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Von Trinity Esoterics

The Purpose of Disaster ~ Channeled January 15, 2010

We would like to say to you that you are beginning to see the many changes that a great deal of channels have been alluding to over the last several months. We understand that as you, in your humanity, look at the events of the world – particularly in Haiti, it can be very confusing. We talk about a world that is moving through this very beautiful ascension process and then you are hit with such mass suffering it can be very difficult to see how this all fits in. We wish to tell you that everything is divinely perfect. This will be difficult for some to accept as they see the world events unfolding. We will do our best to explain it to you in a way that puts it in divine order.

You understand that when there are earthquakes, or any natural disasters for that matter, that the earth is merely adjusting. It is releasing what she no longer can hold in order for the earth to evolve. This should give you an indication of the level of density that our dear Gaia has been struggling with for so long. It is good that that energy has had an opportunity for release because it lightens the load if you will, and allows our beautiful earth to move forward in much lighter energies that match where she is meant to go.

It always saddens us to see those that are in human expression feel heartache and despair and pain. However, the souls that are moving through this experience have willingly volunteered. Always remember that. Those that have left the planet have done so by choice. They understood the potential of this as they were planning their human expression and lovingly agreed to be part of this. These souls were not meant to move through into the higher energies of ascension on earth. This was something they did not wish to experience for whatever reason at this time. What they did wish to experience was leaving the planet under these spectacular circumstances in order to assist the planet. You see, when there is a large disaster, a large loss of life, there always comes the resulting outpouring of love and compassion from the world. That, in turn, creates an even higher energy for your beloved earth to harness and use to move into an even higher expression of herself.

Whenever there is a large loss of life, when things seem so very hopeless and horrific, it always moves those who are observing into a place where they start to ask the bigger questions. Why am I still here? What is death? Where do people go when they die? What does it all mean? These are all fundamental questions that a soul having a human experience must ask in order to explore spirituality and begin to enlighten.

When there is such a large event as the earthquake in Haiti, people get to experience the world operating as one. Many nations come together under the wonderful energies of wishing to help their fellow man. The emphasis becomes more focused on our similarities rather than our differences. It supports unity consciousness.

It also allows regular men and women to step forward in their highest expressions of themselves in acts of heroism. They truly get that we are in it together. As an after effect, many souls are left wondering, Why am I still here? You will often hear, “I survived. God must have a bigger plan for me!” People tend to take themselves apart and put themselves back together in a whole new way after such events.

It also reminds those of the human condition of how fleeting life is. What a short period of expression it truly is. It highlights the preciousness of the now. Being reminded of that will often remind people of the many blessings in their lives that they may have lost sight of. It will also encourage people to look at what may not be working in their lives and to make changes that would better fit what they would like to experience for themselves. If you can see from that higher perspective all of the wonderful potentials for growth and awareness that come from such events, it would be very difficult to look at it as an act from a vengeful God. We encourage you to take that higher perspective to see the greatness of the souls who have left, the souls who have stayed and those who have banded together in love, compassion, service and unity as a wondrous expression of what humanity is capable of. There is indeed a higher purpose to all of it.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young.

Transcribed by Terri DeMarco.

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