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Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription on Listeners Q&A, July 2013

Alexandra Meadors' Interview mit Cobra, 30.07.2013

Alexandra: Good afternoon everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of www.Galacticconnection.com. Today is July 30th, 2013. I have my regular monthly guest, Cobra. Say hello Cobra.

COBRA: Hello everybody.

Alexandra: I just want to tell everybody ahead of time that I’m sorry we both had very busy busy months. We were going to try and address more questions. We will try to make it up to you just so you guys know. This has been one heck of a month in regards to radical, radical changes. Before we even dive into anything else I would love to hear your perception on yesterday’s event the Star of David merkava planetary event. How is that going to affect us and how that is going to affect the political situation. As far as from a galactic perspective.

COBRA: Yesterday’s event is the first of the two events of the same nature. the 2nd merkabah alignment is going to happen the 25th of August this year. We are now in the period between July 29 and August 25th. It’s a period of balancing civilization. This period is very important because after the end of August intense changes will happen. Certain operations of the light forces will be triggered after August 25h. This is just a break. Whatever you are feeling now, the intensity. Things will get more intense after August. Energies that are coming through this 6 pointed star is harmonizing everything. Much needed right now.

Alexandra: Yea, because things are so out of balance with all the things that have come to the surface. Correct?

COBRA: Yes. The energy of balance is one of he most needed energies on the planet right now.

Alexandra: That is really interesting. A lot of people have written in that there are so much confusion about the 2 earths and how they’re going to split. One is going to remain in 3D and one is going to transition with mother earth. Can you clarify and also, a lot of the stuff you read is still talking about whether everyone will ascend or not ascend. I know you are not into ascension. Generally speaking can you give us any specifics? There is so much information that is not in alignment. There is so much information that is not agreeing with the premise of the 2 earths. 1 remaining in 3d. 1 is transitioning to a higher dimensional level. (OK) People are really confused on that.

COBRA: This idea about 2 earths is disinformation. There is only 1 earth and it is going through a transformation. This transformation has been taking place for many years. The first phase of this transformation is the purification of all the dark on the planet. When this purification phase is over then the real ascension process will start. There will not be a splitting of earths. The planet itself the earth will go through it’s own transformation process and then the humanity on the surface of the planet will go through it’s transformation process. No one will be able to avoid the new energies coming in. It will not be possible.

Alexandra: So that is what is meant by no one will be left behind?

COBRA: Yes, no one will be left behind. If you choose to accept the light you will have a much much better life. the cabal will have more problems they never had before.

Alexandra: Interesting. How do you perceive the space time continuum at this point with all the changes thus far?

COBRA: Actually on a short scale, on a daily scale the psychological perception of time is accelerating. We have less and less time each day. On a long term scale, the time is not accelerating so fast. It is simply an energetic impact of the acceleration of the energies on the psychological perception of time. Of course the objective time which is measured by clocks is still the same.

Alexandra: Are we truly in a unified time line? Or are we still living on various time lines?

COBRA: The main time-line has a been unified into one single positive time-line. It happened at the activation of the portal on Dec 21 of last year. All the main negative timelines have collapsed. We still have some minor time lines like what are the exact details of the event? What are the many different situations that will occur before the event. This is all still up to free will on the sub time-lines. The main time-line is positive. There is zero possibility of any type of strong nuclear exchange, nuclear war, FEMA camps, marshall law etc. This is no longer possible. There is zero possibility for those things to happen.

Alexandra: Excellent. Is it true that the light workers, enlightened ones, those that have really stepped forward in their spiritual walk. Are we the ones blazing the trail now – and affecting the rapidity, the movement forward, on this planet?

COBRA: Yes. The event itself can not happen with out the conscious cooperation of a certain amount of people on the surface of the planet, so called light workers. There is a certain critical mass needed for those people to be anchors of light grid on the surface of the planet when the event happens so when the change happens it will be stable.

Alexandra: And you and I have talked many moons ago – a year ago about the percentage of light workers. Have we surpassed, I think you said 109,000 last year.

COBRA: That was for a specific activation. It has nothing to do with the general preparedness on the planet.

Alexandra: Are we a certain percentage ahead in our light worker mission. Do you feel there has been quite a bit of progress since March?

COBRA: There has been much progress in removing the negative entities form the astral and etheric planes. There has not been so much progress is awakening new people to the reality of this change. This will happen when there is more light on the etheric and astral planes and when the light forces will be able to contact people directly through their own higher selves.

Alexandra: That’s real interesting Cobra. It puts more responsibility on the backs of the light workers themselves to keep up the work and the meditations.

COBRA: Yes, it’s important for as many as possible to be aware of the situation because this will make the transition more easy.

Alexandra: One of our readers from the Netherlands said: I want to really be a part of this and I really want to support prepareforchange.net. Can you give him some sort of script for when he’s in front of these people that have no clue, to be able to stand in front of people. What kind of language can he use.

COBRA: It depends on the psychological make-up of people he is contacting. I would start with the financial system. Most people are aware of this. You can go from there. That is a starting point.

Alexandra: So start with the Financial System.

COBRA: Everyone is aware that there is something wrong with the banking system. There is a small group of corrupt elite bankers that is robbing everybody. Most people are aware of this. Most people on the planet agree with this. You can start there and go from there.

Alexandra: That’s a really good point. Yes we are all aware of that. That affects everybody. We are all receiving a pay check.

COBRA: This is the most evident that people see. If you start with UFO’s or first contact they wouldn’t respond positively because of their previous programming. If you start with the changes in the financial system most of the human population will respond positively to this.

Alexandra: That’s good. Good idea and starting with the news of Ben Bernanke resigning from the Federal Reserve as of Sept 1. This was a big headline that supposedly this came from Pope Francis.

COBRA: I would say Sept 1 is a deadline and the rats are leaving the ship. (Excellent)He’s not the only one to resign.

Alexandra: Yes. Supposedly Janet Napolitano, Federal Reserve Governors and quite a few others (YES) Would you say it’s the positive military has infiltrated and the resistance has infiltrated and there’s more clout or more responses. Why do you think that is.

COBRA: As I said before Sept 1 is the deadline for the initialization of operations for the light forces. The other side is a little scared of it. The middle level management is scared of this moment and would just like to save themselves.

Alexandra: So they’re looking to just save themselves. That’s funny.

Alexandra: What about NSA whistle blowers one headline after the other after the other. Why did Snowden choose Russia.

COBRA: He did not choose Russia. I would say the circumstances led him to Russia. He was doing some planning before he went to Hong Kong. It was not possible to predict the responses that were happening. He ended up in Russia.

Alexandra: OK. yes, the last time we talked it was Hong Kong. We think he’s working for the light. Is that someone working along side the resistance. Are you allowed to talk about that.

COBRA: Yes, he’s working for the light. I have heard conspiracy theories that he’s not, but he is working for the light. Most of the people on the streets were not aware of the NSA spying on them. He had a big impact on the masses. They were not aware of that before. It’s a huge change on the masses. It’s a very positive thing.

Alexandra: There were articles about how Germany is all riled up and people and parliament are irritated that they were being spied upon as if they didn’t know about it. A certain document was captured and that document confirmed the spying by several countries. What is this purpose of playing this cat/mouse game that they are not involved when it is obvious that they have been.

COBRA: They did this maneuver to try to hide their active participation in this and they wanted to buy some positive points. Top people in every government sign an agreement with NSA.

Alexandra: Wow. So basically anybody with any government position is fully aware of this?

COBRA: Not everybody in the government position, but some people in every government and every country that has strong ties to the US for sure makes that agreement.

Alexandra: Do you think that this been has been biting them in the butt never thinking that it would backfire of them. They thought that they would just be surveilling us the masses.

COBRA: All the intelligent agencies. the top level of the agencies are connected to the Jesuits. This is a big spying operation of the Jesuits controlling everything on the planet. This is the matrix. there are many good people infiltrating those agencies and working for the light.

Alexandra: Awesome. Right on. Keep it going. Did you hear about Prince Kaeeb _____(name) Saudi Royal family prince. (Oh yea) He’s come forward and broken his silence to reveal the truth about a lot of suffering under the reign of the regime. What is your take on that and how do you feel that will affect the progress of the light on the planet?

COBRA: Actually, I would say the light forces have been working on taking down the Cabal in Saudi Arabia for quite some time. The situation with Muslim Brotherhood and the connection between the Saudi Regime and the Muslim Brotherhood is now being disintegrated by the positive forces of light. There are many members of Cabal which are positioned in The Saudi regime and have been for quite some time and have been working with the Rockafellers faction for some time now. All this is now, I would say, transforming.

Alexandra: Even those countries that have been our allies have done some atrocious things. Their government. People seem to think it’s Iran and Iraq, but it’s not.


Alexandra: what do you think about the Egyptian Liberation. President Morsee has been ousted. It seems the shifting out of a lot of dark factions there. How do you see that from a galactic perspective?

COBRA: Egypt is the most important event up until now of this year. This was a monumental break-through. This is the first large scale operation of the positive military on the planet. (Wow) It was not a military coup. It was the positive military supporting the will of the people and protecting them from the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood going in the wrong direction. Before the revolution started in end of June the Muslim Brotherhood was going to a strange Archon influence direction. They were planing on getting involved in the Syrian conflict. They were planning to suppress Egyptian people even more. Enough is enough. The plan of the Egyptian positive military was there for a long time and they were waiting for the right moment. It was supported by the White Dragon Society, the Gnostic Illuminati, it was supported by the positive Templars and the Resistance movement and others around the world working behind the scenes to get this ready.

Alexandra: Wow. so this is a monumental event to get it set up and ready to shift it, to influence it.

COBRA: Yes and this is a rehearsal for the event . The situation in Egypt is an indicator of what is going to happen around the at the time of the event on a planetary scale.

Alexandra: Wow, that is fascinating. Have we had some success with the Muslim Brotherhood?

COBRA: There is a partial success. It’s not just the problem is not just the Muslim Brotherhood. The problem is there is a certain private army that it was called black water and it’s called ? Academia right now, which is the Jesuit private army which is creating problems around the world. It was creating problems in …. Syria, Iraq. and war in Serbia and Bosnia and now in Egypt. It has provided snipers to shoot civilians and blaming it on the Military. Whereas the military is not shooting civilians. They are protecting people from the Muslim Brotherhood militia’s. This private army wants to trigger conflict and push Egypt into a civil war. This will not happen.

Alexandra: Everyone is wondering the same question. Why is the resistance not able to squash the funding for this private army?

COBRA: You need to understand that the whole financial system is like an internet. It’s like a huge computer program. If you interfere with the program you interfere with the whole traffic. The only thing you can do is shut down the whole thing. (Good point). When you shut down the whole thing the re-set needs to happen, the Event needs to happen and if The Event happens too soon, some people would just go crazy it would not be good.

Alexandra: We would just go backwards instead of making progress.

COBRA: Again, when this is done the right way so there is no violence and it is done in the harmonious way.

Alexandra: It seems like the positive military and local factions, like the sheriffs, police departments are becoming more “out there”, like showing their commitment to this. Have you heard of the Oath-keepers? (YES). They have started a billboard campaign. It began in Washington DC. It was to courage the Politicians, Federal Employees, security agencies, etc. All the ABC agencies and they were prompting them to uphold their oaths of office. Why now have they stepped forward. Is the timing getting closer to the event?

COBRA: Yes. They were always dedicated and they had to keep a low profile until the time is ready. There were many reasons for this. One was their own safety. There were instances when members of the positive media was removed by the Cabal from the physical plane – they were killed. Those people have to be careful. When they do something they must do it in a way that improves the plan. there needs to be a certain level of awareness and back-up in the mass population. That’s why General Sisi addressed the Egyptian general population they need to show with their process that they are backing up the decisions of the army. Because the military can not act except on behalf of the people. (That makes sense) When the critical mass of people are awake and aware in the U.S. the same situation will happen. The positive military will back up the will of the people. The people have not expressed that will yet.

Alexandra: Yea, it’s like Do they want to step out there when the majority of the people they are supposedly defending would turn on them.

COBRA: There needs to be a certain consensus if the people really want this.

Alexandra: Another thing I was really impressed by. 1,000 special force officers signed a petition opposing Benghazi coverup.

COBRA: Things are coming out to the surface – it’s very good.

Alexandra: But being special forces that’s a big deal. They’re much more privy to the upper echelons of the black operations, wouldn’t you agree.

COBRA: There is additional protection being available which wasn’t available months ago and more room for maneuver. You will see much actions like this from the positive military more after Sept 1.

Alexandra: They have not been that vocal. For us to see the Oath keepers and the special forces to step forward. It felt like there has been a shift.

COBRA: It is not them that will step forward first, The people will step forward first. it will need to be the people step forward first. This is what happened in egypt and it needs to happen anywhere else.

Alexandra: This whole Trayvon Martin. You’ve heard all about that. There’s been a lot of protests. Do you agree that this was fully a false flag operation. If so, Who truly was behind it. (which one?) They were finding that they were actors.

COBRA: It’s a distraction. it was a product of the mass media operation which to distract people from more important issues. (O.K.) It’s triggering deep emotions, I know. It’s a manipulation thing.

Alexandra: Where do you recommend people put their money – you’ve highly recommended gold and silver. So much controversy now with people buying gold that there is 100 day waiting period to receive physical gold. There is no more to sell. What do you think about that?

COBRA: This is if you buy large amounts of gold. If you go to a BofA or a local bank or bureau and buy 1 once, it shouldn’t be a problem at tis point. It might be a problem soon, so hurry up.

Alexandra: I was going to ask you if you still feel there is some available. a lot of hype

COBRA: If you are buying large quantities there is a problem with the distribution chain already.

Alexandra: O.K. What is your perception on all the changes that are coming forth from this of this new Pope and the Vatican bank. Supposedly they were busted for money laundering. Smuggling 26 Million dollars. This was a Monsignor. You talk each month how Little by little the light forces are penetrating the Vatican. Where do you feel we are now with the Vatican.

COBRA: First the 20 Million dollars is nothing compared to the trillions of dollars that have been laundered that went through Vatican. This is number 1. Number 2 slowly this pope is showing his true colors. Good side bad side is showing. He’s Jesuit training is strong and he is choosing the dark side. You can see he is having issues Protecting the ritual child abuse and things of that nature.

Alexandra: Yea, then today I read a blog that he is supporting gay’s. Go figure. Like He’s being open and non judgmental about that.

COBRA: You see. The nature of Jesuits have an ability, they are trained in that way to be very nice and open and tolerant, while they are forwarding their agenda. This is how they infiltrated the government in China and India around the world in the 17th century. This is how they created their global empire.

Alexandra: It’s what you call the gray. Not black or white, but the gray – they are the most difficult to determine.

COBRA: Well. The main jesuits. I’m not speaking of the majority of the Jesuits. you have about 17k Jesuits around the world. Only 10% belong to the Cabal and they are some of the darkest entities on the planet. They appear to be nice on the surface, but they want to adjust to the situation, infiltrate the situation and then manipulate the situation.

Alexandra: Ah man. Onto another heavy topic of Fukushima. A lot of people have written in as well as there was a post that came up that the test has shown an increase – like 90 x more in radioactive scale in the last 3 days. Is there any validity to that? Is it related to anything planetary. What ever you thought.

COBRA: When Fukushima happened – a small nuclear bomb that was detonated and triggered the event. It did not produce much radioactivity. Later, the cabal is deliberately putting radioactive material in that areas and also other areas around the planet and put Fuckishima as an excuse for that. It is not coming from Fukushima. It is coming from radioactive wast that the cabal is putting in the soil around the planet.

Alexandra: OMG. When you think you heard it all you just always find something else.

COBRA: The Galactic Confederation will clean that up after the event, immediately.

Alexandra: I’m glad you brought that up – A lot of times you’ll say: Hey don’t worry about them. A lot of them have been been confined, etc. In the meantime the exposures to GMO, chemtrails, vaccinations, etc. How do people cope with that? Can they making a request to be healed? and be helped? I have my opinion on this.

COBRA: You can not avoid it completely but you can minimize it by 1st not worrying about it, 2nd invoking the light. 3rd proper balancing in diet and drinking pure water to purify your system and #1 if you do not fear it will not affect you as much. The human body has a tremendous ability to regenerate if you have a strong connection to your higher self you can heal anything.

Alexandra: Oh. Thank you, that was music to my ears. I have shared that myself with my clients. People are often asking me they wonder how you know so much. They ask if you are channeling. I want you to respond.

COBRA: I know so much because I was always using my head, always using my mental body, training it, improving it and creating my network of information sources because I really wanted to understand what was going on on the planet. because I felt things were not right. I wanted to come to the bottom of it. I have my information sources. I have my abilities which are physical nature and non-physical nature.

Alexandra: O.K. You are not channeling right now are you?

COBRA: No i am just speaking to you.

Alexandra: Ok, so everybody has that answer to that question. Obama is executive order. HIV tested between ages 15 and 65 if you need medical help. It feels to me, once again like: How much more can the American people take before the people stand up and take their power back? Is this kind of making lemonade out of lemons as far as the way the light forces would work in this situation?

COBRA: Actually, recently I have heard of stupid orders around the planet that are beyond belief. For example in spain they are charging you to use solar power. It is illegal in Spain to use solar power to obtain electricity. (Yes) Things like that are happening everywhere. It’s the final stupidity acts before the cabal goes down.

Alexandra: It’s an act of desperation?

COBRA: Yes, act of desperation. It is not a rational response. If they were playing long-term they would not play like that.

Alexandra: They are taking people to court because they have raw dairy farms.

COBRA: For example, things like that. So the question is when do we finally have enough.

Alexandra: how much more can people take before they figure it out? There’s a whole bunch going on about the smart meters in the US. They are really deadly, nasty and there has been a lot of problems with them. Supposedly there is a federal bill being drafted to require all the power companies have to to join this smart grid. Is this grid tied in with the matrix. Do you know anything about this? What it is designed to do?

COBRA: Yes, it is tied into the grid, so is your cell phone. The smart phones are the most infected devices that everybody has right now and very strongly connected into the matrix around the planet.

Alexandra: Considering everyone I know has a smart phone.

COBRA: Yes and NSA is listening to all the conversations on the smart phone.

Alexandra: On a good note, there’s a small town called Deer Trail, Colorado that is putting out a bounty on un-manned drones for violating sovereign air space. I wanted to ask you about this whole drone thing. It’s heating up. Not only is undercover documents coming out but there’s evidence that over 20% of drone strikes are civilians. They are talking about how they stun people so they become immobile. What is your opinion on that?

COBRA: It is under the cabal mechanism of the cabal and all those things will be cleared after the event.

Alexandra: Is there anything they are doing to dissipate the functionality, bizarre things happening – nuclear war heads can not be launched. A few things like that. Could that be the light.

COBRA: Yes, light forces are interfering with the functionality of those devices more and more

Alexandra: I have to ask you this. I have seen as of late a lot more rulings in favor of the citizens. It seemed that nobody could win a law suit even if it was as logical as it can be. Now the little guys are winning and getting rulings in their favor for a lot of things like land disputes and constitutional rights and things like that. What is your take, has the light infiltrated finally the legal system so we can finally start seeing this type thing moving forward more and more.

COBRA: There is 2 factors. The first is there is Much less Archon on the physical and etheric planes on the legal proceedings. The Archonic activity was influencing the judges and lawyers. There are not enough Archons now to influence the judges and lawyers any more. #2 Actually all this lawyer/judge system was inter connected to the Cabal Network. this network is not so tight any more. Some of the lawyers and judges are beginning to listening to their own inner guidance. This is why every citizen can now win a lawsuits.

Alexandra: Interesting. That leads me to another question about there’s a lot of talk about Archonic SP implants.

COBRA: There are many different versions of this so you need to specify.

Alexandra: This one is supposedly a Jelly fish type – it lodges in temporal lobe either right or left side of head. Attacks the gallbladder meridian. Supposedly, After a period of time it memorizes a person’s thought patters and voice recognition and that type of thing and will take over this individual to this point where it tells them what to do if they have a propensity to be violent.

COBRA: Actually, everyone on the planet has been implanted by this jelly like parasite before they were born. It is part of the birth process that the Archons have controlled. (Wow) It is up to your free will if you allow this interference to interfere with your decisions or not. The frontal lobe of the brain has been (garbled). The decision making process has been compromised by those implants for everybody on the planet. Everyone has their free will. It is unrealistic to know in all situations, but most situations everybody should make up their own free will. It is unrealistic for you to expect to say “no” in every situation. But in the most important decision in your life everybody should be able to say “no” to this influence. Make up your own free will and make up your own free will.

Alexandra: Your connection cut out about the frontal lobe. Can you go back?

COBRA: The frontal lobe of the brains governs our decision making process and this is why these implants are placed in the front of our brains.

Alexandra: Got it. Are they really firing this up now because they are at the desperate end of their road?

COBRA: They have been activating it the last 20 years or so, more intensely because we are getting close to the final event.

Alexandra: How do you think is the most effective way to have them removed or can it be?

COBRA: I could say the most important thing to do is exercise your free will.

Alexandra: Stay in your mastery and stay in your free will. Stay out of fear.

COBRA: If you have Fear, it is a natural response. Do not put too much emphasis on that fear. Don’t dwell on it.

Alexandra: I heard that the entire parliament of Luxembourg has resigned. Is this correct?

COBRA: I have not confirmed that independently so I can not say for sure.

Alexandra: If that is correct, that is really major. That’s a really good sign.

COBRA: There are many resignation in other countries in Europe too.

Alexandra: For the entire group of them. That’s amazing.

COBRA: I know of some but I can’t confirm all of them.

Alexandra: Good. There are still questions regarding about our birth charts. We brought this up last time. Because of the fact that our solar system is in a different location of the galaxy, wouldn’t the astrology loose it power and it’s influence over the birth charts?

COBRA: The position of our solar system and galaxy has changed so little in our lifetime it’s negligible. The birth axis has changed according to the stars, maybe 1 degree which can of course be taken into account. Planets in the solar system are emitting frequencies and they do influence you. You do have free will.

Alexandra: I thought you said we will be blown away when we look to the sky after the event because the stars and everything will not look the same as it does now. Did you say that before?

COBRA: Yes, there is a tachyonic membrane around the earth which is preventing some signals from reaching the surface of the planet. When this is removed you will see the sky as it actually looks like at this moment. Many of the stars are hundreds of light years away and that is the light you are looking at. After the event you will not only receive photons, you will receive tachyon. You will see the sky as it looks like at this moment, not like it did hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Alexandra: Will it be different colors, will the planets be in a different locations.

COBRA: Most of the stars will be in somewhat different locations. You will be able to see certain things you won’t be able to see right now, like motherships which are cloaked right now. Some other things I will not speak about yet.

Alexandra: That is so exciting. This individual’s question is why have they kept Obama in office? (Who is they?) Why has Obama still remained in office. Why hasn’t he been impeached, around his birth certificate, around the people he has chosen or appointed. Many are involved in corruption.


Alexandra: Why has obama been allowed to remain in office if there is such a strong light resistance. He’s been so dark in his dealings with his executive orders, his stollen money, and all these sorts of things. What is your opinion on that.

COBRA: I can’t hear everything. (garbled) (poor connection)

Alexandra: Why is he still in power? If the light resistance gaining strength why have they chosen to keep Obama in power? Is he truly a messenger of the light in the future.

COBRA: I can not comment on his situation but he will play a major role after the event. There will be a new government after the event. We will have a provisional government which will just keep things running. There will be new elections and complete new set of people elected around the planet.

Alexandra: So I have another question about Nibiru. Susan asks: Could it mean that Nibiru isn’t a planet but Mother Sekmet’s mothership.

COBRA: This name Nibiru was assigned to a certain body that was supposed to approach the planet and this is disinformation. Sekmet has a mother ship and you can name it anything you want.

Alexandra: (Laugh) We have some questions about the up and coming magnetic pole shift. You say the planet will not flip and have 3 days of darkness. Where do we stand now? I think they said 62 miles last month (Magnet north shifted).

COBRA: Yes, we are having a shift. It is still in the process.

Alexandra: What is your feeling of the chances that our government is to confiscate our precious metals from our homes like in 1933.

COBRA: Yes, there is a plan from the Cabal to do this, but no they will not be allowed to do that.

Alexandr: Exovaticana.com – has a web site doing investigation of the Vatican. They say a negative ET will come forward and act as a savior. When the new financial government comes up it will turn out to be a satanic connection. Do you agree with this. Anything that the illuminati to bring some sort of a stage performance with a “savior”.

COBRA: I absolutely disagree with that. The new financial system is not coming from the cabal. It is coming from the light forces. The cabal does not have enough power to do something like this any more.

Alexandra: This next individual is talking about: Israel supposedly has lobbed a nuclear warhead on Syria because he got some access to some information on mushroom cloud and flashes that were seen there. What is your opinion on that?

COBRA: Unfortunately that happened. It was a small nuclear warhead that destroyed a bunker in Syria. That was 2 or 3 months ago. (AH, that’s too bad) There was no loss of life but there was some nuclear fallout. They were testing the patience of the resistance movement at that point.

Alexandra: They are starting to feel the light forces influence.

COBRA: More and more, yes.

Alexandra: What do you feel about the cannabis plant, marijuana. Not of this world?

COBRA: Not from the Sirius star system. It is not from this planet.

Alexandra: Do you feel it’s a sacred plant?

COBRA: Every plant is a sacred plant.

Alexandra: I have to read this (touched my heart): This is Morilla from Poland: They work very hard to spread the news and listen to you and they can’t get people to listen to them. You say to withdraw money from the bank and save some currency to buy some precious metals. This doesn’t work where they are. They never have enough money to survive. Barely enough money to pay for food. What will happen during the days of the financial transition and there is nothing to eat. People are not eager to help each other. Our group has nothing to share. What will be with people in this situation where they are alone. There are millions of people with

COBRA: Not only in Poland but worldwide. Cabal is pushing people over the threshold of poverty everywhere. If you don’t have money have a strong social network. People can support each other and share with each other. Together they will be stronger. After the event everybody will receive money from the collateral accounts. Nobody will be poor any longer.

Alexandra: This is one of the reason why you are starting the www.prepareforchange.net. To get groups together to help each other. (Exactly) This next question is from a woman who is suspicious of the positive military group. Do you feel they are of a positive nature because they represent violence and they take orders from the global elite.

COBRA: The very name, the positive military speaks of the positive faction of the light. Those beings have been incarnated to evolve the military from a violent group to a peace making group. (Hmmmm, Interesting) I have some connections within that group. They are there with that same purpose to bring peace and end the violence.

Alexandra: To end the violence. So the fact that they are called military is because it’s their back-ground is that what you are saying?

COBRA: Yes, they are there to back up the transformation on the planet and to back up the event and stop the Cabal from doing more harm.

Alexandra: OK. Getting back to the ascension chambers, You’ve talked about them at your conferences – for healing and helping humanity. She’s wondering why would the light workers need to go through the ascension chambers.

COBRA: Because ascension is a huge leap in consciousness and a human being can not do that alone with out the assistance of the higher light forces. Try walking on water and see if you can.

Alexandra: Good point. right. That’s a good point. Or walk through a wall.

COBRA: Yes, for example. Because then you can essentially do that.

Alexandra: OMG. Are you hearing that. Technology – can you share the type of technology that is coming forward? Any new technology that is not secretive.

COBRA: I would say there is progress in the area of free energy technology and to bring it to the public. A small household device that would bring energy to your house, for free. That’s a good start.

Alexandra: Do you feel the technologies right out the gate that we’re going to live the kind of life we are accustomed to have been living it just won’t cost money?

COBRA: This is for a start, then for a little while until people are accustomed. Then things will go fast. Do not worry, you will not be bored.

Alexandra: Wow. Then after that we can use a replicator. If we want something we can manifest, or replicate it.

COBRA: This will happen after first contact. Most advanced technology will be introduced after humanity accepts the invitation from the positive ET races for contact.

Alexandra: OK. What about those that are ready to receive that information before first contact?

COBRA: Yes – there will be some individuals that will be contacted before and will be working with those races and will also receive that technology.

Alexandra: I like to hear that. We’re getting to the end of the hour. Do you have any other updates regarding the progress of the light and what has shifted from the Month of July to where we are now.

COBRA: The main breakthrough is what is happening in Egypt. The first positive Military. It is a huge breakthrough. It is a physical manifestation of the same kind of energy. It’s a huge breakthrough. It showed us the Event was possible. Before it was theoretical. But now it’s not a plan any more, it’s becoming a reality right before our eyes. This is the single most dramatic shift that is happening. Of course we have revelations about NSA which are quite important, although that started in June.

Alexandra: Right, right. That started in June. Yes, is this type of experience, this victory in Egypt, has this occurred before in this type of experience when light forces have tried to un hijack the planet.

COBRA: This has happened many times in the galaxy but not on this planet.

Alexandra: O.K. This type of experience where they’ve successfully been able to unite millions and millions of people together and not with a whole lot of violence. Is this a relative new experience?

COBRA: It is not. On other planets it was easier because people are not so brainwashed as they are here. It’s a common occurrence in the galaxy.

Alexandra: Amazing. O.K. Cool. Do not forget to check out www.prepareforchagne.net to sign up with a group you feel you are in alignment with. or help set up a group. I don’t care where you live or what you can do or think you can not do. We all need you. You can also go to www.planetaryhealersnetwork.com That’s a sub-site for www.prepareforchange.net. Cobra, I thank you so much. Sorry we couldn’t hook up in July. I look forward to hearing of some radical shifts that are coming in August. Do you think that is because of Lions gate?

COBRA: I will say the big changes start in September. I am calling on people to Start forming physical event preparedness groups. Not just sign up on the web-site. It is more important to get the groups and meet regularly and actually start preparing for the event.

Alexandra: Great. We thank you Cobra for everything you do. Everyone has their homework and assignment. We thank you for all you do. We thank everybody that’s listening for all you do. We can not do it without you. We are all in this together. Namaste.

COBRA: Thank everyone for listening. Every single person counts in this last push.

Alexandra: Bye.

Link zur Website: Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription and Listeners Q&A for July 30,2013

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