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Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription and Listener's Q&A for Aug 27, 2013

Alexandra Meadors' Interview mit Cobra, 27.08.2013

Hinweis: Dieses Transkript ist leider nicht sehr genau. Wer sichergehen will, dass alles so gesagt wurde, sollte die Audioaufnahme (s.u.) damit vergleichen.

Alexandra: Good afternoon everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of www.Galacticconnection.com. Today is August 27, 2013. I have my regularly scheduled guest Cobra at the end of the month to review the current events and to also review any questions the listeners have. I wanted everyone to hang tight. OMG. There is so much to review and so many exciting things are happening. I am looking forward to this interview in particular to see what Cobra’s perspective is. So hello Cobra, thank you for coming on the air with me.

COBRA: Hello everybody. Thank you for listening.

Alexandra: We have so much to cover today. I don’t even know where to start. I wanted to first bring up a controversial article on the false light based spiritual hierarchy. Are you familiar with this article?

COBRA: Yes I am.

Alexandra: A lot of people have written in and have been commenting on it in my e-mail box. I wanted to hear what you have to say that a lot of these Ascended Masters, that many of them haven’t had a human incarnation. Being a part of a corrupt demiurge and also that there are archangels and positive ET involved in this.

COBRA: First of all I do not agree with that article or anything written in that article. 1. Ascended Masters are not part of the corrupt hierarchy. Ascended Masters are Beings. Each has had an incarnation on this planet and have managed by their own discrimination to transcend all the matrix and liberate themselves and now are helping us on the other side of the veil. Reptiles have started a massive campaign. Starting in 1996. They are not part of the false light. Ascended Masters are part of the real light. Each person that had a personal experience with the Ascended masters will be able to testify that it is so.

Alexandra: I agree and 100% agree. One question is: Can there not be a creation in that person’s sphere or field or what have you. Not cloning per se. Could we not see them as a knock off of the original Ascended Master. Is that a possibility?


Alexandra: Just anyone. If a person calls upon St. Germain. Could they have someone who isn’t the real deal?

COBRA: You can call upon St. Germain you will get the response from St. Germain. The response might not reach you. The Archons can still create an etheric filter and create a fake St. Germain hologram.

A: That’s what I’m trying to say. Thank you

COBRA: This is still happening. This is confusing many people. Many of those channels are channeling those holograms.

Alexandra: O.K. That is what the article is probably referring too.

COBRA: Yes probably, but it’s not clearly written and people are getting confused.

Alexandra: You talk how the negative energies and Archons have been removed from the Astral field. Correct? (Yes) Where are we at this point? What is left to clear regarding Archonic energies?

COBRA: I will be very clear. The astral plane around the earth has been cleared. The only thing that is remaining is the etheric part of the Archon grid and only the part inside implant hemisphere’s of some people. Most people’s implant hemisphere’s have been disintegrated already. Those who are remaining are around the key people on the surface of the planet. The Archons are now focusing their attention on the key people and are trying to influence their free will decisions. (Interesting) I am speaking about the key people on the positive and negative side. They are trying to suppress the light and enhance the dark. This is their last concentrated effort at this point.

Alexandra: That’s a good point. Even those of the dark that are coming into an expanded light consciousness, they are even being suppressed.

COBRA – Yes.

Alexandra: Yes, that makes sense. That brings me to an incredible series of 3 audio recordings, yes channelings I was listening to. They hit me hard. A couple people actually saw the escorting of millions of minions of reptilians off world. Can you comment on that?

COBRA: Yes, this is happening daily. This is something that is really happening every day. I will not comment on the numbers. There are masses being escorted daily out of the implant hemispheres toward certain destinations and they are receiving guidance and cross into the light and those that refuse go to the central sun.

Alexandra: Cool. That is great news. (Yes, it’s happening every day) Did it accelerate in August? We had Star of David Merkaba, Blue moon, Lions gate a lot of CME’s. Did that enhance that movement?

COBRA: Yes. The clearing process has been drastically accelerated in August and will be further accelerated in September.

Alexandra: Far out. Did you feel the peace portal activation that we did on Sunday was a success?

COBRA: Yes, a massive success. We have managed to reach critical mass. I have just put a report about it on my blog. The Archons have many negative vortexes before which were encompassing a great area. The last 2 vortexes that were cleared were The Egypt vortex that was cleared last week and then this past Sunday the Syria vortex was cleansed as a result of this meditation. Now the Archons can not influence nation events any more. They don’t have this energetic infrastructure any more. This was a huge success.

Alexandra: Very cool. I feel that too. I just got back from one of my missions. We did a lot of vortex work in Arkansas. I felt a huge release for this country in that area.

COBRA: It’s happening everywhere on the planet right now.

Alexandra: I’m really happy to hear that. On to current event topics. The Nuclear weapon scare in Syria. There is so much stuff going on. Russia coming out blatantly threatening the U.S. that if they send any advanced missiles to Syria there is clear warning that they will attack. What is your perspective on that?

COBRA: This was a false flag attack. This chemical weapon thing. The Cabal is quite desperate. They are planning to trigger war in Syria, but that will not be allowed. 1 negative etheric support has been cleared, so it is not possible. 2. The positive military has expressed if the Cabal tries to start war they will be removed. (Fantastic!) The cabal will try to push things to the edge but they will not cross over the edge. They will not manage to go into the actual war invasion. There is a possibility that it will trigger the event and remove them from the surface of the planet. There are some members of the positive military that are quite angry at this moment, but that are being held back. But they might not hold back for much longer if this continues.

Alexandra: This could blow up into a can of worms.

COBRA: This is the situation right now and it is quite tense. The light has made great progress the last few days. You may have noticed that most of the headlines about Syria were released on August 25th.

Alexandra: Yes, I did. I noticed in the last 2 days it was bam bam bam and it was all about Syria, each country and what role it would play. Iraq said no, I will not allow any air space to be used.

COBRA: It is because the Cabal wanted to stop the peace process. They wanted to suppress the energy. They failed.

Alexandra: That is such good news!

COBRA: That is why there is so much media coverage these last few days.

Alexandra: I was really anxious to talk to you about this. On the planet people are getting nervous. One of the things I thought that you are so good at is tying together things, the galactic history, the Biblical stuff. What is the significance of Syria? Biblical prophecy says It would end up as a ruinous heap in the final time. This is the final straw where the countries are showing who they are in alignment with. How does that fit in? The prophecies of old are not the ones of now. Correct?


Alexandra: Why is Syria such an important place for them to be attacking?

COBRA: It’s a very ancient goddess vortex and the Archons wanted to suppress that. That vortex was created after the fall of Atlantis. It was holding the goddess energy of the planet for a very long time. The Cabal wanted to suppress it. Now that the etheric Archons were removed from there, the vortex will start spreading the light. Another aspect is Syria has a strategic position between near eastern Europe and also there is quite large amounts of natural gas which have been discovered. They can keep the balance of oil, the old energy paradigm. There are many things happening there at once. It was the last chance of the Cabal to trigger something, but now it’s over for them.

Alexandra: That is phenomenal. I think it’s really interesting that Damascus is the home of many leading terrorists. I was wondering from a light perspective it’s not a surprise that it would be a focal point to eliminate that. Is it kind of tied into that – to cleanse the earth?

COBRA: Damascus is like Rome. Its a very important city. It attracts a lot of light and a lot of darkness at the same time.

Alexandra: Hmmm. That makes sense. An interesting video came out from a 4 star general. He was quoted as saying, There was a war and the US had made an agreement and they was going after these countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan and Iran. What do you think about it? What do you feel is the implication behind the fact that they chose those 7 countries to focus their war on terror?

COBRA: Basically the agenda was to create a central Rothschild bank. Most of those countries did not have a central Rothschild bank in those countries. You can see all the changes in Libya and those countries that were invaded. The central bank is operational there. The Rothschild had instructed the Rockefeller faction to pressure the negative military to wage those wars.

Alexandra: Interesting. Iran is one of the last countries left that has not been dominated by the central banking system. Is that correct? (To a certain degree yes) and also No. Korea?

COBRA: Yes, No. Korea is a very interesting country. It’s a very isolated country. even though it’s not directly controlled by the Rothschild it is controlled by the other faction of the Cabal and it’s not a good situation. (Still not) There are talks of progress and intentions of progress but there was no breakthrough yet.

Alexandra: O.K. I was going to ask you this: I had been told by some friends of mine that communicate with the federation on a regular basis. One of the comments. They had an ahh ha moment. The light was hoping that a coalition would be created among the Mid-Eastern countries. Up to this point the west has gone after divide and conquer. I read today that one of the articles was about of the coalition between Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria which would respond to any attacks if they had to, that were brought forth by Israel. I wanted to know if you can comment on that.

COBRA: Yes. I can not comment on everything. There are coalitions being formed right now. One of the thing that needs to happen is the Cabal needs to be removed by certain countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Cabal has much influence in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. If this is the result there will be peace in the middle east.

Alexandra: I’m going to hop around. Back to our country here. There have been reports and a lot of videos and photos of huge amount of military transported to locations like new Orleans. What do you think about this? a. Is this a false flag. b. scare the hell out of us. c. Are they preparing for something that they have to be on the defensive about?

COBRA: There is a silent war happening within the pentagon between the negative and positive factions. Good guys and bad guys are expecting a change very soon and they are both preparing for it.

Alexandra: O.K. they are obviously aware of the event (yes) and they are aware what it indicates.

COBRA: It depends on how high their security clearance is. They have a need to know, they know.

Alexandra: Very true. Here’s another biggie. They supposedly, NASA launched 2 rockets that spew a whole bunch of lithium along the east coast of our country from Main to So. Carolina. Lithium is a mind altering mood stabilizer. It’s very toxic to the body. It causes a lot of nausea and vomiting and confusion and lethargy. Is this one of the reason why some of us have been feeling those sorts of symptoms.

COBRA: This is not only the rockets but the Cabal is going to extremes to poison the air, water and food because they want to suppress the awakening of the population. They are going so far that it is affecting the health problems because of this.

Alexandra: What is your recommendation? I wrote this on my blog. We are powerful. What would you recommend people do at this point? to protect from this air bio warfare.

COBRA: 1. connect with your soul because your soul can do anything. 2. Be aware and cautious of your water and food and do what ever is necessary and if necessary re-locate.

Alexandra: What about this: supposedly a laser was shot directly to our central sun – on August 8th. As clear as day visually in this video. It showed that immediately there was a direct CME and it was directed to earth. Are the cabal using the sun as a weapon now? (No). Was that a higher being of light that is trying to step up the consciousness on the planet?

COBRA: Send me the link and I will check it. The cabal has no influence on the galactic process. Zero. (Not a possibility then) They are aware of the end of the cycle. They have no way to stop it.

Alexandra: O.K. Something we haven’t talked about in a long time. The gulf of Aden. Has there been any activity in that location. It’s an important Star gate – a very important star gate. Why. Any additional activity?

COBRA: This is a star gate that got a lot of publicity because there were some leaks over the internet. There are many more star gates that are being activated. I just mentioned some of them today and there will be more. Aden star gate is not a top priority at this moment.

Alexandra: O.K. jumping back to a biblical perspective. There as been discussions of Armageddon as the final battle. But also there is a battle between Gog and Magog. 1. Are they different. 2. How do you see that playing out in current events?

COBRA: Those visions are projections in time. Those are about 2,000 years old and were projections of the possible time-line. Things will not happen by the letter. The general idea of those vision was about the final purification, the final battle between light and dark. The final victory of the Light. This general theme is what is happening but that vision is an idea that is 2,000 years old about what’s going to happen. Those people that are trying to analyze those prophecies to a great deal and trying to projecting those prophecies on future timelines are wasting their time. We have free will. Many things have been made easier. There is tremendous amount of grace put upon humanity. It could have been much worse. Many things have been prevented. Many things have been improved. Things have been shortened. Things could have been much worse. Many things have been prevented. Negative time lines have been erased. We are in a different position than 2,000 years ago.

Alexandra: Excellent, glad to hear it. Is Libya still in the back pocket of the EU. (How so) Are they a puppet for Europe and not working alongside their fellow mid-eastern countries.

COBRA: Libya has been disintegrated and the society has been disintegrating through the invasion 2 years ago. It’s not a stable country at this moment. Many good things have been destroyed.

Alexandra: So sad. What did you think – did you hear about Orbon? Prime minister of Hungary. He told the IMF they no longer need their assistance. (Yes I heard about it) How will that affect other countries. Will other countries follow suit. Will it set a president for other countries to do the same thing.

COBRA: It’s not just about him, but certain key individuals in Hungary who have enough courage and enough soul connection to say NO to IMF. Most politicians in most countries are being bribed by the Cabal, the Fed Reserve, IMF and other financial institutions. Because most politicians are bought they (Cabal) decided that they would. If the country has a critical mass of thinking an Iceland or Hungary can happen. It’s just not about a prime minister. It’s not just a positive politician but critical mass in a country.

Alexandra: The biggest part is. This isn’t something anyone has attempted since 1930. I thought that was a really big shift. Even in a politicians consciousness. (Yes, it’s true)

Alexandra: On a more local note. What can we glean as a positive event of these horrific fires in Yosemite. Why that location. It’s so huge.

COBRA: Most of these fires that happen in the US are not natural – they are by the Cabal. (So sad). There is evidence and it will be released, if not before the event, then after the event

Alexandra: Why in that area?

COBRA: Well they are triggering certain areas to get certain results. It’s a natural park with quite a delicate natural ecosystem. It’s an energy thing.

Alexandra: Did you also see the US state department has put out an alert for people to not travel. They closed down 21 embassies in the mid-east and Africa. What is the true reality behind that. There are so many different stories.

COBRA: It is simply a distraction. The Cabal wants to create more fear in people. And this will allow a lot of noise to create more fear.

Alexandra: There wasn’t a strategic thing going on on the part of the Cabal, just distraction.

COBRA: Distractions yes, and when people are afraid they don’t travel they are more easily controlled.

Alexandra: Creating fear porn.

Alexandra: Let’s jump over to Edward Snowden. 1 year temporary asylum in Russia. That a huge ramification. Can you give us some feedback.

COBRA: Mr Putin is connected with not only the Eastern Alliance but several positive forces. Russia is protecting their most valuable assets at the moment.

Alexandra: Forgive me if I’m wrong, that’s the first I’ve heard you fully say Putin is affiliated with the positive forces. True?

COBRA: Yes, he is. There were some forces of the Cabal tried to bribe him. He’s a little dictator with lots of Spite. He’s very opposed to the Cabal and the old financial system.

Alexandra: I’ve really been watching the alliance of countries in BRICS. they seem to be having some affect and are more humanitarian based. Are they making headway? Is there truly a demarkation line being drawn. Countries presented with their agenda and trying to persuade them to join their perspective/agenda.

COBRA: BRICS alliance is an outer manifestation of a long time effort to transform the financial system. It’s a necessary step before the re-set can happen. This alliance is getting stronger and stronger so more people can be aware of the current financial system. Many countries and influential entities are aligning with the Eastern Alliance and the BRICs. This is necessary step before the re-set can happen. The new financial system is asset based. It will not just include US dollars. It will be a Basket of currencies. Most of the strongest world currencies will be included.

Alexandra: I thought I had blogged an article that there was a lot of indication that a new financial system was coming on line. One of the most major banks that went down – Deutsch bank. Was the positive resistance behind that.

COBRA: No, Deutsch bank it didn’t go down. There is some disruption in trading, a lot of disruption in the bank. There is a lot of disinformation over the internet. Dinarian Guru’s saying the reset is happening today, RV’s happening today/tomorrow. It’s not going to happen like that.

Alexandra: It will happen after the event.

COBRA: It will happen after the event. It will not happen in the way they are expecting it to happen. It is not about the Iraq Dinar or the Viet Nam Dong. the whole financial system will be re-set. A re-boot. The new system will come on line. It will come on-line at a single moment. Banks will close for a time so that this thing can be sorted out.

Alexandra: It’s such a big thing because it’s global. How do you explain NASDAQ going down for 3 hours. “Due to technical issues.” From what everybody is saying it’s feeling manipulated. Was it manipulated?

COBRA: It was manipulated. If the cabal companies loose their value they shut down the stock market or create a technical glitch.

Alexandra: Ahhh. This is a representation of their desperation.

COBRA: yes, They are going further and further. more and more desperate measures they didn’t using methods they didn’t use a few months ago.

Alexandra: People were just done this. People are surprised that this went on for 3 hours.

COBRA: Yes, you can expect things like this to happen more and more.

Alexandra: What about the safety of our ATM card, our personal accounts?

COBRA: Get your money out of the banks ASAP. You will be compensated after the event. Before the event your accounts can be blocked, seized. I will say it again, Get your money out of the banks.

Alexandra: He has been very consistent with that.

COBRA: If you have money get it in precious metals and land, something tangible.

Alexandra: What about bitcoin?

COBRA: It’s a very good idea. It’s an alternative currency at the moment. It will also remain an alterative currency. We will see what happens.

Alexandra: It is good for privacy.

COBRA: It is much better than the current financial system. There is no 100% safe place on the planet right now. It does not exist.

Alexandra: Every correspondence, e-mail, every phone call, every document is being tracked. If the NSA documents leaked.

COBRA: We have no digital privacy. Never did.

Alexandra: Never did. It was an illusion. There was a vote to remove funding on NSA spying. There were quite a few people in the House that voted on it. It was successful. To show me that there is a change in the house of rep.

COBRA: Good news, but we will see how this gets implemented into practice.

Alexandra: Bummer. Is there anything we should be aware of in Nicaragua and honduras. News headline mysterious airlift of tons of cocaine in the area. What it shows me is the Cabal is desperate for cash.

COBRA: This is exactly what is happening.

Alexandra: O.K. What do you think about military transports and military planes out to Cypress and England

COBRA: Cabal trying to get war in Syria. Cypress is close to Syria. 200 miles you can shoot a missile easily.

Alexandra: But of course – it seems like it is a miracle that we are not in a full blown in a WWIII.

COBRA: The light forces will not allow this. Cabal will not be allowed close to a WWIII. Moments before this would happen they would be vaporized.

Alexandra: What can we do, the light community to support the positive light resistance. They are out there putting their butts on the line for all of us.

COBRA: There are many things. 1. Weekly liberation meditation each Sunday. 2. Create Event support Groups. Thousands are needed everywhere on the planet to stabilize the process at the time of the event. Those groups will be major information centers. These places will be majorly needed at the event. People will be confused. I would call upon everybody to form event support groups in their area. There are some instructions on my blog and the prepareforchange.net group area. We are getting closer.

Alexandra: Yes, how exciting. Now Cobra, what about China – they’ve been real aggressive lately in making it clear that they do not support the dollar as the reserve currency. They want to by-pass it in their trade and BRICS alliance is considering the same thing. What is this implying?

COBRA: It’s very good. The old financial system is based on the dollar as the reserve for the planet. If this changes the whole rules change. This is what is happening. This needs to happen before the re-set can happen.

Alexandra: I wanted to ask you a little about the NSA. One headline after another. Do you see this just continuing. Are we going to continue to see Secret documents exposed. How long is this going to go on.

COBRA: There are layers of information being released and layers. Upper layers are dealing with information exchange. Deeper layers that have not been exposed yet. Us govt. and ET’s. Underground bases for example. Info on what is happening with Mashita Gold. Things of that nature. NSA has documents and they have not been released yet. Snowden did not have access to that.

Alexandra: Interesting. Very exciting time to be alive. I wanted to read this. This is so monumental: Dr. Coburn and Senator Paul Introduce Legislation to Restore Constitutional Limitations on Congressional Power

Jul 31, 2013

Today, U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced the Enumerated Powers Act of 2013. This bill gives members of Congress the procedural tools necessary to stop unconstitutional legislation. Dr. Coburn and Sen. Paul introduced the bill along with 34 cosponsors. What do you think about that? Is this a deal breaker?

COBRA: This is one of the many political and legal efforts to restore the republic. There will be many more and many more are being prepared in the background.

Alexandra: This is huge. The implications are HUGE. What is going on in Egypt. It was going really well there. 16 M or 24M people involved in Egypt. Do you know, that were involved in the protest?

COBRA: Even more depending on which phase or moment. We achieved a big Victory in Egypt. Most of the Muslim Brotherhood, (Cabal members) has been arrested. They are going to a new level of stability. They will begin fegular democratic process. This is the beginning of final freedom for the Egyptian people. Not only Egyptian people, but this same process will happen all over the world.

Alexandra: Fantastic. That really is a big deal. It’s kind of a mecca for what is going on.

COBRA: Egypt was the first of the positive military. Everything didn’t go smoothly, but it was very successful. That’s a reminder for us that the Event might not go smoothly. There might be people creating violence. It’s good to be prepared and to create as many event solutions as possible.

Alexandra: Correct – that is our goal. So many people have asked me what is the status of Fukashima’s Nuclear power plant. It’s looking very scary. Has there been any intervention there, again? They have not left it alone. 300 tons of water are leaking. They’ve upgraded it to a level 3. What is your back-ground?

COBRA: Level 3 is not level 7. Yes there is water leaking out. It’s not in the way the media is presenting it. The media is spreading fear and disinformation. The light forces are helping that situation. It is not as grave as the media is presenting it. It is being contained and will be solved and corrected after the event.

Alexandra: Last month we talked briefly – there is an awful lot of how the Cabal is doing a stage performance to put a lot of fear with the US but – there is a lot of actions going on here with the tanks and purchasing of ammunition, meals for troops, shipping in of foreign troops that have to learn english, doing civil drills. Do people need to be worried?

COBRA: No no. There is a strong disinformation campaign about the movements of the military. Certain parts of the CIA want to distribute more fear of the military before it happens.

Alexandra: Do you feel the US is changing their tune with intervening on the Syrian conflict. (Which way?) I read this morning that Obama needs to hold back, review and read more before jumping in even though he’s getting a lot of pressure to do so. The US is pulling back and not going through the war campaign.

COBRA: As I said, the Archon vortex around Syria was removed on Sunday. The Cabal has received some warnings that if they move too far there will be action taken.

Alexandra: I know you DO like and seem to align with Benjamin Fulford’s information. He was on some vacation of sort. He received an urgent phone call and had to be tracked down. Fundamental changes have taken place in the global system.

COBRA: The new Fulford’s report. He’s speaking about negotiations that are to start taking place. There have been negotiations taking place for the last 2 weeks. I can not go into too much information now. There has been certain members of the Cabal that are thinking and negotiating surrender at the time of the event.

Alexandra: That’s what I’m talking about. I just about flipped my lid. The white dragon society is telling them that if you want to be a bond holder of trillions of dollars, why don’t you sit down with me and see what would be a win/win situation for the whole planet.

COBRA: What fulford is saying, this is the plan for the event. The federal reserve to go bankrupt by having to pay back their bonds. This will help trigger the financial re-set. This is the action that will trigger the re-set.

Alexandra: Aren’t we there now. Meetings to discuss bonds right now.

COBRA: For the action to be triggered. If this action is triggered, you will have the event. (wow) It’s a little Premature to comment on that. He is hearing Rumors that there are plans for this action to be taken. (That’s huge) It’s a very interesting report and keep your eye on it.

Alexandra: Yes, keep your eye on it. He said that Neal Keenan lawsuit was a part of this process.

COBRA: Yes, it’s part of the process.

Alexandra: Wow – I’m just reeling on what you just said. Is there a sense of organization with all of these countries right now. Is there a clear structure with countries on board that are ready to bring this forward to end poverty and end environmental destruction.

COBRA: There is an agreement on certain things. There is disagreement on other things. This is why it is taking so long. The light forces have decided that when the time for the event is to be triggered they will not wait for everybody to align on everything. People will have to face the changes when they happen. All the Governments and Government officials will have to face realities and make agreements one way or the other.

Alexandra: That’s why you are getting “ we’ve got to get this done right now”.

COBRA: Yes, this is why I’m giving instructions to speed up the process for the prepareforchange.com calling on people to get groups together. There is not much time left. I’m not saying it’s this week or next. Time is running so fast. If you start a group and start gathering, very soon you will see changes happening.

Alexandra: Cobra, this is the most exciting interview I’ve ever had with you. It feels so much closer.

COBRA: It is getting closer Now it’s August. In Sept I expect some changes. In Sept we will see some action being taken. Very certain very concrete actions will take place – There are certain plans of the light forces to trigger things even next Monday.

Alexandra: Fantastic. Are they going to be in financial areas?

COBRA: All areas – These are just plans. Plans are to starting trigger things starting next Monday.

Alexandra: This whole thing on Sunday – of escorting the reptilians, Archons, minions, off world. This is one of the hugest accomplishments thus far would you say?.

COBRA: We had over such great numbers. We had 1/4 million watching the video. We had huge numbers meditating. This has created critical mass.

Alexandra: Right on. Kind of changing gears here. What is your opinion that there are not so many UFO’s in Asian countries, like India and Pakistan? Why are they only showing up in typical countries like England and Germany?

COBRA: This is not true. No, India is very active especially area in Norther India in the mountains – many Pleiadians bases. If you read India papers they are reporting it, but the western media they are not reporting it in US. Next layer of censorship.

Alexandra: It’s interesting because it came from a gentleman in India. He’s not seeing UFO’s or crop circles.

COBRA: I am receiving many reports from India otherwise. I have visited that area years ago. There are pleiadians bases and UFO’s are seen there.

Alexandra: O.K. another question he had – do you feel the energy emissions (CME’s) are they going to continue because they cause fatigue. How much longer will that go on?

COBRA: The sun will be active – it is going to go through a magnetic polar flip very soon – in a few months. (That’s right). People will experience a lot of activity from the Sun as a result of the Galactic central sun as well.

Alexandra: I forgot to ask about that. What can we expect – how are we going to be affected by the magnetic flip of the sun?

COBRA: It will be a very strong energetic event. You will probably be abel to feel the energies. It may produce CMA’s – strong outbursts of radiation outside the earth’s atmosphere, it may disrupt some of the electronic on the surface. I am not expecting anything dramatic at this moment.

Alexandra: He was also asking: does the state of the next incarnation depend upon past karma or the influence of the Archons.

COBRA: The whole reincarnation or recycling process will be discontinued on this planet.

Alexandra: Thats what I thought too. What is cobra’s source of inspiration behind all the unselfish work he does?

COBRA: Cobra’s source of inspiration is the desire to liberate the planet. It came from my own personal experience of the Cabal of being attacked. I can not tolerate it. They made a huge mistake by attacking me. I can not tolerate it. This planet needs to change. When one person makes this decision 100%, it will change. That’s the power of free will. We all have that power.

Alexandra: When you step into your warriorness – not making war.

COBRA: There are many layers to this. Every individual can do things, whatever your talent is. Use your mind and creativity, will power. Whatever you talent is, use that to liberate the planet.

Alexandra: This was a coolest article ever – a team of International astronomers observed 4 explosive events above the plane of our milky way galaxy. These bursts gave off more energy in a millisecond than our own sun in 3,000 years. When they researched it later they found out it was from another galaxy and not our own. Do you have any comment.

COBRA: Events like these happen all the time in our universe. There are huge forces and huge energy bursts. Expression of the dynamic universe. People will be more aware of what is happening out there when we are liberated and become a part of the galactic society.

Alexandra: Planet is a being, look at the star system. Everything has consciousness. Higher consciousness trying to help us out (Yes, yes) I still have much to ask you but we are getting at the top of the hour. – Cobra and I are going to really try and do another follow-through in another couple of weeks. Send in your questions within 2 weeks. Do you want to say anything more about the movement www.prepareforchange.net

COBRA: The web-site is being translated in many different languages. Very soon we will cover most of the population. I would ask everyone to become actively involved in supporting the effort especially in informing and creating events around the planet.

Alexandra: Agreed. the healers network is a subsidiary part of the web-site www.prepareforchange.net. Please support us. We’ve just been waiting for things to settle with the web-site. It’s been a massive undertaking. Especially with different languages and communicating. Cobra, I want to thank you for the work you’ve done.

COBRA: I want to thank everybody who works countless hours of their free time and volunteers to make it possible.

Alexandra: Yes, when you are contributing your time and energy these next few months for the light, remember who you are doing this for. We tend to get caught up in time.- with that I wanted to thank everyone for your support. Please visit my site: www.Galacticconnection.com If you are willing to, check out the donation button. This is a free service, but I need some support as well, as does Cobra.

COBRA: Everybody needs support and we can support each other.

Alexandra: We love you. We thank you for listening. We wish you the best. We can’t wait to hear what Cobra has to say in a couple weeks from now. Thank you Cobra for your time.

COBRA: Thank everybody for listening.


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