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A Message of Hope from the Future

von Almine mit Jan Alvey, 08.2016

In March 2016, the Seer Almine felt that it had become vitally important to replace the despair that lightworkers felt from the global deterioration of moral values with comfort. She undertook a week of solitude in the latter part of August 2016 to travel into the distant future to observe just how well humanity would succeed at evolving beyond the present suffering and hopelessness. The following messages from the future have been brought back by the Seer to give insights and hope for our time.

In the year 2015, a concerted effort began by the U.S. government to prepare for the colonization of Mars. They had already sent astronauts to the red planet even before the Moon landing was staged. They made several discoveries that prompted the decision to colonize: Humans could grow used to the thin atmosphere on Mars, and certain rocks gave off oxygen. They found areas of surface water and a very prolific and well-established colony of evolved and nonhostile humans who had immigrated there during Atlantean times and lived underground. The Moon, on the other hand, had multiple alien bases that did not welcome humans.

The very important reason I was told about this was to warn us not to colonize Mars. Their history (which they hope to change) shows a large-scale colonization of Mars in the year AD 2200 (184 years from now). They say that the colony grows over sixty years and that a planetary axis tilt then wipes out millions of people, the entire Mars colony that came from Earth. The scale of this catastrophe rivals the major Earth disasters we have had in the past.

They reveal our past and future as going through specific stages of leadership. In the past, we were governed by kings and dictators and then by warriors and conquerors. Now in our current stage, we are governed by bankers and financiers. They refer to our age as “the dark ages of abandoned children,” a time of struggle to achieve the unity within diversity of globalization. They say that the young, needing to emulate role models, turn to sports heroes and athletes. The next stages of government will be the age of scientists (beginning in the year AD 2500, 484 years from now) and then the age of philosophers and artists (the period from which this information was gathered).

During the age when the top scientists rule, world globalization is achieved and Earth is cleaned of radiation and pollution. Humans travel not in cars but in antigravity vehicles (based on the knowledge that opposite energy and matter repel). A common global language develops that resembles a melding of English and Scandinavian.

Instant Enlightenment

The most important, heartening, and miraculous message brought back from the future is that in the year 3382, the Night of Lights takes place, a quickening that ripples around Earth as an instant enlightenment. Additional cognitive capacities become available to humans as they change from Homo sapiens to a new species (the Seer calls this new human Homo admirabilis). During this quickening, many perish from the bliss. Earth enters an era of peace and prosperity for all.

[Note: We interviewed the Seer as to why she regards these messages as inspiring hope. She replied with the following.] I must remind you that I am one of the very few who steadfastly predicted that the doomsday prophecy at the end of 2012 was a misinterpretation of what was meant by “the end of linear time.” It meant that we had nothing to worry about. To refuse to look at a possible doomsday scenario is not enlightened; it is dysfunctional. It negates the fact that the purpose of prophecy is to change the future. We are the architects of our future, not its victims. I have never given an undesirable prophecy without giving precise instructions on how we, as the powerful beings we are, can change such a future. I will do so in regard to the Mars scenario.

Even if I tried, I could not come up with better news than to tell you the following:

• Humans will flourish through the occurrence of a global, miraculous quickening [the future visited had experienced no wars on Earth for fifteen generations].

• Through a globalized, consolidated effort, Earth will be cleansed of pollution, and future travel will not deplete the planet through the use of fossil fuel.

• For approximately the next 1,000 years, no huge Earth changes occur, climate management makes many inhabitable landmasses available, and population control limits the number of children people have.

How to Prevent a Mars Catastrophe

To understand how far planning for the colonization of Mars has progressed, see the European Mars Settlement Project (called Mars One) at http://www.mars-one.com/ and the NASA STI Program for Human Colonization on Mars official document at http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20160005963.pdf.

As individuals, we are powerful in affecting the future. We are the sacred government through self-government. We change the world by changing ourselves. The following changes in attitude will prevent a Mars catastrophe:

• Stop indulging romanticized notions of aliens and alien planets. Grow beyond thinking of them as our saviors and more enlightened.

• Stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side. This is our home, and its future is glorious. Let’s bloom where we’re planted. That also applies to our individual living conditions. It is up to us to create heaven on Earth in our homes, whatever they may be.

• The past, like a series of ghostly images, is being swallowed by the moment. The future, like water that swirls around us, waits to be shaped and reshaped by the moments in between.

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