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Call to All Lightworkers - Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon Action

von Kathryn May, 04.04.2015

The Blood Moon and Eclipse Action - Heal, Cure and End the Dark Matrix and its Effects on Planet Earth.

The lunar eclipse on Saturday, April 4 at 8 am EDT is the Blood Moon lunar eclipse. At 8:07 EDT is the Passover Blood Moon.

From 8 am to 8:07 am EDT the gateways align and the portal opens. This portal is a Portal of Freedom - freedom from persistent past energies of the dark programs.

During that 7 minute window there is a massive influx of Father and Mother's light of a higher quality than we have ever been able to accept in the past. That alone will create a "disruption" that will cause dark programs to grind to a halt, opening the possibility for Light to enter.

Beginning at 8 am EDT we will join together to say the first line of the Invocation to Ignite the Flame of Resurrection in our own hearts and the Heart of Terra to a new and greater degree:

"I am the Resurrection and the Life of my eternal Freedom in the Light."

Our Action will include Activation of:

An Inter-dimensional Pillar of Light

The Resurrection Flame

The gift of a Special Living Symbol created for this historic day and imbued with the love and powerful healing energies from Mother and Father, to be given to every conscious being on the planet.

This action will include all the Higher Selves of all the beings on Earth and any beyond who wish to join us, including all the dolphins, the whales, the birds, and the devas of all the elementals and kingdoms, and others have volunteered to help us.

Putting all these elements together at once will create an "overwhelm" that will break through the resistance to Light within the bodies of the darkest of the dark cabal members who have not yet allowed their Higher Selves to fill them with Light. It will also further the Ascension of every man woman and child incarnated on Earth.

Collectively this will stall the Matrix itself. For a lingering moment, we will experience Freedom. This will be our new touchstone for the New Era. At the same time it will daze and dispel and dissolve all dark thoughtforms and energies.

In that long moment, we will be given an opportunity - a crack in the armor of our individual and collective darkness where the Light may enter.

At that point the Higher Selves of every man, woman and child are prepared to assist their incarnates to take action in three ways:

1. They will establish and/or enhance the pillar of Light that runs from the center of the brain to the center of the heart to the solar plexus, extending it into the center of the earth and simultaneously up to Father and Mother.

2. Together with our Higher Selves, we will establish within ourselves the mother-of-pearl Resurrection Flame. The Flame will be at its height at that moment on Earth because of its decreed time when the gateways align and the Freedom Portal opens. It is the resurrection of the Light of Mother/Father God on surface Earth. It will increase the vibration of Light in the body and will instantly dispel illusion and darkness. The increased capacity of this Flame will bring healing to all.

3. Further, we will be presented with a gift from Mother and Father Source. They have created and at this time are bestowing a sacred image imbued with their Light. This Symbol is a seal, marking the completion of all we have accomplished, along with the fulfilled promise of all that is to come.

The Gift from Mother and Father

Mother and Father have created this symbol to sustain the Light within, reviving the intensity of the three-fold flame we all carry within our hearts. It is a living symbol that will be released at the moment the Resurrection Flame enters the body. In the heart, it will constantly nourish and clear, clean and enhance the Light in every drop of blood. Every pathway in the body will begin healing. The heart in every cell will be infused with this sacred symbol of Love and Light.

The gifts being bestowed upon us at this time are a result of our intense efforts to clear and raise ourselves into the Light. These gifts are made available to every soul incarnated upon Earth at this time.

The Gift of Assistance from the Kingdoms

Many kingdoms have offered their service to humanity to enhance what can be achieved at the opening of the Freedom Portal.

At the moment of Go, the dolphins will create a spinning vortex forcefield across surface Earth - the same kind the spinner dolphins use when they break free from the water. Dolphins us such vortexes themselves to clear all dark thoughtforms and discordant energies, which explode off their bodies and into the Light. Incarnated dolphins and their Higher Selves will participate with us.

Simultaneously, the whales and the angelic choirs will join in harmony to create tones that will assist the dolphins in creating a light forcefield. They will also produce and hold tones that will unlock codes and frequencies to awaken any part of our hearts that have been muted or silenced by the dark . The whales are the keepers of these ancient tones, and have kept them safe to share with us at this time. In their words, "It is a tone we have kept sacred and safe for use in this moment. We know what to do. We will gladly release it, in harmony with the angelic choirs. We will sing with all our might."

The birds have said, "We will beat and flap our wings, and we will clear the skies of all heavy residue. With our mighty hearts and our flapping wings we will clear the storm of swirling dark residue, and make way for the Resurrection flame."

Other animal and kingdom devas have also said they will devote their collective efforts to assisting with the leap to Freedom. The animal devas said, "Thank you all for your conscious efforts to remove the dark programs. We are here to help. We will each use our ways to help dislodge and soothe the vibrations of darkness that will be released. We will help the Lightworkers to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The Resurrection Flame

The resurrection flame is the sacred flame of Life, Light, Resurrection and Restoration.

The flame of Resurrection is the hope of redemption for the entire human race, quickening the vibratory action of the Light within the cells of the body, and enabling the inner light to throw off appearance and experience of limitation. The substance of the Resurrection Flame flows through the physical and etheric bodies of all those who allow its powerful healing effects.

Please note that this action occurs inside and outside of time, therefore its effects are expanded by every conscious choice to participate and contribute, no matter when that might occur throughout time. Anyone at any time may add their heart signature by contributing their loving intentions.

Our love and thanks to the many Lightworkers who at this time invoke this mighty flame on behalf of themselves, humanity and Terra.

Kathryn and the Team -

Christine and Eleanora, with Faith, Jovine, Jade and the entire Light family.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.

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