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Von DL Zeta & Peter Phalam

The Nature of Predictions and Probable Futures

DL Zeta


Often when a person begins to experience psychic openings, they begin gazing into the future to discover the shape of events unfolding there. It isn’t always for one’s highest good to know the future as this can pull the attention away from the present moment.

Predicting the future is an inexact science at best. Many guides will not give predictions. The future is only probable, for what happens is tremendously influenced by your thoughts, beliefs and unconscious programs. Anytime you release a belief, change a goal or develop different expectations, you automatically change your future.

Your guides and higher self would rather assist you in setting up a better future than to tell you what might happen. When a person asks a guide for predictions, the guide views this as a request to help them create a better future. When people ask their guide to predict whether or not something will work, this indicates they have fears that it won't. By guiding people to hold higher visions of themselves and their potentials, a guide can assist them in creating even more than they thought they could have. A guide can help a person become aware of their own truths and release old patterns and beliefs so they can create what they want.


Dreams and Mass Events

Large-scale events are easier to predict because they have energy lines from mass consciousness that set up many months in advance. The psychic weight of these events, the mass agreement around them and the number of people involved make it much harder to stop or change such events. Whereas one person can change his mind and thus change his future easily, an event affecting many people is not usually altered by just one person changing his mind. However, it is possible for people to connect through their dreams and mass events can be changed if there is enough consensus to do so.


Present-Moment Change and Future Probabilities

Change yourself and you change the future. Whenever you take a step or make a decision, your guide is able to project it into the future in all directions and see it as a completed act, exploring all probabilities. They are able to assist you in seeing the outcome of your choices and help you find appropriate paths. The guide will look at the future you’re setting up in two ways. One involves what you're intending to create, the other involves steps you need to take to get there. It is difficult to predict timing. It is much easier to predict whether something will or will not happen if you remain on your present course.

If you have a very strong desire for something, if you are intent on having it, then it will come to you eventually unless you change your mind about wanting it. Your guide can see the degree of your intent, the steps you’re taking to get there, the clarity of your desire and many other factors, and they can be fairly accurate in projecting if you will get something. What you do or don't do accelerates or slows your progress. To get something involves taking certain steps. If at any point you delay in taking one of the steps, it may take longer to get.

Within your field of possibilities, it might appear you will get something, but because your actions may vary, it’s harder to be precise about when you will get your desire fulfilled. The long-term future is much more variable and difficult to predict because the number of possibilities increases the further you get out into the future. The number of paths you can take between now and then increases. Each decision you make between now and then changes the ultimate outcome.


Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam http://www.celestialvision.org/channeling-into-the-next-dimen/ For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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