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Von Isis Mystery School

MESSAGE FROM AMUN RA ( Ancient Egyptian Miracle Creation God)

Dear Ones of Light,

We come tonight to tell of the need to activate awareness of yourself in time and space. As you live on an unstable earth that you punish relentlessly there is need to be aware of the Ley Lines that are now no longer around and under your feet but around your throat and your head. The ancients could feel these energy lines and built Temples and Places of Power upon them - such as my Temple at what is now Siwa Oasis in Egypt.

We planted in the walls there Alchemical White Tablets that activated the psychic abilities of the Oracles there - you call them High Priests and Priestesses of Amun Ra. The Tablets come from the Sun - yes, they belong to the planet of our Dear Sun God Ra! The traditional story is that he was angry with humans ( and rightly so Dear Ones!) as they did not follow his wise advice and so he set out to punish them and in truth his power was unlimited and if not used wisely could destroy the earth.

So The God Tehuti ensured he stepped his powers down and then encoded fragments of his powerful energy combined with my Amun Ra Energy into stones and thus the White Tablets were brought to earth to be within the Great Pyramid and at my Temple. At the right time ( after 11th November 2009) these tablets would become available again as a Remembrance For The Awakened Ones to assist them to make intuitive and psychic choices and be more balanced in a chaotic world of difficult energies and disturbed White Dragon Lines (EJ Note- known as Ley Lines)

We are known as Amun Ra the Creator God and we wish to return Miracles to the world and we offer you the way to access my energy in easy ways. Be it simply by thought intention to receive my energy encodements or in a more focussed way all will receive benefit who meditate upon my White Tablets Energy - rather like having an Internal Radar as this energy activates your Pineal Gland so its like having your own private GPS Machine inside your mind.

Do note its a silent one that is best consulted in meditation Dear Ones ....

For truly Awakened Ones it will also activate their Wisdom Psychic Powers

I leave you in Peace - Amun Ra

MESSAGES FROM TEHUTI ( AKA THOTH, Ancient Egyptian Moon God of Magic & Wisdom)

Greetings for I am the one also called Hermes, The Thrice Born and I brought to you the Emerald Tablets and stories of visits to the Mystical Halls of Amenti - and most doubted they were true but to the Initiate of VERY Ancient Egypt this knowledge was crucial to survival of the Soul and Physical Body during Initiation in the Osiris Chamber Ritual( EJ Note -Initiation in the Kings Chamber by laying in the Sarcophagus for 3 days) ...and for living a long life of great joy and good health.

Know that PEACE is coming to this world but not in the way you hoped for. It is coming firstly to the Awakened Ones -those who are aware of greater realities and live life intuitively. We are offering you ways of Awakening and it is your choice to now seek Enlightened Teachers or your own Pathways of Light - but know the only way to be at Peace over the next 13 years is to always Live in the Light and with an open heart of care and compassion.

After this time it will be easier for all to simply live like this.

FINALLY we ask you to meditate outside under the Moon several times this month - to draw the energies of the Moon to you to help the imbalances of energy that many are feeling due to the vibrations of this year. This is best done with bare feet on the ground so the energies from the Moon can flow through you into the earth and so you can be as a tiny but effective conduit between the Moon plus Heaven and Earth.

Farewell with Light


Received By Elisabeth Jensen

on 6th April 2010

Blessed Be from Isis and Elisabeth
Tel 1300558075

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