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Nibiruan Ascension Update September 2015

9D Nibiruans, channeled by Jelaila Starr, 08.09.2015

Woke up Saturday morning with a message from the guys upstairs (9D Nibiruans). Being aware of the battering we all are taking right now just before the big systems change, they wanted me to share a bit of hope....in the form of an update. You see, being several dimensions beyond us, they can see our world from a much broader perspective. I agreed and this is their update.

Chaos Before the Calm

As they explained (and we are living through) the world seems to have reached an unparalleled level of chaos. Having seen many worlds through an ascension process, they want us to know that this level of chaos is to be expected. Its very similar to what a baby experiences during the birth process....the greatest pain and chaotic emotions occur just before the baby is freed. We are birthing a new reality, complete with new systems and a new way of living. Just as with a fetus, it must let go and release itself from the systems that sustained it in the womb.

Right now we are witnessing the change from the old systems to new ones. The one they wanted me to focus on is the financial system because a major shift is occurring right before our eyes. The reason they want me to write about it is because a financial system is one of the primary systems of a world. It underpins all the others required to carry on daily life.

Death of the Fiat Currency System

​With China's decision to depeg from the US dollar, a domino effect occurred within the markets. The result was billions of dollars removed in a matter of a few weeks. This was a good thing because it was necessary to align them at the level needed for the new asset backed system that is being launched. So we will see an infusion occur which will bring the markets back up to the proper level, providing the financial underpinning for the new reality.

Mass 3D Awakening

Another positive sign is the mass awakening that has occurred. We were told years ago that planetary ascension success occurs with at least 70% of the population making a 1 dimensional jump. We are seeing this occur as we speak.

What caused it? With the help of the Internet, and the sacrifice of many, problems that have gone unresolved and in many cases, unnoticed have been brought to everyone's attention. What sparked it was the death of a lion (many 9D Nibiruans are feline). Several causes such as those involved with factory farming, trophy hunting, GMO foods, and one that is near and dear to my heart, puppy mills utilized the media opportunities to make their voices heard.

The result has again been a domino effect providing traction for those causes as well as stimulating the mass consciousness for new ones. Black Lives Matter was one of the new ones. The higher purpose was to bring to public awareness the abuse of power by those entrusted with public safety. It was also to wake the public to the fact that we do not really live in a free country as the PTB (Powers That Be) want us to believe. In a way you could say that the masses, especially here in the US, are being shaken out their matrix induced sleep. We are waking up to see the world as it really is; not the illusionary one they created for us.

Expect to see more causes and movements develop, each designed to resolve a problem created by man's inhumanity to himself, the animals and the environment.

Battered by the Storms

As if the social changes were not enough, I've heard from many that they are being battered by numerous challenges at the same time. It used to be only a couple and then we'd have a respite. That no longer seems to be the case. It is easy to get discouraged when so many are heaped on our shoulders at once. I am told that we are going through the final tempering, being honed for the work ahead. I was reminded of our divine destiny as universal peacekeepers. We must become peaceful to fulfill that role. We are being honed and tempered, being prepared to fulfill our divine destiny. Fire never feels good when you're standing in it.

In closing, the chaos, though uncomfortable, is an integral part of ascension. I'm remind that the.Dark ultimately serves the Light. It is through the pain of what isn't working do we recognize what needs to be changed. Right now the chaos is particularly painful, but it will soon end.

We are doing well. The Nibiruans want us to know that. So keep your chins up and keep going. The best is just ahead.

​Sending you warms hugs,

Jelaila Starr
Psychic/Intuitive Counselor
The Nibiruan Council
Email: nibiruancouncil9@gmail.com
URL: www.NibiruanCouncil.com

video link: youtu.be/hbLm37PglDc

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