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Von Dibarak & Maria Bertram

Channeling #2 of Dibarak, leader of the ascended civilization “The Invincible Ones”

March 1st, 2010

Channeler: Maria Bertram


This message comes from Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, who run the global Mother Earth Network together outside of Stockholm. More information about the network follows the channeling.

On December 7th, 2009, a spinning spiral of light was seen in the skies of northern Norway. It was reported and speculated about around the world. Soon after this, the leader of an ascended civilization in cosmos contacted Maria Bertram, who is a medium, and left a message to humanity. He said they were responsible for the light projection, that humanity now is in a critical moment, and that we need to focus on our spiritual development to be able to move on. They also invited humanity to an interplanetary energy transmission that occurred on January 7th, 2010, where all of their people sent healing energies to the people of Earth. A large number of people meditated during the energy transmission, and we have received lots of stories detailing people's experiences and visions during the transmission. For those of you who haven't read the first channeling, we recommend that you do that before you read this one. It has spread all over the Internet and has been translated into a number of languages. Here is a link where you can find it:


At the end of February 2010, new light flashes appeared outside our apartment that lit up the inner ceiling for a moment. Dibarak said to Maria that they would like to leave a second message when we were ready to receive it. On March 1st, we carried out the second channeling. In the channeling Dibarak gives us another powerful message in which he deepens their observations of life on Earth and the spiritual guidance from the first channeling. He thanks us for the interplanetary meditation and invites us to yet another on March 20th 2010. He also says that they will create a new light projection during the months to come. We subsequently added headings to make the long text more accessible. For reference, here are the headings:

We want to thank you / The law of abundance / Mother Earth / The cosmic dance / We have come to help you / The collapse of the economic system / The road towards spiritual transformation / Make peace with yourselves / Attachments to physical things / True happiness / A continued friendship and cooperation / Spiritual warriors
The channeling follows below:


Dibarak: I would like to start off by sending you our appreciation for the fantastic work you have done. We also want to say how happy we are to see the incredible spreading of the first channeling with our message that has occurred across the world via the Internet. We are incredibly grateful and happy for all the attention, the enthusiasm and the love that the channeling has generated in people, and pleased that there is such a large interest in and engagement with our message among the people on Earth, and with working for the future of Earth.

We also want to say that we think you are doing fantastic work with the Mother Earth Network, and we want to thank you for that work. We also want to thank all your members for participating and sending healing to the Earth, which she needs so badly. When you send healing energies to your Earth, you also help to spread harmonic energies in cosmos that help the entire cosmos to create greater balance and harmony. All belong together, all are one. What you do to yourselves, what you do to each other and your Earth - you also do to us. We are all parts of the same whole, the same unit. We are all one. When we help each other, we also help ourselves. There is no difference between you and me. There is no separation of mine and yours. That is an illusion. We are all one and we share everything.


When we take more than our fair share of something and leave less for others - it's we who will experience the lack that we have created for others. Abundance is created through open hearts, through generosity and through never stopping the energy flow or the material flow. To always be attentive to where the need is greatest at the moment, without thinking in limiting terms of ownership, regulations and musts, but rather naturally following the flow of energies that all of cosmos consists of and that all life consists of. To follow the flow and go where you are most needed, and to give where the biggest need is. In that way you create new possibilities, new development and new abundance, since abundance is an ongoing process which never ends. When you are in this process, when you become a part of the divine flow and let the flow take you, like a wave; when you share the abundance and make it bigger so that it includes all - you will always have exactly what you need. You will always have more to give to others, and others will have more to give to you. In this way abundance is created, new abundance, and everyone's needs are met.
It's not until the principle of abundance is broken that lack is created. When you stop helping others, when you stop living with an open heart, trusting that whatever you need will come to you right when you need it and that you can always share your abundance with others. When you instead let fear and lack of trust control you, and you begin to hoard, fabricating conditions and demanding compensation, that you strangle the principle of abundance and you strangle the divine flow, and thereby create lack. The present economic system on Earth, where you buy and sell, is a direct violation of the law of abundance. As long as you continue to live by this system, you will have lack on Earth. All giving must happen without the expectation of repayment. When you demand compensation, it's not giving anymore; it's a business agreement, and all business agreements create lack. When you live your life in accordance with the divine flow and live with an open heart, you are in trust and feel safe in the conviction that you will always have what you need and that everything presently missing will come to you. You don't use your energy to worry about how the future will look or exactly how you will get your needs met. Instead you trust that it will happen one way or the other. You know that what humanity today calls "miracles" - are possible.


My dear beloved friends, you are standing on an enormous treasure. It's well hidden beneath your feet in your Earth. It's the Earth itself, Mother Earth, and the energies that flow through her, from her core all the way out to the Earth's surface. You haven't learned to use her energies wisely. You haven't learned to use this fantastic treasure in an ideal way. Instead you have weakened it, blocked it and shut out its potential. If you once again learn to start working with the energies of the Earth and learn how to reactivate all the grid points and sacred vortices around the Earth that are blocked because of Earth's enormous energy imbalances, you can create a paradise on Earth beyond comparison within a generation or two. A paradise with an abundance of vegetation. An abundance of fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and animals, where all you literally have to do is stretch out your hand for the fruit to fall into your palm. This is not an unrealistic dream that we are presenting to you, rather it's a possible future for the Earth, if you make the decision, if you decide to make it possible.

You have for a very long time violated your Earth, drained her, weakened her energy levels and worsened living conditions for all life on Earth, to the degree that Earth can't take the treatment she is being exposed to anymore. It has come to a point where Earth can't handle the pressure she is exposed to, through all the imbalances around the planet. Earth needs your help to dissolve all the energy blocks around the Earth that create this pressure. Just like you need to make peace with each other and yourselves, you also have to make peace with your beloved Mother Earth. It's Earth that feeds you. Earth is a part of yourselves, and you need her to survive. You are one with Earth and your energy balance and well-being can't be separated from Earth's energy balance and well-being. What you do to Earth, you also do to yourselves. It's important that you understand that. When you work with your spiritual development and raising your energy levels, when you give yourself grounding healing from Earth's interior, you also spread energies that affect Earth in a positive direction. In the same way, when you send healing grounding energies to the Earth and help her, you also thereby help yourselves and each other and all the humans living where there are energy imbalances.

Earth has an energy body just like humans have, she has an aura, and she carries a karmic past that she needs to heal. This, she shares with you humans, and she has had to carry a lot of your karma and how you have treated her through the centuries and millenia. All this needs to be dissolved, as you are entering the New Spiritual Age and the Great Purification that will take place. Earth needs your help to make it. She needs your help to dissolve all the energy blocks in Earth's interior and on the grid points around the Earth. She doesn't have the ability to dissolve these blocks herself in a peaceful way. She needs help from you humans. Otherwise it will happen through violent processes where the pressure eventually becomes so strong that Mother Earth explodes. This is what causes all the natural disasters that we see all over the Earth - earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, drought and fires, hurricanes... All these are signs of, and consequences of, all the energy imbalances that Earth suffers from today.
Humanity was born on Earth to take care of her, and to function as her keepers. In the same way Earth feeds humanity, humanity is responsible for Earth's well-being. You are forever interlinked with each other. You are a unit, just like we are all interlinked with each other in the cosmic infinity. For Earth to make the transition, she needs your help to ease the pressure, so that the transition won't be as violent for Earth and her inhabitants as it otherwise could be. In the same way that humanity needs to release its karma for the transition to the New Spiritual Age and take a step upward in spiritual development, you also need to help Earth go through the same process so that the transition will be as smooth as possible.


All life on Earth consists of energies. All existence is energy. Cosmos is like a huge living organism, and you are all part of that organism. A pumping energy flow, a divine flow streaming back and forth across the cosmic expanses. We are all taking part in the cosmic dance on different planes and in different dimensions. We are all doing our pirouettes and dances. Now it's time for you humans to consciously start taking part in the dance, with joy, with a true spirit of discovery and inspiration, and to become conscious and active co-creators in the cosmic process and the cosmic dance. The spiritual awakening can be seen as a process during which you wake up, open your eyes, and see the full palette of colors that are at your disposal to paint the fantastically beautiful flow of dance and colors and forms, music, song, love and unity that is being spread like giant waves over the cosmic infinity. It's time for humanity to become active participants in the dance. The lifting of the cosmic quarantine is a part of this process, where humanity is welcomed into the cosmic union and at last takes part in the fantastic variety, abundance and love that are out there for you in the cosmos.


We have come to help you, if you allow us, and because we would love to share our experiences and energies that we feel you need. There's a huge lack of strength on Earth today, a serious lack of the grounding balance that humans and Mother Earth herself need. This you can heal partly by channeling the force from Earth's inner core. But we also want to contribute by giving to you our energies and our strength, since we believe these energies will be of great benefit to you. It will help you in your spiritual processes to open up and transform your divine flow. To open up to your own personal, higher divine knowledge.
The energy transmission on January 7th this year was a very loving and joyful experience for our people. We are so incredibly grateful for the enormous interest and engagement that you humans showed by taking part in the energy transmission and by your reception of our messages and our energies. We felt a fantastic feeling of unity and love with you during the whole healing session, and we were so incredibly happy to see all these open hearts on Earth today. All the willpower, all the wishes that you carry - to create change in your life, and to create change on Earth.

We would like to take part in the work to develop this process, to help you open up to the divine energies and the love, and to inspire you to see new possibilities and new paths to travel. We would like to support you and give you the strength that we feel humanity in many respects is missing today. The strength to get up and create change. Change both on the inner plane and in your own personal life, but also the strength to create change in bigger contexts. We are not talking here about standing on the barricades to take part in some sort of struggle or fight, because that would only be a way to continue in the old tracks and the old way of thinking, where life consists of struggle. Instead we want to inspire you to face upward to a higher consciousness that is based on love and unity. By opening your hearts and sending love, you can raise the energy levels on Earth and create new conditions for new, more loving ways and solutions for the future of Earth.

You are all carrying the solutions within you. What you need to do is open up to see these solutions and all the possibilities of new ways of living and new ways of relating to each other as fellow humans. As you humans say, "Rome was not built in a day." No - that is true. But a lot can change and can change fast if the energies are with you. When you take part in the divine flow, when you open up your heart chakra and follow your inner voice, you receive help to transform and heal the resistance that's standing in the way, and very big changes can in that way be created in a short span of time. You know from your own history that major change has happened in a very short time, in critical moments. You are now in one of these critical moments in the history of Mankind, where there is potential for massive, revolutionary changes.


Very large changes are underway on Earth today. Only some are now seen on the surface; others will soon show themselves with full effect and with full force. Your present economic system on Earth - based on lack and conflict thinking - is about to collapse. It will not work as a functional system for much longer. It's not sustainable in the long run because the system only creates new lack, new conflicts and enormous differences between rich and poor. It creates a system where some people live in abundance while the vast majority of Earth's inhabitants live in poverty. A system that gives Earth enormous pain, a system which has created a technology that damages Earth's energy system and also sends out unbalanced waves all over cosmos. This is a system that has created atomic weapons and nuclear power, both of which are extremely dangerous for all of Earth and for humanity's survival. It's also very damaging for everyone living in cosmos, since everyone is affected. When humanity sets off an atom bomb on Earth, it sends destructive, unbalanced, impure energies straight out to cosmos and all life there is affected. It's extremely dangerous, and humans must stop this immediately. Consider that everything you send out, you also get back due to the law of cause and effect. When you set off atomic weapons, you create incredible imbalances in the energy systems around Earth, around the galaxy and around all of cosmos, far beyond time and space.

This whole system, this economic system present on Earth today, will collapse. The erosion which has been taking place for a very long time is escalating faster and faster and will soon be in full effect on Earth. When the energy flows are strengthened on Earth, through the transition to the New Spiritual Age and all the light that is flowing in over Earth, the law of cause and effect is strengthened. This means that what you give out is what you receive, with greater speed and stronger force. It will simply not be possible for humans to make money off each other. The only remaining natural way of trading is the way of love, where you give from what you have to those who need it more, and get back what you need from others who have more than they need themselves. Then you share everything you have and there are no rights of ownership, no fences or walls separating you from each other, and no hierarchies creating separation and oppression, because you are all one and have the same value. We are all one.
The differences between poor and rich will, through the collapse of the system, slowly but surely disappear and be replaced with something completely different. It won't be possible anymore for people to buy protection for themselves. No weapons and no amount of money will protect the humans of the world against the changes that are coming. All will stand equal before the wave of change that is sweeping across the Earth, and we will all participate on equal terms.


We are here with you in this process, all the way. All your cosmic friends - we are here with you, and we support you, helping you in the transition. It will be those of you who have opened your hearts and understood that love is the only way, that will make the transition most smoothly. The way of love is the only way into the future for Mankind, just like our civilization once had to learn. Our way towards love was difficult and filled with hardship and pain. It was not a simple lesson, it was not an easy process we went through. We had to deal with our limiting ways of thinking and the convictions that we carried inside to free ourselves and become - in truth - loving human beings. It's not an easy process, and it doesn't happen from one day to the next. The humans are carrying, just like we did, a behavior that has been learned, stretching over numerous reincarnations, that is based on the conviction that life is a struggle for survival and that the natural state of being for humans is deficiency, a daily struggle for survival. As long as you keep that conviction and stay in the old attitude towards existence, life will be a continuous struggle, since you create your own reality.

To in truth build a genuine paradise, a world of abundance and love, you have to face all the old attitudes, limiting thought prisons, and emotional prisons that you are in, and leave them behind. You have to step out of your bubbles, tear down all the walls of limitation, negative expectations and fears. This is a very big job that every single individual will have to do. It's nothing that can be forced upon anyone against their will, but rather every single person has to make the decision themselves and start this process to make it possible. It takes a hard, persistent, daily work, where you work with your karma, with all your negative thoughts and expectations and inner limitations, where you heal your traumas and negative ideas and tear down all your walls.
To do this you have to make use of the Earth's inner healing female energies and cosmos' male energy. As the situation is today on Earth, both you humans and Earth are suffering from an enormous shortage of female energy, and this lack has to be restored. It's the most important thing of all. Due to the transition to the spiritual age, waves of light, male light, are pouring over the Earth, and it increases gradually with time to become more and more powerful, the closer to the transition you get. This light has to be met, and balanced with the female red energy from Earth's interior. Both Earth herself and humans need to be grounded and need additional female energies, since you are all suffering from an enormous lack of it today. This lack has been present for a very long time, since the female energies and the female ways of being have been suppressed on Earth. It's time for humans to rediscover their inner goddesses and once again start to worship Earth as the divine first mother she is. This will help her in the healing process.
In the same way that we advice you to channel healing energies daily to purify your karma, we also advice you to work with visualizing the future you wish for yourself and for Earth, through working with mantras and visualization practices. It's important that you understand and see what enormous potential you have as single human beings and as a collective, to create positive changes and to spread the energies of love over the Earth. It's time for humans to heal their egos and finally discover and acknowledge their own greatness. To have a big ego is not the same thing as seeing your own greatness. You are in truth divine beings. You are creators of your own future.


An important aspect of this transformation process that humanity needs to go through to create lasting changes on Earth is that you finally put down your weapons and stop your struggle, stop the fighting. Not just in physical wars - land against land, or people against people, with weapons in your hands - but also to stop creating conflicts between humans, and between humans and other living beings, and Earth herself. It's not until you make peace with yourselves, that you can make peace with your surrounding world.
This was a lesson that became very painful for our people, where we had learned to always stand ready for war in all situations and to always fight for our purpose, and for our right. We were very proud and carried very big fears of being defeated, tricked and used by others. We lived in the illusion that there were winners and losers in wars. This is of course not true. There are no winners in wars of any kind, only losers, no matter if it goes on in your inner or outer reality. This ought to be a obvious truth, and it is, but it is easily forgotten in the heat of war. It takes a large portion of trust and love, inner balance and confidence, harmony and humility to stop creating conflicts and stop living in the mindset of conflict, in small as well as in big matters.
We would like to ask you to open your eyes and start watching yourself and your surroundings to see how humans' conflict thinking is creating constant opposition in your everyday life, and to see through the outer illusions and the fear and lack of love that all these conflicts are based on. See that they are not really needed. See through the illusion that humans benefit from taking more than you need and thereby create lack for others. See that in an imbalanced world with imbalanced flows, everyone loses.


When you start working with your spiritual development regularly, when you send yourselves healing, you will see quite soon that you no longer feel the same desire for things as before. You will notice that it becomes easier to let go of your attachments to your earthly possessions, and physical pleasure will be less important than before. The goal is not to stop experiencing physical pleasure or to stop using material things. The goal is rather to let go of your desire and dependency on them, and instead use them as you please without attachments. When you lose your attachments to the things, the things don't own you anymore, and you are free to live your lives as you please. Today humans have developed very, very strong attachments to the material things, and they are to a large extent owned by their things.

It's as if you are surrounded by mountains of material things that make it impossible for you to see the horizon. You have built yourselves into prisons of physical belongings and physical desires. It's created a hunger in you to satisfy new needs, where you never have enough since the desires always have a tendency to increase once you have satisfied them, and it's not enough anymore to buy a new sweater or a new car, instead there is always something new to long for. There is always a new desire to satisfy once you have satisfied the prior desire. This process never ends and you will never ever be satisfied. It's in its nature, since the ego is insatiable. It's not until you learn to free yourselves from the desires that you in truth can become completely free human beings and can learn to enjoy life and the things without being limited by them.

In reality you don't need much at all to live and be happy. This you will discover along the way, that your actual needs are very, very small when you are living in love and harmony - with yourselves, each other and the Earth. You will discover the happiness and joy of being present in the now. The singing of birds, the whispers of the wind, and a warm hand on your shoulder will be enough to send waves of happiness through your entire being. You will start appreciating fellowship, shared work, singing and dancing, the beauty of nature - all that is around you and that doesn't cost anything. You will discover what a fantastic miracle life is when you are living in complete true joy, where every blade of grass, every flower, every breath of air, every smiling friend is a part of the fantastic flow of joy, abundance and harmony that life is. And where you wake up every morning feeling true love and thankfulness in your heart, true happiness.


Your road is been staked out, and deep within you know where you are going. You are all carrying this divine wisdom within you. Your work now is only about opening up the gate to that wisdom and start using it. The time has come for humanity to become the diving beings you are, and always have been.

We would like to invite you to another energy transmission for Earth's people during the spring, and our hope is that as many of you as possible will be able to participate. The energy transmission will take place during the vernal equinox, March 20th, between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm (Swedish time zone CET - use www.timeanddate.com to translate to your time zone). We are inviting all the people of the Earth to take part in this energy transmission, and just like last time, to open up to what we have to give to you. The energies will help you activate the process to prepare you for the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and the entrance into the 5th dimension. The transmission is a continuation of the healing energy transmission that took place on January 7th. All of our civilization is waiting with excitement and joy to take part in this energy transmission, and all of us will send our healing energies simultaneously. We will send you inspiring images and messages this time too - to those of you who are open to receive them.

We will also give signs of our presence in other ways during the coming months. We will send humanity another message, in form and color. Exactly when it will happen will be dependent on how the energies are on Earth, but we plan to do the light and color exhibition some time during the coming months.
We would also like to add that it's possible to make personal contact with us if you wish. We are at your service. We are happy to answer your questions and contribute in all ways we can, to give you the support you need during this big challenge. We want to say to you all that we feel so much love and empathy for you, and we are happy to take part in and to help you in the process you are going through. We feel joy that so many of you have opened up yourselves, your hearts, to the messages we bring to you. We are infinitely grateful that you take the time to listen to us and what we have to say.


We would like to finish by saying that a spiritual warrior is a soul who spreads love and helps other souls to raise their consciousness and to open their hearts. It's not about a struggle in the sense that we are fighting against something, or taking part in a conflict or a war. It's rather that we are like door openers for the flow, and we help the divine to flow freely and with full power. We see ourselves as an extension of the flowing energies of the divine, and as inspiration for and help in your spiritual processes, and we are here if you need us. Just ask and we will be there. Do know that we are always thinking of you and of Earth with love in our hearts.

Thank you for listening.

[Maria: Dibarak puts his hands together in front of his chest and makes a humble bow, and a strong light shines between his palms. He looks at me with eyes that contain all of eternity. We say thank you to Dibarak].

We hope that you have been inspired by Dibarak's message! This time too we would like to ask for your help in spreading the channeling, through e-mail, websites and blogs! Please send it to websites and blogs that might be interested in publishing it! We are asking you to include this message about the Mother Earth Network, so that everyone who wants to know more about the global healing sessions for the Earth and who wants to receive instructions on how to channel the female energy from Earth's interior can reach us.

Those of you who meditate on March 20th and have experiences and visions, please send them to us, motherearthnetwork@gmail.com, and we will make a compilation (like we did last time). There is no problem participating even if you didn't participate actively in the first one. If one hour is too much for you, participating actively for only a part of the session is perfectly fine too.


Sit down to meditate. Visualize opening up your heart chakra and making yourself receptive to their healing energies. Visualize the New Spiritual Age as a world full of love, peace and harmony. Focus on being completely present in the moment during the whole session. Finish off by thanking them.


The Mother Earth Network is a global spiritual network that is run by Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg outside of Stockholm. The main purpose of the network is to bring people all over the world together to help our beloved Mother Earth through monthly global healing sessions. We also teach how to channel Mother Earth-healing (the red female energies) for yourself regularly, to restore your energy balance, accelerate your spiritual development and prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. We are putting together instructions that we will soon send out to our members. This technique, just like the technique to send healing to the Earth, is based on channeled information.

Maria receives guidance to all the network's activities from the Divine Consciousness, nature spirits on Earth, masters in the spirit world and other civilizations in cosmos. They are all part of a gigantic cosmic network that has been created around the Mother Earth Network, and they are all present during our global healing sessions for the Earth. The ever-growing Mother Earth Network consists today of more than 1200 members globally. We also arrange public channelings of different kinds. We don't have a website yet, but it's under construction. The network is run totally non-profit. All our activities and everything we offer are free. If you are not already a member and would like to receive our newsletters (channelings, healing instructions, global session reminders and more...), send your e-mail adress to motherearthnetwork@gmail.com.

With Light, Force, and Love
Manne & Maria, Mother Earth Network

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