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Earth-Keeper Chronicles Solstice June 2010

Solstice Issue: Earth-Keeper Chronicles - June 21, 2010

AA Metatron Channel :
'The Om Wave -Solstice Intent
& The Diamond-Octave Triad'

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


The Triad of the Diamond Octave

Gateway of Om - June 19-23 2010
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - June 26 2010
Solar Eclipse- July 11 2010


Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you on this very powerful and potent Solstice.

Indeed this energy that is circumventing the earth in this focal moment , is among the most robust and intense frequencies showered upon the earth in many eons. It is an energy that can and must be harnessed for greater good. And so we warmly join our energies to that of Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council of Light, who are indeed with you at this time.

And so the Cosmic Council of Light has begun the Wave of OM, an omnipotent energy oscillation that continues to bath the Earth and mankind in the energy of the Diamond Chakra Octave, the frequency of Hope and Unconditional Love.

This energy is being transmitted from the Cosmic Council of Light with Sainte Germaine and the Syrian-Pleiadean Alliance from the OM Crystal at Mount Shasta. It is pervading every Powernode on the planet and emits the optimal encouraging energy of Hope and Unconditional Love. As such it is not only available to all that tap into the OM Wave, it is further empowered by those that do. This is a Diamond Octave opportunity to integrate the positive attributes of strength and promise. Indeed it is the response to the yearning of conscious humanity at this time, and serves as an assurance that the Ascension will occur, and is indeed on track. Do you understand?

And so each of you are urged to meditate in micro and macro, in solitary and in mass during the Gateway of Om. The modality is to harmonically integrate into the wave by the earnest and anticipatory toning of OM. Feel and project the attributes you receive, of JOY, of well-being, of HOPE and Unconditional Love.

And know Dear Ones that this energy will collect in mass, and become a thought form collective that will reach critical mass and be reborn on the full moon lunar eclipse of June 26 and again on the solar eclipse of July 11. Well to continue participation in rebirthing the Om Wave on both eclipses. Each eclipse will exponentially reboot the OM Wave on the planet in great and greater potency.

Maters, we urge you to Consciously Create the world you desire on these special gateways. Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council have materialized onto your EarthPlane to be very close to humanity and the Earth , actually in your dimensional fields to facilitate this wave of Love. We tell you that even now, as the Cosmic Council cluster within Mt Shasta , hologramic refractions of their group-entity co exist in true presence on every Powernode on the planet, on every continent and over every body & stream of water. Indeed the waters exude this energy as they become pools of OM.

On the Lunar eclipse , identify and release your obstacles and fears. On the solar eclipse, visualize the creation of the New Earth and of your optimal desires of pure joy, in being who you became to be. Unify the chakras in the Gateway of OM.

Many of you have become despondent and although you are of high light quotient, are giving in to doubt and confusion, and thus are operating from the lower chakras, and your optimal auric circuitry is ruptured. You can and must reconnect the chakric field and reestablish 13-20-33 circuitry and flow into Mer-Ka-Va Field. No better opportunity exists for you.

Indeed the Triad of the Diamond Octave, will lead you into refurbished Joy, and be the path to the incredible energy that awaits you on the September Equinox and the Triple Date Portal of the heralded 10-10-10.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved"

... And so it is.

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