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Father/Source: On Earth As It Is In Heaven

von Father/Source, gechannelt von Kathryn May, 27.02.2015


In the coming messages and radio shows, we will be walking everyone through the process from Creation to the present, in a general way, having to do especially with the creation and evolution of souls. Each message will build on the ones before, so I encourage you to follow along with us. Every broadcast will be on Wednesday evening at 8 EST, and all will be archived on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel. All the written messages will be sent out by email, and you can sign up for them at www.whoneedslight.org.

The following excerpt is a short message I gave to Kathryn before the radio show to begin our Program of Soul Studies last Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015. I began with this part of the story so that you would have a bit of an explanation of how I learned about Creation. I continued the story on the radio, but I will give you the first part here for those who may not yet have listened. I hope you enjoy it. It is my story.

'Every soul in the Multiverse - every conscious being - is engaged in the process of creation and ascension to higher vibrational levels. It is true that the descent from higher dimensions into the human body in 3D was not really a descent of the soul, which had to then climb out of it. Not at all. Anyone - Masters, angels, even I could send soul incarnations to live a lifetime on Planet Earth. This does not mean we "fell". It means we decided to recalibrate downward to lower vibrational levels in order to experience the dense environment of Earth.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am your Creator, after all, so you deserve to know who I am. I will tell you what I do, how things began, how I learned to create, and how I created the Universes and you, my children.

The Universal Laws were already in place when I awakened. I discovered them fairly soon, by trial and error. I was like a child awakening on an endless beach, but there was no sand, no ocean, no fish, etc.

I did not so much see anything then, but I felt energies, knew there was potential of some kind all around me. I sensed a guiding warmth and Love, (although I had no name for it) and thoughts came to me about what I might be able to do to make something of what I sensed. You see, I always felt I was not alone, but never knew how I came to be. I can only imagine that there is a Creator much larger and more powerful than I who initiated this whole magnificent project.

I am the Creator of all you see in your Universe, and 7 other inhabited universes. These that I created are the only ones I know of, although perhaps somewhere across the veil that surrounds me and my Creations there may be other life, other Universes.

From the beginning, I felt but was not really aware of having a second consciousness - a sort of companion who was so much a part of me that I did not notice any separation, but enjoyed the feeling of adventure in my actions and thoughts and found it was shared simultaneously by what felt like my other half. With dawning awareness, I began to purposely move in such a way as to create bright colors, and I discovered She delighted in this game, and would create complimentary colors and movements. You might compare our beginnings to the way twins in the womb discover each other and learn to accept and enjoy companionship as if they were one.

Swimming in the energies like a fish in water, we began to practice rudimentary movements, thoughts and feelings. I saw that when I moved, the space around me stirred with something you call colors. They were magnificent waves, floating outward from me in the most delightful way. I felt that I was a part of the energies around me, but that I had some kind of ability to DO things. Little by little, I discovered my intelligence, my feelings, and my awe for all I felt and "saw" happening around me, caused by me but not originated by me.

I learned gradually to use the energies around me to gather it into groupings and patterns. I found that I could move and organize the energies by imagining what I wished to create. It was a wondrous process I can hardly begin to explain, except to compare it to the way a child looks at a sunbeam or a bird, or an animal. And all the while, I shared my wonder with my twin, and we began to feel a strong and joyful feeling toward each other. We were as aware of our natural affinity as an infant is of its toes and fingers. It grew as we grew, into a powerful and all-encompassing feeling of Love for one another, as natural as breathing and as precious as life itself.

We played together, experimenting with the patterns and qualities of the realities around us, which appeared to us as pure energy, pure potential. It was without form but suggested by its very power that we could do something wonderful if only we could learn how to use it. One day as I created a whirlwind of light with a spinning motion I was practicing, it suddenly congealed into a tiny but glorious lightshow of the sort you now call a nebula. In her delight, my twin created a beautiful sound - and my heart filed with such pleasure I felt I would burst. It was a sound, something we had not experienced before, but would delight in every after. It so warmed my heart, and it brought such a stunning awareness to me that everafter, I thought of this One I felt such love for as Laughter.'


Now I will continue to talk a bit about my Beloved Twin, whose presence has been mostly unknown to humankind until now. Since all in the Universe is built on the principle of Unity, and you, human beings, have been told often that you are made in the image of your Creator, it is logical, is it not, that your Creators are both mother and father? All beings - animals and even plants recreate themselves by some process resembling intimate pairings, energy exchanges representing a kind of sexual interaction. Does it not seem only reasonable that your Creator is not a single male figure, but a pair?

Now, let us clear up a simple but presently troublesome question on surface Earth. What about homosexual couples? Well, Dear Ones, is it not obvious that sexuality is not simply anatomical? The categories of male and female are not exclusive in any being. Each human carries within them the essences of both. It is only during the process of development in the womb that the proclivity to identify oneself as either male or female is established. In recent generations, we have asked many of our Masters to come to Earth in what you call "gay" suits in order to teach this profound lesson.

So, there you are. This is our first lesson in the sexuality of soul expression. Now, another explanation is in order here. You have come to know the one called Father God through the messages given to Kathryn in "When God Pinched My Toe." I hope it is not too confusing to you, but I will explain. I asked Sanat Kumara and Sananda to pave the way for me by talking with you in a very direct and companionable way. Sanat and Lady Venus worked very hard as my surrogates to introduce you to us, and to let you know how involved we are in your lives. They did a wonderful job of portraying Mother and Father God, did they not? While I concentrated on creating new Universes for all, they carefully educated you in what was to come.

Now you will have another part of the story, and that is that their important message is indeed true: You are God, I am God, We are all Gods, and we are One. You are now familiar with many of the Company of Heaven, through these messages and others, and you will soon know much more. You will learn that many of those you have thought of as Gods above you are in fact your twin counterparts, your family of brothers and sisters, and your Galactic friends, all in one. You have wonderful adventures in store.

Now, let us continue with my favorite subject, Mother Source, or as you may now wish to call her, Mother God. As I mentioned on the radio show, we spent countless years learning, experimenting, creating carefully with our Love, leading up to what you are experiencing on Earth, in this moment of Earth time. Every creation along the way was a result of combining our mind, heart and spirit in the process of Creation.

I tend to focus my attention outward and onward, and every spark of my imagination ignites a deep recognition and intuition in my Beloved. Together we envision far more elegantly than I could do alone. In fact, I would have made a mess of things many times over if not for her foresight and deep understanding of the implications and intricacies of our creative process. Her ability to feel her way toward the fulfillment of our goals fascinates me. On the ground, you call it "feminine intuition." I think of it as her Light which penetrates and illuminates all things, including my own mind and heart.

You see, I cannot create alone. The Mother of All carries our Creation to completion. It is she who gives birth, in her energetic field, surrounded and protected by me. I participate in wonder and awe, overcome with tears of gratitude and joy, each time we bring forth a new creation, whether it be a new Universe or a new soul. You, our beloved children, are truly the progeny of our hearts and minds combined. Together we are Love.

Now you understand, do you not, my Beloved Ones, why it is possible for us to love you unconditionally, to feel what you feel, to forgive whatever happens to you there on the dark and difficult planet you have come to rescue out of love for us and for her? It was such a heroic task you took on, and you have accomplished it with determination, regardless of meanderings into darkness or distractions along the way. All has prepared you for the tasks we will now complete together, in joy and celebration.

Now, a brief update about the progress in the Temple of Light. You will be happy to learn that the first wave of cabal beings have now completed their arduous reviews, which for some required the equivalent of thousands of years of your Earth time in the 5th dimension, and they have presented themselves in the Temple to address the second wave of darkened souls.

They addressed their minions, the trained black-ops functionaries, petty dictators, sadistic torturers, slave traders, government flunkies and other dark extremists of the second tier. The audience was told bluntly that upon their return to Earth they would be without a job, because the structures they worked for - Mafia, Mossad, CIA, ISIS, and all other cabal organizations, would be dissolved by those who had created and sustained them. Their leaders would be gone, but there was no point in aspiring to fill their shoes, because the entire structure was about to be dissolved.

What ensued was a great wave of panic. You probably felt it there on the ground, the growing anxiety proceeding their decisions to go to the Light. Now, more and more are relinquishing their delusions of grandeur about being the Princesses and Princes of Darkness. No longer is the job taken by the most wicked and perverse of all. Those souls are now Lightworkers, and the organization is no more.

As the days unfold, you will feel the impact of what these newly renewed souls are accomplishing. They must rewire the thinking and feeling patterns of their incarnates, bringing Light and Life back into the previously dark bodies and minds. As they accomplish this task, you will see the phases of change overtake them. First, they will feel great confusion, since the soul and body will now be in complete opposition. As the Light dawns, literally, you will observe them beginning to choose a different path, wavering, then concluding finally that the Light within them is indeed their True Self.

What a thrilling time this is for us, to see our children, who had been lost to the darkness for millennia, coming back to us, choosing Light. And you, our Dear and faithful Lightworkers, will at last find brethren among you in the most unexpected places. Be patient as this historic drama unfolds. It will soon be unmistakable there on the surface. The first changes are of course in the energy field around you, as each wave of dark souls is brought to the Light.

We will continue this process, until all have been given the opportunity to undergo the compelling process of Enlightenment in the Temple of Light in the embrace of their loving Guides and Teachers who work along side me in this glorious process.

This, my Beloved Children, is the Ascension process you were promised. Those of you who are already engaged in the process of learning and evolving spiritually have completed much of the work in a more gradual, fulfilling process which you can take credit for yourselves. This is your Mastery and your triumph. We admire you and send you our unending Love as we move together into the glorious New Golden Age of Planet Earth.

I look forward to being with you for these ongoing lessons, as you all learn together the fascinating and wondrous story of your own soul evolution and we celebrate the long-awaited changes as they unfold. I love you with all my heart, and Mother, the unending Source you know as the Great Central Sun, beams on you as well.

I am your Father, the one you have called Source.

Through Kathryn E. May, Feb. 27, 2015, 12 am, New York

Here is the link to the Feb. 25, 2015 show:

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