and prolific astrological energy resonance...the coming together of a Perigee Full Moon on Saturday-March 19, and the Equinox Sun conjuncts Uranus within incredible proximity of influence through the connected energies of the Cosmic Trigger..

This 'cocktail' of assorted energies forms a portal potential of enormous prioritization and a fulcrum point of massive shift for all of humanity in macro and micro. How humanity choose to utilize & engage this timing will measure your intent and progression into the Ascension. It is a grand opportunity, and offering to humanity indeed!

This embellished astrology surrounding the coming Equinox all combines and is even further driven by a special ' north lunar node' to assist humanity in truly understanding and completing much of their personal clearings. It is an unique opportunity to reboot into greater clarity and refurbished energy.

All of you are stretching your boundaries, and pushing into greater consciousness, new paradigms. There is always a discomfort factor involved in such changes. Dear Humans, we understand the difficulties, the hardships, the effort required in these transitions, and we are here in the now, to support and assist you. We honor you for choosing to be here at this time, for making the decision to Ascend.

Utilizing the Energy : Taking Part

The upcoming Equinox is a time to gather, a time to receive codes, a time to prioritize, and time to assist one another and align. If you are able to gather, do so, if you are not, then join in etherically. Make time to meditate, for the Cosmic Trigger is a special energy embellished with codes that can assist you in myriad ways.

Do you not see that happening all around you ?

Although the Crystalline Energy is initially accessible to you in the 5th dimension, the full spectrum of the Quantum Crystalline Field only fully exist in the dimension of Twelve. Appropriately the consciousness of the crystalline aspect of the earth's own mineral kingdom is dynamically processed via the 12th dimension thru the 'Crystalline Platinum Ray'..

The 12th dimension is the highest resonance of earthen dimensionality, and can be said to be the initial, first truly replete dimension of the crystalline realm. It is the dimension of the highest Cosmic Ray, that of the Platinum Ray. The Platinum Ray operates in a crystalline modality and contains within it components of all 12 Cosmic Rays.

As such, the Crystalline Platinum Ray of the 2011 Cosmic Trigger cascades into the Earth Plane on the March 20 Equinox in robust spiraled pulsations. These are transduced thru the 144-Grid into a more palpable frequency in order for this highly concentrated energy to be synergistically integrated into the planetary resonance.

The result is an enormous upshift that embodies & transfers the Cosmic Code in tandem for the perfection that is to come. It is indeed the perfection of the twelfth dimension that ensures humanity's macro and micro transition into the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na....the Ascension.

The referenced earthen aspect of coded crystalline energies will be awakened through the receival of the Cosmic Platinum Ray delivered thru the multidimensional octahedron portals of the triplex pyramidal matrixes of Giza in the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet and thru the Moody Tri-Pyramidal structure on the Gulf of Mexico. .

Both pyramidal complexes then in axialtonal alignment, both on the 29th latitudinal vector, both emitting the energy of PHI, become the dissemination engines of the 2011 Cosmic Trigger, and this energy is then disseminated globally..

Dear Ones, the Crystalline Age is certitude. It is approaching in grand and grander inertia. Duality separation has been a potent and worthy experience for mankind in the University of Linear Earth. Duality has been a prolific teacher, but the linear curriculum is coming to a close for many of you. It is time to receive your polarity diploma and begin postgraduate work in the higher realms of zero field in the Crystalline Omniverse.


Humanity are at a crux, a crucial point. Those of you that have carried the Ascension Light to this point have indeed done your job, but now more is required of you.

Many of you are carriers of special codes, envoys that specifically chose to be here at this crucial time to assist recode the earth. You are here to help navigate the remaining aspects of the Ascension. You are here to enliven the masses, to be messengers of Crystalline Light !

You see, there are many in humanity that are yet undecided, uncertain where to go, and so great numbers are taking a step back, rather than forward. And we tell you, you can influence them, for such impasse is not in highest good. Your energy, your influence is needed.

And so we speak to those of you carrying the light, because many are now at an untimely pause. And some of you do not even recognize their immobility. Indeed, even some of you on the path of Mastery, are pausing with doubt and indecision.

Masters, the times for sitting on the fence have long passed in the quickening. It is not the best choice, for those that have heard the clarion call of the Planetary Ascension.

One question that a Master never asks is " How much more work is required?" And that is bnecause the effort is the natural path toward your home, to you destiny within the realm of LOVE.

...And so why the pause, why the indecision ? Allow us to tell you what may be happening.

It is because there is a final stage of clearing taking place not only on the planet, but within the hearts of many of you. And some of you didn't see it coming, some of you truly thought you were already there, and feel confused when the energy tightens around you.

You see 2011 and 2012 ushers in the Crystalline Age of Ascension , and with that the transformation of the Earth and indeed humanity.

And Masters, that ongoing transformation requires the last dross of imbalance, of obstacle to be removed .

Cosmic Expansion

As such, each human on the planet, are now required to interface with incredibly expansive 'cosmic' frequencies at this time on the earth.

And as we have told you, mere recognition of this expansion, however, is not enough. It is simply the first step, and is not the same as optimally integrating with cosmic expansion. More effort, more processing , more focus is yet required!

Optimal integration is expansive growth, and such quickening, such rapid shifts will inevitably lead again to yet another sense of outgrowing ones skin, it will lead again in time, to new feelings of intensity, discomfort and enclosure, requiring even more focus toward an even greater evolution.

So be aware Masters, that adjustmental growth in the crucible energies of the Cosmic Trigger and indeed all of the ongoing and remaining nodes and triggers of the heralded Ascension, is a work in progress....and purification and release is a constant part of it. And it affects each of you. Indeed this energy is an intensity of cosmic expansion and how you deal with it, whether you embrace it or ignore it, is very influential to your life course, and energy.

Masters if you are feeling these sensations, we honor you and we congratulate you, because it is indelible proof of exponential growth. Indeed you are on the true path of personal Ascension....and we are ever with you.

Dear Ones, be aware that you are not alone. We of the Angelic Realm are with you. Know that the Earth itself is mobilizing to assist you in that release in processing the purification you call the Ascension.

Certain vortexial points within the earth are now engineered, since the advent of the Cosmic Triggers of 2009 and 2010, to enable the release into the crystalline energy. That through what is termed the March 2011 Equinox , indeed a crucible of sacred purification as you move beyond duality.


Dear Ones, The living earth is your ally in the graduation into the Ascended Earth, and emergence into the non-polarity of the Crystalline Age..

The crystalline aspect of the crucible energies of the Violet Flame will amplify and boil to the surface the remaining untoward vibrational frequencies within your energy field in order to clear the path for the crystalline Mer-Ka-Na.

This is exponentially easier to accomplish within certain conscious powernodes and frequencial dates, such as the equinoxes, solstices, eclipses and Triple Date Portals. These are uniquely embellished throughout 2011 and 2012, and are tools offered to humanity, amplification tools to be utilized. But it can be accomplished at any time, at any place, with proper intent.

Dear Ones it is requisite.

Masters, as you through love and will project the Crystalline Radiance of your own Divinity, you change the world, by changing yourself. Ascension occurs one heart at a time.

Respect and nurture one another, and remember to love your self, for you are the Light of GOD. I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS.

And so it is.... And it is so !


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