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Earth-Keeper Chronicles #41


EK Black

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles
Issue #41 * February 2010

Because your etheric body interfaces into antimatter, it can be said that human kind are in fact hybrids of matter / antimatter, conceptually evolved from within anti matter. But listen carefully: Your core consciousness exist vitally within antimatter, but not as antimatter, there is a difference. Your core genesis is Divine Thought, and it co-creates & permeates every matrix.   AAMetatron

Auras, Angelics & Antimatter

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet you in a vector of Unconditional Love!

And so we speak again of matter/antimatter and the synergetic flux between the two that define your realities. There is a constant shift between matter and antimatter that flashes consciousness units into both realms via macro and micro white holes and black holes. This is the underpinning of NOW reality that converges into all time holograms. It permeates all matter and antimatter, and you live in both.

  Matter and antimatter form different types of parallel universes. Some are separate dimensional planes governed by succinctly different sets of physics, geometrics and physical laws. Others duplicate your universe quite closely. Some parallel universes exist in subspace within parameters of 'formless geometry' and are completely different quantum realities. Some universes are smaller than a molecule, such is the paradox of spacial enigma. Physical universes such as yours are the exception, not the rule. Indeed there are highly evolved Beings in the Cosmos that are quite unaware that realms of physical universes even exist. Indeed there are distant components of your own Beingness, quite unaware of your physical self.

The visible physical matter that is understood within your current limited level of  technology actually makes up less than 4% of the multiverse. Approximately 20% of your universe is composed of what is called "dark" or invisible matter. The remaining 76-80% is anti-matter. That you refer to as the crystalline light body, or MerKaNa interfaces within & without all three. Indeed you journey within dark matter and anti matter every night in what you term the lucid dream state, in an etheric state of ultraviolet, within etheric bio plasmic energy bodies.

Most of you have little recall of what occurs in these nightly sojourns. However, this information is accessible for those of you prepared to achieve the MerKaNic level of consciousness in the tri level MerKiVic system of Crystalline Light Bodies.

The Polarity MerKaBa is Obsolete

But let us be clear, concerted effort is required to develop cognizance into this Crystalline 'Light-Body' System. The old polarity MerKaba will not serve in this capacity. You see the electromagnetic (polarity) grid is collapsing as the Crystalline Grid comes into full energy. In kind the human aura tied to the electromagnetic grid cannot and will not hold the higher frequencies of the Unified Field of  Quantum Crystalline Energy. The Crystalline Age is upon you, and duality systems are quite obsolete within this upshift.

  As such, both your physical bodies and your auric systems are demanding great and greater focus as the Earth approaches this supra-dimensional graduation. Indeed the increasing frequencies of the planet are requiring mankind's transition to the tri level MerKiVic modality of crystalline multidimensional Light Body Auric function. Much of humanity has yet to recognize that the old auric system is unable to carry the increasing crysto- light energy of the planet. As a result a form of pressure differential is occurring that results in auric stress overload. Fissuring occurs and auric 'bleeding and short circuitry can develop. We have referred to these actualities as 'Ascension Maladies'. Unrecognized, this can lead to energy loss, chronic fatigue and depression.

This we have shared with you in several assays. Yet the mass of humanity have not taken remedial action, and will consequentially remain tied to 3d functionality. Indeed 21 December, 2012 will appear as just another day for the vast majority of mankind. But the inspired minority that choose to develop crystalline light bodies, quantum leaps in consciousness are in store and indeed ongoing.

 Crystallization Upshift of RNA

Many of you on the path of Ascension are aware of the crystallization and 12 strand shift of DNA. We tell you that RNA is now upshifting in kind. RNA is equally important and is in fact the messenger that relays code changes to DNA.Now, the primary function of RNA is protein synthesis within a cell. However, RNA is involved in various ways in the processes of expression and repression of hereditary information. This is well understood by your biological and medical academics.

But we tell you, RNA is not only the catalyst of human biological shift; it is also the receiver of information from higher realms. It is the signal code radio-receiving apparatus of your new biology that allows for the crystallization and 12 strand DNA, crystallization of the pituitary, pineal and thymus to come into place.RNA is shifting from singular strand to a crystalline weave of six strands.

 Upshift to 6-Strand Crysto-RNA

  Whilst your physical matter bodies are now moving into 12 strand DNA and 6-strand RNA, your MerKaNic Crysto Light Bodies are  shifting to 144 and 72 respectively in an algorithm system of crystallization into multidimensional bio plasma consciousness in both matter and antimatter composites.The multidimensionality of quantum consciousness becomes both requisite & available to the seekers in humanity  that  shift into MerKaNa.

RNA Receives Multi Dimensional Codes

The crystallization and upshift of RNA is tantamount in this process  because it communicates in  multiple time dimensions and receives information  thru its crystalline linear chain mechanism. That is how RNA molecules assemble the physical matter proteins in the Ribosome in order to receive the codes of upshift.

 Indeed the RNA receives communication that is constantly being fed to the back brain, the God Mind, from what you would term as Angelic, Extra Terrestrial and Divine Oversoul consciousness. Most of these are within antimatter, and all of these work in Bio Plasmic Crystalline MerKaNa systems. RNA receives concise information codes that act as catalytic evolemental enzymes for new prototypes for the upshifting of the carbon-based physical body.

Those referred to as the 'Crystal Children' or Meruvians are incarnating with these bio-etheric shifts readily intact. Indeed there are myriad changes in the DNA and RNA of the new humans. These transitions are available to those of you of the 'Pathfinders', who are indeed seekers on the avenue of enlightenment, but assembly is required.

Antimatter & Matter of Fact : The 4th and 1st State

 Your main-stream academics understand that the planet earth is surrounded by a shell or ovid, called the Magnetosphere. They do not uniformly acknowledge that within it is invisible charged matter particulate called plasma. In fact the dominant state of  matter in the Multiverse is plasmic. But because it does not produce a radiation that they can see or measure, the academics do not formally concede as yet that plasma is in fact matter. Some theorize its existence as dark matter. But in truth it is not truly 'dark'. In time it will be understood that plasma is the fourth state of matter, from your present perspective. 

Matter exists beyond the three phases of solid, liquid and gas. It exists as plasma. And we tell you that it is not truly the 'fourth state', from higher perspective, rather is it the first state in Omniverse Cosmology. And it exists in varying  layers within its own concentric dimensionality. And it exist within dark matter as well as antimatter.

Your Etheric Body is 'Stealth' Biological Plasma

Your etheric light-body in also encased in an ovid, similar to the Magnetosphere of your planet. Indeed, it is composed of stealth plasma.

In fact all of you in higher forms of your multidimensionality have 'bodies' , not of carbon based chemical clothes as on duality earth, but rather in the  crysto realm of complex Bio-Plasma.  And these Bio-Plasmic versions of 'YOU' exist in the realms your scientist ironically term ' dark matter'. We say ironically because that you term dark-matter, is actually far lighter and exponentially  greater in frequency than physically dense matter, and in terms of consciousness, it is anything but dark. Within it is the interfacing lens of the Angelic Realm.

Dark Matter in your vernacular is Invisible matter. It is only 'dark' in the sense that it cannot be identified by your current instrumentation. It is a stealth form of matter that remains undetectable over the entire electromagnetic spectrum detectable by your  scientists, from the long radio wave-length to the far shorter length oscillation of the gamma- ray.

Your MerKaNic Field, Dear Ones, is crystalline bio plasma. On the earth-plane all of you are composed of a carbon body that is aurically interfaced with an etheric body of  bio-plasma. When you transition to higher realms you will be fully conscious in that etheric energy, in a body of crysto bio plasmic light. In fact the greater part of you lives now in the liquid crystalline Cosmos of what you term of as 'dark matter, invisible light matter in crysto electric bio plasma.

Stay with us, keep your focus for this is a great truth we attempt to explain to you. 

Masters, while this may seem confusing, it will become  more apparent to those of you expanding into the Crystalline Auric Light Bodies, the MerKaNic phase of the three level MerKiVa. That is the level where you connect to the 'Angelic' part of you, a part that has been filtered away from you in duality.

And science aside, all of this assay is about you returning to your higher state, so do not get lost in the syntax. Do not be overwhelmed by the 'science' or  terminology we use, for the higher part of you already knows the TRUTHS we share with you in this teaching. Indeed your will to learn and  achieve, and  'MerKaNa'  is your ticket home. It is why you are here.

So we will share with you both background and  the mechanics of how to get there.

Hybrids of Matter / Antimatter

 Because your etheric body interfaces into antimatter, it can be said that human kind are in fact hybrids of matter / antimatter, conceptually evolved from within anti matter. But listen carefully: Your core consciousness exist vitally within antimatter, but not as antimatter, there is a difference. Your core genesis is Divine Thought, and it co-creates & permeates every matrix.

The conical apertures of the human chakric/auric system are extending & expanding in function as you develop Level 2 and Level 3 MerKiVic light bodies. 

The 'subtle energy' that composes the MerKiVic Auric System has the properties of an electromagnetic current, yet they are not electromagnetic in duality terms. They are 'liquid' crystalline in nature but operate in current-field flows similar to the polarity of the previous system. Crysto- MerKaNic energy flows through conical vortex apperendi and is fed into meridians but takes on the properties of crysto-coherent particle streams, similar to laser light, in trinity level MerKiVic system function. It is the same energy that flows through Phi Crystals, in that it is coherent.

 Your vortexial chakras are multi-receptive and transmittive. This is optimal in the third level of the MerKiVa system, the MerKaNa, as we teach in the Metatronic Keys. In the MerKaNic manifold are great and greater ties into group soul-consciousness and systems of Omni-Earth and Multiverse Cosmos.

Remote Viewing

In "group consciousness" levels of MerKaNa what you think of as psychic- telepathy and remote viewing occur automatically. Not as the goal, but as a natural occurrence of that divine level of consciousness. Indeed these occur thru connectivity in the neural networks (plasmic filaments) of the Living Cosmos or gestalt energy you call God.  Just as you have a network of neural filaments and nerve fibers in your human brain that communicate in 'currents', there are in kind similar networks that act as information conduits that exist in the successive multiverses of the Living Cosmos. Which comparatively speaking may be viewed as the brain of God, the 'All That Is'. In that analogy, it may appropriately seem that you are living in a Cosmos that is an omnipotent brain. And indeed these 'Cosmic Neural' corridors are sending information to and thru your RNA constantly.

Neural Networks in Matter/AntiMatter Layers

It is in fact thru this operandi of filamentary current conduits that phenomena such as remote viewing and bi-location seem to occur. Neither bi-location nor remote viewing truly involve physically 'seeing or being', as much as it involves processing of information codes & patterns received thru cosmic or earthen neural corridors thru your RNA and the crystallized pituitary & pineal.  

We tell you that these codes of information are the neuronal networks in matter/ anti-matter and dark plasma in which the Omni-Earth is contained.  

What this means is that a system is in place, and structure that you can, with effort purposely evolve into. The learning of the tri-level MerKiVic system is imperative, because it is required for you to consciously Ascend into the next level.

But keep in mind, the greater you expand into MerKiVic Levels, the greater energy you carry. And with greater energy comes greater responsibility. You must be able to control your energy field frequencies, and modulate the power within thru mental balance and self disciplined control.

Through the development of the crystalline light body tri level MerKiVic system, you gain the ability to navigate within higher dimensionality and in so doing freely access greater consciousness.

Coherent Crysto-Light

The effect is the development and utilization of coherent crysto-light energy. This is particularly useful to Healers, and can be developed & fine tuned by motivated Master Healers in Level 2 and 3 of the MerKiVa and MerKaNa. Coherent crysto-light energy can be projected out from the body of a Master MerKaNic Healer through the hands by beaming their personal chi of coherent emanations of crysto- energy into the patient's body.

By developing this system, you will grow in myriad ways and re-acquire abilities that you have only 'dreamed of...literally.

The phenomena you call channeling also occurs thru this process. But to be clear, channeling in the vast majority of cases is an enhanced communication with the Divine Self within you, not with Archangels or Ascended Masters, but with the self.

Channeling Angelics and Divine Self

We are indeed communicating from without to within the circuitry of the channel, Tyberonn.  Archangels and Ascended Masters do in fact communicate with certain channels and teachers, but the great majority of conscious mediums are channeling their higher selves. Such was the case of the renowned Edgar Cayce. His channels came from Ra-Ta, his Ascended higher self. This is not only available, it is ongoing with all of you. What must be developed is the ability to consciously retrieve the information in 'real' (linear) time. And that requires effort and sufficient light quotient thru open circuitry of Avatarian MerKaRa. Did not the Avatar Jeshua ben Joseph tell you, "That I do, ye can do also"?

And so a great new world is within grasp. And the development of the crystalline MerKiVa and MerKaNa is offered to you. But before you can shift into this energy, you must acquire the basic understanding and optimal maintenance mechanics of your auric field and Chakric system. You have to learn to walk before you learn to run. It is an ironical juxtaposition that many of you on the path of enlightenment have achieved considerable knowledge of metaphysics, yet surprisingly make little conscious effort toward understanding the compulsory mechanics of auric circuitry and physical maintenance interactions.

And understand that your compulsory maintenance of the MerKiVic System is an integral journey, not a summit destination. Your integrity and impeccability of thought and action influence your auric integrity. If your load-bearing cornerstone cracks or slips, so will your MerKiVic access. The mind -etheric body connection is immediate. Energy and consciousness cannot be divided.

Your chakras can only operate optimally when your etheric field is intact. Your light body has circuitry that is only functional when you achieve the understanding of how to connect it and maintain it. This is offered in the Metatronic Keys in crystalline transition, but optimal operation has been known and taught by esoteric throughout the ages. Charles Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society was quite brilliant in his understanding for the duality phases. It is time now to understand the crystalline upshift.

 Symbiotic Coupling

Just as your planets electro-magnetic grid is collapsing as it is transposed by the crystalline grid, so is your polarity based etheric energy field unable to hold the greater frequency of crystalline light.

There is a symbiotic coupling force integrating the levels of your etheric field in matter with the crysto-photon body of the MerKiVa and MerKaNa in antimatter. This key symbiosis is operated thru the particle accelerators you term chakras.  Each layer is separated by double layered membranes of bioplasmic respectively lined with opposing currents to form a durable lamina sheath. There is mutual affinity between the bioplasma and physical-biomolecular bodies, and this occurs thru the double coned receival and transmitting chakras which extend sensory transduction filaments into each sequential matter/dark matter/antimatter dimensional field. This process will generate a to and fro helical path that will have a conical spin.

In MerKaNic systems the chakras expand to 96 in the level 1 MerKiVa, 144 in the Level 2 MerKiVa and 240 in the Level 3 MerKaNa (from the 12 in duality fields). And these extend filaments that operate in a liquid-crystal phase. They are free to move about in a pseudo-fluid movement, yet constantly remain angularly oriented to the geometry and crystalline currents of the MerKaNic field.

That you think of as the 'lower chakras' in physical form, relating to survival, sexuality and emotion are not eliminated in crystalline MerKiVa, rather are they up shifted in function unrelated to gender or physical survival. Sexual polarity/gender does not exist in the zero fields of higher celestial realms.

(Gender does occur in certain extra terrestrial civilizations that exist in stealth (dark-or invisible) matter and antimatter such as the Pleiadeans and Sirians. However it is not 'hot-wired' in the urgent fashion of species survival /emotion as the humans experience on earth. Rather it is far less polar and does not have the hard lined physical drive associated with human biology.)

Prerequisite of MerKiVa

Now, the optimal healthy human auric field is the etheric body. It is composed of stealth matter, and connects both into physical dense bio-molecular matter and into antimatter in parallel. It is quite complex, and is the base level of pre-MerKiVa, but is not MerKiVa.

The auric system receives and auto projects charged energy particulate, and occurs somewhat like the aurora borealis or northern lights. Every physical being will generate this field. It expands as the biological human grows in consciousness. Yet the aura on its own is not the geometric light body. It is an ovid complete with a tapestry of horizontal and vertical currents and circuitries. In its initial level there are 7 active chakras which can be progressively activated to12 as light quotient is increased.

Expansion is an analogous process that has something of an induction domino effect. One light turns on the next, in time. The primary longitudinal axial current is received thru the 7th chakric vortex and assimilated thru the pituitary to induce secondary and tertiary currents at specific angles.

The Sacred Ratio of 13-20-33

The optimal human aura protacts and elaborates thru this process until it achieves full circuitry in the 13-20-33 ratio. Twelve Chakric layers that form one 12+1=13. 20 sub layers that exist in antimatter, and the amplified integral Cosmic system of 33. This system takes many lifetimes to achieve, and once achieved, it is the requisite entry certification that allows one to graduate into MerKiVic Light Vehicles. As such 13-20-33 is a key frequencial combination that resonates with and facilitates entry into geometric MerKiVa. When the frequencial resonance of the 13-20-33 ratio is optimally achieved, the chakric system is in full circuitry functioning with vortexial centers, helical intake and outtake receivers and transmitters, intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity, and aligned node points of supra-current flux. At his point it is ready to be taken into MerKiVic geometric crysto-light body vehicle.

  We have shared with you share with you that the interface of the Angelic Realm to the human material realm is thru  the antimatter field, and the antimatter plasmic composition of that field composes what is termed  the Parallel Dimensions of 'Omni-Earth' and the 'Multiverse'.

Now as we have said, the realm of the angelic exist within anti matter, but not as antimatter, and there is a difference. It is better to say that within antimatter is the underpinning concept of all life, all consciousness before it materializes in matter. But life forms indeed exist within antimatter and stealth matter...including all of YOU.


The interfacing vortexial organs of your etheric body via the chakric system are in a sense focal particle accelerators that form open cones into the field of antimatter. This is something that will become known to humans within the next three generations. Matter / Antimatter and Bio-Energy Plasma life exist in varying layers of dimensional resonance, frequency and intensity. Your developed MerKiVic field is indeed capable of holding this energy, and transporting you within it and without it.

You are Divine Beings with aspects that are both finite and infinite. And in the MerKiVic system you are able to unfold the finite into the infinite. New frontiers are opening to you in the Ascension of Earth into great and greater dimensional access. Though your main stream academics will continue to avoid being ostracized by safely remaining in the restrictive cage of status quo, accepting only what can be measured with truly simplistic scientific instrumentation.

Those that choose to remain in 3d, can indeed do so. But those will indeed miss the opportunity to make bold strides in understanding not only the true nature of 'life consciousness, but also the vast realms of the Omniverse Cosmos, including the Earth itself. Yet all of you with further reaching intuition can reach beyond your conceived grasp.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these TRUTHS. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

Posting on websites is permitted with credits and reference to website. Publishing only with expressed permission. Copyrights www.Earth-Keeper.com . All rights reserved.

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