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Rise and Shine!

von Father God, gechannelt von Kathryn May, 14.08.2015

It is 2:00 am here at Kathryn's house, and we have awakened her with Mother's current favorite song, "Rise and Shine..." because we wish to give her an important message to pass on to you. Sananda made the announcement yesterday in our Newsletter about the Blue Avians, who will lead your Galactic Federation team through this current phase of Earth's journey. I would like to add more to that story to help you prepare for the astonishing events in your near future.

You see, it will require a sudden leap in consciousness for all on the Earth plane to suddenly drop all forms of prejudice based on physical appearance, since many of your loving protectors will be very different in appearance from you. I will begin with a bit of description, so you can understand that, completely unbeknownst to you, many different species of beings exist who have reached high levels of civilization and spiritual development. Some have even visited Earth in the past to help with your evolution. The first reason for this blindness is of course that you are behind a dense Veil of Forgetfulness; the second reason has more to do with the deliberate subtrifuge and cover-ups under the influence of the dark ones whom we have called the cabal. It was part of the institution of rampant militarism and subjugation to keep you "in the dark" about friendly allies just beyond your vision.

It is now time for all of you who are preparing for your Ascension to share your knowledge in the most cordial way you can, to help others accept the simple truths we are giving you here. Of course, as you say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why Sananda has given you the instructions to take photographs of the daytime sky now, to capture as many pictures of our Galactic fleets as you can and share them widely. You know from experience that the more exposure people have to a new phenomenon, the more they come to accept it. Like the introduction of cell phones, you will become so accustomed to their presence that it will no longer strike anyone as an unusual occurrence to see ships in the sky.

Let us begin with familiarizing you with the various types of ships you can expect to observe, and what their uses are. There is an enormous Mothership parked just behind your sun. You will occasionally see her presence as a pink crescent peeking out from behind the sun. She does this so that you can see her and take photos for others. You have heard it called Niburu.

Niburu is as large as a planet, but it is in fact the Mothership that has come from the area of Andromeda to join you here at this historic time. Our beloved Sekhmet, Mother to the ancient Egyptian people and an important aspect of Mother God, is the Commander of the ship and is already an enormous help to you as Teacher and Mentor to Earth's people. Some of you are familiar with her physical presentation as Lioness/Sphinx. She is most animated and jovial and will be a tremendous resource for you in your trainings for Earth's New Golden Age.

Of course Niburu will not disrupt your solar system in any way. There are thousands of scout ships aboard her that will transport beings who are eager to be of service to you. They bring gifts to upgrade your civilization to a sustainable and peaceful society without any need for the destructive technologies that are currently overtaxing Terra and destroying your air, land and water. They will help with the final cleanup of toxins in your environment as well, and you will be astonished to see the sparkling colors and exhilarating freshness of your Paradise Planet after her "spring cleaning."

The Blue Avians also come with a large Mothership and many auxiliary scout ships. They are very dignified humanoid beings of high intelligence, with a head which looks a bit like your eagle. Along with many Arcturian scouts and numerous other beings from afar, they are circling about in your skies. As they await the signal to begin Landings, they sometimes fly in formations for your enjoyment, sometimes for the sheer joy of flying together, like your own pilots who call themselves the Blue Angels. There are now ships from more than 200 distant planets waiting to meet you and more arriving daily.

The Light energy of these beautiful beings in your skies has been instrumental in helping you to restore the Christ Grid around your planet which had been destroyed and replaced by the dark Matrix grid of Anunnaki origins. For a time they have existed simultaneously as you and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters have strengthened the Christ Grid and gradually dismantled the Matrix.

As the frequencies rise on your planet, you will also begin to notice that you are able to see your loving higher dimensional Masters and Archangels in photographs, standing around you in your family photos. Won't this be fun? We want you to have the "proof" you have been longing to see, and it will make it much easier for you to convince your family and friends of the existence of the Company of Heaven when you take the photos in their presence and introduce them on the spot. For this purpose, they will initially present themselves in human form so as not to alarm the newcomers to Galactic society. You have been exposed to so much fear-mongering, bad press about "aliens" that we must begin gently.

You, dear Lightworkers, will begin teaching others that there are no "aliens." There are only groups of conscious beings who are as much at home on their own planets as you are on yours, and they will be your honored guests. They would never be so rude or disrespectful as to call you aliens. They see you as their adventurous and courageous younger brothers and sisters, and they will be protective and loving toward you.

You see, the Company of Heaven is not a homogeneous group of humans in flowing robes. Our children come in all forms, many humanoid in appearance but with striking differences. For instance, the Kumarans, including your beloved Sananda and Sanat, in their Galactic form, are very tall, slender and graceful, with long necks, smooth and nearly featureless faces. They have no need for mouths because they communicate telepathically and have evolved to such a degree that they are nourished by our sunlight directly, without need for extra food. They have been described by humans as similar to the preying mantis, but in fact our Co-Creative children, in training with us, designed the beneficial insect, the preying mantis, in honor of the Kumarans.

We have purposefully told you through our channelers for years now that you will be experiencing wondrous and awesome things in your future. This was to prepare you for the events we knew were coming. It is unfortunate that the events did not unfold as quickly as we had anticipated, but the truths remain - you are going to be thrilled and amazed at the wondrous gifts we have in store for you. We present these messages to acclimate you to the monumental changes, to ease your way out of the epidemic anxiety you have lived with in the past. We wish for you to enjoy these coming adventures without any of the old fears and prejudices you were taught.

So, get ready for the surprises, Beloved Ones. Listen to you heart beat, and keep yourself calm and at peace while you also experience excitement in a new way - completely without the component of fear you have been used to. Joy does not make your heart pound and your adrenaline rush in. That is fear. This is why we have given you so many lessons to help you learn to manage every feeling, every thought and every action. These trainings have prepared you to be First Wavers, our steady Pied Pipers for the rest of humanity.

Sananda described the beautiful rainbow bridge you are prancing and skipping along as you make your way to our awaiting arms. See it always in your mind's eye, Dear Ones. We are here to envelop you in our Love any time you ask. It is our most exquisite pleasure to Love you and to be loved in return. You have come full circle and are now returning Home. You see, the story of the Prodigal Son (and Daughter) was written for you. We rejoice in your return.

I am your Father God. Mother God and I love you without end.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 14, 2015

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.

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